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  • Foam Pouches: One stop solution for protecting fragile items

    foam pouches Foam Pouches

    Are you looking for a packaging material that can safely handle your delicate items? Are you looking for something that can make packing fragile items an easy job? Then, Foam Pouches are the solution for your every problem.

    What are Foam Pouches?

    Foam pouches are pre-made foam pouches that are specifically used to pack delicate items. These Foam Pouches are used to pack dishes, glasses, plates, electronic items, picture frames and a lot of many items. Not just for packing but these pouches are also used for safely keeping various items likes ornaments, decoratives etc., when they are not in use. Foam Pouches are made of thin and flexible foam and hence cannot be used for mailing. Their sole purpose is to protect items against dirt, dust and scratches. These are open from one end and can be taped, stapled, or heat sealed.

    Properties of Foam Pouches:

    Foam Pouches have various features. Some of the key features are listed below:

    • Non-abrasive: These pouches are non-abrasive
    • Lightweight: Reduced weight lowers production and shipping cost
    • Regular and anti-static: It is made from 100% low-density polyethene.
      1. Dirt and dust resistant: Protect your items against dust
    • Moisture resistant: Protects your items against water, grease and solvents
    • Perfect packaging material: It is highly flexible and perfect for surface protection, interleaving and cushioning
    • Have an open end: ┬áThese are open from one end and can be taped, stapled, or heat sealed.
    1. Good thermal insulating properties: Yes, Foam Pouches have good thermal insulating properties.
    2. Can be customized: Foam pouches can be easily cut and customised as per the needs and requirements of customers
    3. White in colour: Foam pouches are often white in colour
    4. Great protection: Foam Pouches provide great protection to all your fragile items during shipping.

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