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best price expansion poly mailers

  • Expansion Poly Mailers- Deliver Thick And Heave Products Unharmed

    A lot of damage can happen to your product during shipping. And risk increases in the case of thicker items. So,   very important to deliver thicker items in good packaging material. Whether you want to use there exists nothing better than Expansion Poly Mailers to deliver thick items or goods. Whether for business use or personal, Expansion Poly Mailers are best for both.

    What is Expansion Poly Mailers?

    Expansion Poly Mailers is made from strong polyethene. It protects your product from moisture during shipping. These mailers have gusseted sides that provide enough strength to hold thicker items throughout shipping. You can easily put  Labels, ink and stamps on these mailers. Expansion Poly Mailers are used for thick items like binders, books and catalogues. Even if you overpack the mailers, the high strength seams keep the material inside intact. A recipient can easily open the packet and take out the items.

    The appearance of Expansion Poly Mailers:

    Expansion Poly Mailers have white exterior and inner lining of these mailers is silver. They have a peel and seal closure. It provides your items with a perfect and professional look which leave an impact on the recipient.

    Use of Expansion Poly Mailers:

    Expansion Poly Mailers are great for business and individual use. They can carry an array of items especially heavy items like books, binders etc. With properties like puncture, moisture, tamper and tear resistant,  Expansion Poly Mailers make sure that your product reaches the destination unharmed.

    Features of Expansion Poly Mailers:
    1. They are puncture, moisture, tamper and tear resistant.
    2. Have an open perforated tear strip
    3. Protect products from moisture during shipping
    4. High Strength seams keep
    5. Labels, ink and stamps adhere well.
    6. Opens easily with a perforated tear strip
    7. Lightweight
    8. Sold per cases

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