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  • All Purpose Photo & Document Mailers:

    Photo & Document Mailers Photo & Document Mailers

    We have Photo & document mailers for all kinds of photographs and documents for you in various sizes to fulfill your requirement.

    What is a photo & document mailer?

    It's a fiberboard mailer or a kind of envelope that protects the photographs and documents while you mail it to somewhere or even for storage purpose. The rigidness of the fiberboard makes sure that the photos don't bend, and the documents aren't crumpled. With these mailers your photos and documents will reach in absolutely perfect condition to its destination.

    Features of Photo & document mailers:

    • Multi-purpose: These mailers can be used to mail certificates, important documents, photographs, in good condition.
    • Secure: The strong adhesive used on the strip will make sure that the mailer doesn't open on its way.
    • Rigid: Since, the mailers are made with a strong and tough fiberboard, it doesn't allow the photo or the document inside to bend or deform. It doesn't crumple, and it completely keeps its form. So, you don't have to worry if your photos will reach safely or not. They will reach its destination in great condition.
    • Longer shelf life: You can always have these mailers in your store for future purposes. It doesn't gets destroyed and the peel able strip maintains the adhesive to stay intact for a really long time.
    • Heavy-duty: Weight is not even a factor. These mailers can handle even the heaviest bundle of photographs and documents. So, you don't have to worry about the heavy weight of your mail.

    We have all kinds of these mailers for you, in different sizes and shapes. These will for sure fulfill all your mailing and storing needs with its high functioning flexible qualities.

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