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best bubble mailers

  • Bubble Mailers the best option for shipping fragile items in 2020.

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    If you need Bubble mailers you need ValueMailers. Add an extra layer of protection to your valuables and documents. Bubble mailers provide protection irrespective of the weight of the parcel be it lightweight or heavy.

    A bubble mailer is great for use with books, electronic storage devices, ornaments, electrical and electronic parts, and pieces,  and much more. If you're looking for safe transportation with value for money and a much effective way to ship fragile items without breaking, then bubble mailers are the best option for you.

    Millions of individual sellers and companies use envelopes having bubble wraps. Bubble mailers are very effective while transporting or storing fragile and valuable items. They provide quite a secure packaging against many types of problems. Bubble mailers have become quite popular over time due to their effectiveness.

    Bubble mailers reduce storage and shipping costs. Damage is diminished to quite a large extent. The bubble mailers are quite light. They have exteriors of plastic or Kraft paper. Other envelopes have shredded pieces of newsprint to give proper cushioning effect. Due to the lightweight of bubble mailers, they offer many international and domestic options that help in cutting down expenses incurred on parceling.

    Not only are they lightweight but also quite easy to use. All you need to do is put the item to ship, inside the bubble mailer envelope and seal it. Many bulk bubble mailers have a self-sealing system. If you are sending items in bulk then it becomes very convenient to put the items in the bubble mailers and directly store all in a box without stuffing the box with extra materials. You have the option to store or ship a wide variety of delicate things.

    Wholesale bubble mailers are best when you have to transfer many items. Bulk bubble mailers are cost-effective as you can get them at a very reasonable rate. They are dirt and water-resistant and provide good cushioning effects. You will not have to waste time in packing materials and then sealing them and then adding extra material to cushion them.

    These bubble mailers are also known as padded envelopes. They improve the experience and relationship of your customers with your services. Just imagine a faithful or a new customer making an earnest purchase of some delicate item on your website or from your store. Now, they are waiting in anticipation or maybe it is just a gift for someone whom they love. Just imagine the horror and dismay your customers will feel when they find the broken item in the box delivered to them. You may have delivered the merchandise right on time but what is the use if it gets broken on the way to delivery. Whose loss is it ultimately? The customer is badly disappointed with your services, you lose a faithful customer and go through a significant loss. 

    So switch to bubble mailers to boost your business and win your customer’s faith in you. Do not lose your precious money while storing valuable items improperly. 

    ValueMailers provide different types of bubble mailers. You get many wholesale bubble mailers at quite a pocket-friendly rate. If you have to ship a large number of items daily or frequently then bubble mailers in bulk are an excellent option for you. They are Ecolite Bubble Mailers, XPAK Poly Bubble Mailers, Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers, Color Poly Bubble Mailers, Kraft Bubble Lite Mailers, Poly Bubble Mailers, Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers. They are available in different shapes and sizes and colors with different types of exterior covers. These bubble mailers are eco-friendly and also easily recyclable.

  • Why Bubble Mailers are in demand in Christmas shopping week:-

    Different types of padded envelopes have various kinds of materials on the interior of a packet to act as a cushion to protect items in it from shock or bruising. This padding may be of foam, thick paper, or a bubble wrap. Bubble mailers are one of the best kinds of padded envelopes. 

    Bubble mailers have bubble wrap on their inside this bubble wrap is made of resin, basically tiny pellets of resin. 

    When air bubbles are blown into the film it creates swelled air-filled bubbles. These bubbles are regularly spaced, they can be made big or small depending upon the requirement of the item that has to be packed. The size of the bubbles also depends on the level of cushioning the item needs for packing and transporting. Sometimes to safeguard from shock and vibration completely, the need for multiple layers arises.

    Two sides make up a bubble wrap, one plain side and the other protruded bubbles side. After blowing air into the film, it is sealed with another film on top of it. Some types of bubble wraps have a barrier film for longer shelf life. They also have a special system to prevent air-loss in vacuums. The diameter of the bubbles varies from 6 mm to 26 mm. On top of everything, as they use plastic, it also offers additional protection from moisture or water and static current. Hence, it becomes very helpful to transfer electronic goods.  

    Benefits of bubble mailers are that they are 

    Lightweight- They are featherlight, that does not increase the overall weight of the package that is to be delivered. As it is not at all heavy that makes it very easy to transport items without any additional weight. 

    Padded- Due to the bubble wrap, they provide an excellent cushioning effect. The bubbles prove very helpful in distributing shock and vibration.

    Reusable-Bubble mailers are reusable, due to the plastic, they are not affected by moisture or dust. You can easily recycle them and contribute to reducing waste.

