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  • Why Bubble Mailers are in demand in Christmas shopping week:-

    Different types of padded envelopes have various kinds of materials on the interior of a packet to act as a cushion to protect items in it from shock or bruising. This padding may be of foam, thick paper, or a bubble wrap. Bubble mailers are one of the best kinds of padded envelopes. 

    Bubble mailers have bubble wrap on their inside this bubble wrap is made of resin, basically tiny pellets of resin. 

    When air bubbles are blown into the film it creates swelled air-filled bubbles. These bubbles are regularly spaced, they can be made big or small depending upon the requirement of the item that has to be packed. The size of the bubbles also depends on the level of cushioning the item needs for packing and transporting. Sometimes to safeguard from shock and vibration completely, the need for multiple layers arises.

    Two sides make up a bubble wrap, one plain side and the other protruded bubbles side. After blowing air into the film, it is sealed with another film on top of it. Some types of bubble wraps have a barrier film for longer shelf life. They also have a special system to prevent air-loss in vacuums. The diameter of the bubbles varies from 6 mm to 26 mm. On top of everything, as they use plastic, it also offers additional protection from moisture or water and static current. Hence, it becomes very helpful to transfer electronic goods.  

    Benefits of bubble mailers are that they are 

    Lightweight- They are featherlight, that does not increase the overall weight of the package that is to be delivered. As it is not at all heavy that makes it very easy to transport items without any additional weight. 

    Padded- Due to the bubble wrap, they provide an excellent cushioning effect. The bubbles prove very helpful in distributing shock and vibration.

    Reusable-Bubble mailers are reusable, due to the plastic, they are not affected by moisture or dust. You can easily recycle them and contribute to reducing waste.

    Moisture resistant-They are water-proof and moisture resistant. If you want to transport items that are not in good terms with water, then bubble mailers are a perfect choice.

    Attractive- Yes, bubble mailers are attractive with their cute and soft structure as well as the exterior of bubble mailers are available in different colors and materials.

    Bubble mailers are in demand with a clean and smart look, and due to the superiority in the packaging, they are nothing but professional.

    What do you pack with bubble mailers?

    Ornaments- Various delicate and fragile jewelry and ornaments are safely packed only with bubble mailers.

    DVDs, CDs- Bubble mailers are the most prudent option to transport or to keep your precious DVDs and CDs in storage.

    Clothing or apparels- With the cushioning and the sufficient space along with the ease to pack and unpack bubble mailers are the best for clothing and apparel, especially if the clothes have gem or sequins or fine thread work on them.

    What should you look for in your bubble mailer?

    Bigger bubbles or smaller bubbles- That depends on the fragility of the material you are shipping or delivering.

    Exterior of plastic or paper- The material that needs packing is the deciding factor for the exterior of the bubble mailer. As well as if you are conscious of the environment then definitely you will opt for the exterior of recycled paper rather than plastic until of course plastic is necessary.

    Self-adhesive or not- That depends on the quality of bubble mailers, if you are looking for time-saving in packing things, then go for the ones with self-adhesive or zip lock. 

    Big size or small size- Again depends on the size of the material that you have to deliver or ship.

    Middle seal or side seal- If you are transporting something heavy and fragile and are looking for good quality bubble mailers then the side seal is preferable for more strength.

    Bubble mailers in bulk or not- If you have to ship fragile items in a large quantity they buying bubble mailers in bulk from wholesale bubble mailers is the best choice for your business.

  • Tips on how to pack items with Bubble Mailers?

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    With the emergence of e-commerce and online shopping, packaging and shipping has become very crucial. There are different products that are of different nature. Each of these products needs a different kind of packaging. 

    Bubble Mailers have proved to be one of the best alternatives for packing and shipping products. Especially, if you are dealing with fragile items, bubble mailers become a necessity. It’s because bubble mailers are great at withstanding pressure during transit and keeps the items packed safe from any sort of damage and destruction. 

    The extra padding of bubble mailers ensures that the fragile items are provided with a cushioning effect that keeps the item in place and protected. 

    But how to exactly pack items with Bubble Mailers?

