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  • Paper Envelopes- One Essential Packaging Item

    Paper Envelopes Paper Envelopes

    With an immense increase in e-commerce ventures, the packaging industry has taken a turn. Though Paper Envelopes have always been a vital part of the packaging industry, it now has become a daunting task to find high-quality Paper Envelopes at affordable prices. But worry not! At Valumailers, we deliver the best Paper Envelopes.

    What is a Paper Envelope?

    Made from a thin sheet of paper, these items are common packaging items that are often used to deliver a letter or any other thin material item. They are mostly rectangular in shape but there are also available in other shapes. It is cut into and is available in three shapes:  a rhombus, a short-arm cross or a kite. It has a single opening and a flat that can be sealed over the opening. It is usually sealed with by wetting the top opening.

    Types of Paper Envelopes:

    There are three types of Paper Envelopes:

    1. Envelopes- By Style
    2. Envelopes- By Color
    3. Envelopes- By Size

    Features of a Paper Envelopes:

    Following are some of the features of Paper Envelopes;

    1. They are made from paper: These paper envelopes are made from paper.
    2. Available in an array of colors: The best part of these envelopes is that they are available in various colors.
    3. Lightweight and hence saves on stamps: Paper Envelopes are extremely lightweight and hence saves a lot on postage stamps.
    4. Easy to use: Paper Envelopes is very easy to use.
    5. Have an opening that can be sealed: it has one open single end that can be sealed easily.
    6. Moisture resistant: Not all but some of Paper envelopes are moisture resistant.
    7. Recyclable: Paper Envelopes are 100% recyclable.
    8. Use: can be used to send letters, small gifts and other thin items.

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