    Moisture resistant-They are water-proof and moisture resistant. If you want to transport items that are not in good terms with water, then bubble mailers are a perfect choice.

    Attractive- Yes, bubble mailers are attractive with their cute and soft structure as well as the exterior of bubble mailers are available in different colors and materials.

    Bubble mailers are in demand with a clean and smart look, and due to the superiority in the packaging, they are nothing but professional.

    What do you pack with bubble mailers?

    Ornaments- Various delicate and fragile jewelry and ornaments are safely packed only with bubble mailers.

    DVDs, CDs- Bubble mailers are the most prudent option to transport or to keep your precious DVDs and CDs in storage.

    Clothing or apparels- With the cushioning and the sufficient space along with the ease to pack and unpack bubble mailers are the best for clothing and apparel, especially if the clothes have gem or sequins or fine thread work on them.

    What should you look for in your bubble mailer?

    Bigger bubbles or smaller bubbles- That depends on the fragility of the material you are shipping or delivering.

    Exterior of plastic or paper- The material that needs packing is the deciding factor for the exterior of the bubble mailer. As well as if you are conscious of the environment then definitely you will opt for the exterior of recycled paper rather than plastic until of course plastic is necessary.

    Self-adhesive or not- That depends on the quality of bubble mailers, if you are looking for time-saving in packing things, then go for the ones with self-adhesive or zip lock. 

    Big size or small size- Again depends on the size of the material that you have to deliver or ship.

    Middle seal or side seal- If you are transporting something heavy and fragile and are looking for good quality bubble mailers then the side seal is preferable for more strength.

    Bubble mailers in bulk or not- If you have to ship fragile items in a large quantity they buying bubble mailers in bulk from wholesale bubble mailers is the best choice for your business.

  • Black Friday & Christmas Shopping week with Bubble Mailers

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    Black Friday and the Christmas season is what we long for all year long. Shopping is exciting and fun. There’s an adrenaline rush to get the best deal on our favorite items. With hands full of gifts, you also need to deliver them safely to your loved ones, which makes this season important for bubble mailers.

    Bubble mailers are a must when you are shopping for delicate items. They are one of the best protections that you can use for small items. We do not always buy for ourselves, it’s for our loved ones, too. So, you need to protect the precious heart-warming gifts with the utmost care. That’s exactly where bubble mailers come into the picture.

    They come in different shapes and sizes for packing different goods. They have become a favorite for consumers as well as manufacturers because of their lightweight and safety options. The exterior envelope of bubble mailers is made of a heavy paper, paperboard, corrugated fiberboard or a plastic film, and the interior is lined up with padding of bubble wrap. Good bubble mailers have an integral flap for secure and easy closing.

    Padded envelopes also have pressure-sensitive adhesive for proper bonding to protect your items. When shipping the padded envelopes are very useful due to the following reasons.


    They have bubble wrap with air trapped between the layers to protect fragile items from shock and vibration. Bubble wrap is also available in different forms and shapes to wrap different materials.


    As the bubble wrap is made of polyethylene film, bubble mailers are extremely light but that does not mean they compromise with the strength of the envelopes. They are quite strong and very light for securely and easily transporting goods. Poly mailer weighs from 0.04 ounces to 0.4 ounces depending on the requirement for packaging.


    As they are made of polyethylene compound. They are totally water and moisture resistant. You don’t have to worry that your items will get wet when you pack your items in a bubble mailer. For this reason, they are loved by consumers and manufacturers.

    Easy labeling

    Padded envelopes are transparent as well as with paperboard coverings. Hence, you can easily identify the material inside without opening the package and peeking inside, and label it correctly. Well let me tell you, it’s a headache when you label a book for a toy. So, buy bubble mailers for transporting gifts to your loved ones.

    Easy to carry & dispatch

    As bubble mailers are lightweight, waterproof, and come along with pressure-sensitive adhesive, they are very easy to carry, store, and send to the correct location. Whether you transport bulk bubble mailers or single ones, they are easy to deliver. Due to the ease of transportation, they are very much in demand.


    Bubble mailers are customizable. You can get them custom-manufactured depending on your needs, like reducing the volume or the weight of the envelopes without affecting the quality. Similarly, you can get different materials for the exterior, paper or Kraft paper or fiber.


    Bubble mailers are reusable. You can drop them at special collection points at grocery stores or pharmacies. Many bubble mailers also promote reusing bulk bubble mailers. They accept the envelopes if you ship them back for reuse. In this way, you can contribute to saving the environment.

    Wholesale bubble mailers are discounted more than 40% this shopping season. So, you can easily and happily buy them in bulk for transporting your gifts and goods with safety. 

    Have a happy shopping spree for Christmas!

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