    Here are some tips that will ensure you pack your items properly with the help of bubble mailers:

    • Ensure the size: The primary tip is to ensure the size of the bubble mailer that you are using to pack your product. There should always be 0.5-inch space left inside the mailer as allowance. Therefore, getting the right size is crucial. 
    • Multiple layer packaging: Although, bubble mailers provide enough protection but it’s always best to first use a cling wrap to cover the item. This is done to ensure your product doesn’t get scratched or lose its shine during transit. A layer of plastic wrap is a must for fragile items before putting it inside the bubble mailer. 
    • Adding extra padding: Sometimes especially in case of extremely valuable and fragile items, it is suggested to add extra pieces of bubble wrap inside the mailers to provide extra cushioning. This will safeguard the items during long transit period and rough delivery. 
    • Proper sealing: Sealing is one of the most important aspects of packaging. If not sealed properly the product can spill out of the mailer, break, and can also go missing. Self-seal bubble mailers are the best way to ensure your product is protected from spillage. 

    With a variety of bubble mailers available in the market, packaging has become a very fuss free process.

  • Attractive Benefits of using Bubble Mailers:

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers


    Businesses are now global and in today’s world everyone can make business deals with everyone on the face of the Earth. The customer base has widened drastically because of the emergence of e-commerce. From e-commerce website stores to mobile applications, businesses are using all aspects of the technology to sell their products. 

    But with sales comes the responsibility of delivering products to the customers in proper quality. Receiving damaged products repels customers to further buy products from a brand. 

    Therefore, a fair share of the company’s goodwill depends on the quality of packaging and shipment. Wholesale Bubble Mailers have proved to be one of the best packaging alternatives for all businesses around the world. 

    Here are some benefits of using Bulk Bubble Mailers that have made them so popular amidst brands:

    • Extra Cushioning Effect: The air-filled bubbles inside the bubble mailers provide much needed padding and cushioning to the products packed inside them. This protects the products from getting destroyed because of pressure during transit.
    • Puncture resistant: Bubble mailers in bulk are made out of thick plastic that ensures that the package does not gets punctured and torn during the delivery process.
    • Cost-effective in nature: The traditional cardboard packaging involves a lot of cost because of the weight and size of the boxes. While on the other hand, Bubble mailers in wholesale are very light in weight. The air pockets do not add to the overall weight. These bulky Bubble mailers are also very flexible and can be easily handled during transit. 
    • Easy sealing: There are self-seal bubble mailers available in the market that reduces the overall packaging time. It also makes the process very fuss free and neat. 
    • Packs wide range of items: wholesale Bubble mailers can be used to pack a wide range of products and items. The best part is that even valuable and fragile items can be packed in these bubble mailers and shipped without worrying about potential damage and spillage. 

    Apart from these major advantages, bubble mailers are also recyclable and can further be used multiple times, which is an environmental benefit. Therefore, bubble mailers are an absolute must have in everyone’s inventory. ValueMailers is one of the leading brands in providing bubble mailers in bulk even you can order in wholesale with free shipping worldwide.

  • Buy Cost-effective and Price-effective Bubble Mailers of High Quality

    You always want to make your loved ones feel special but sometimes you aren’t able to send them the desired gifts. What if your precious gift breaks into pieces before reaching your loved ones? What if it gets lost in a way? These are a few questions that comes into your mind before delivering a fragile and expensive gift items to your loved ones.

    Let’s face it! You can’t send your valuable gift items or fragile objects in a regular package. You need something strong that provides proper cushioning to your objects. And believe us, there exists nothing better than bubble mailers. Whether you are mailing something to your clients or gifting something to your relatives, friends family, make sure it reaches to them in the same condition as you saw it.

    Why to buy bubble mailers from ValueMailers?

    We at Valuemailers offers high quality, strong, colorful and cost-effective bubble mailers. Our high quality bubble mailers keep your product safe and secure. You can place any kind of items ranging from iPad, jewellery to books to souvenirs. These bubble mailers firmly secures the items inside the packet, protect them from rattling around and offers superior protection against damage. These mailers also come with a seal self strip which eliminates the need of any labour or tape or stapler. Strong adhesive closure protects mailers from opening in transit. These mailers come in various sizes and colors; so you have a lot of variety to choose from and can choose the best bubble mailers that suit fits your requirements.

    Benefits of buying high quality Bubble Mailers at nominal price from ValueMailers:

    1. These bubble mailers are of high quality, hence strong and superior
    2. These bubble mailers are cost- effective which makes them price effective mailers in the market
    3. These bubble mailers have a soft bubbling lining which provides your product a layer of protection
    4. These bubble mailers minimizes the damage during shipping
    5. They have premium appearance which makes them look smart and elegant

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