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bulk bubble mailers

  • Best Things about Bubble Mailers in 2020

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    Bubble mailers are the best form of packaging materials. If you want to send delicate and fragile items over long distances or short distances, then bubble mailers are most apt for it. They are made from bubble wrap. Bubble wraps provide a very good cushioning effort, which ensures that materials do not break while they are being transported. 

    Bubble wrap is made from tiny beads of resin. Air bubbles are blown into the film, and then another layer is sealed upon it, trapping the bubbles inside. Small and delicate materials require particularly careful wrapping and packaging. First, you need to find a packaging material of the required size. Then you need to make sure that the stuff is water-proof. And for small and delicate items, they need safety from sudden jerks and shocks that are often encountered during transportation or shipping. 

    Here’s when bubble mailers come to the rescue. They provide several advantages over normal packaging materials. They come in various shapes and sizes. And bubble wrap gives a wonderful advantage of cushioning. Bulk bubble mailers are best for manufacturing companies. 

    If you have to transport a big number of things that are delicate like CDs, DVDs, Books, Magazines, Jewelleries, Electronics items, documents, clothing, soft toys, etc., then it is best to buy wholesale bubble mailers. 

    There several types of bubble mailers suiting all purposes. Many bubble mailers are 100% recyclable too. We are one of the best bulk bubble mailers providers. We offer many varieties of bubble mailers. You get the most excellent quality bubble mailers. They are quite cost-effective and reliable. Bubble mailers are quite useful for E-commerce websites. It is best to buy bulk bubble mailers from wholesale bubble mailers. 

    Ecolite Bubble Mailers- Available in quite a different size, they are very lightweight and help a lot in saving money for postage. They are water and moisture resistant and are recyclable.

    XPAK Poly Bubble Mailers- They are quite strong, and provide the best cushioning for any merchandise kept inside it. The clear outer exterior looks quite good. You can get them in any size.

    Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers- They have a very good feature as they have an expandable bottom. They are made from polyethylene film. You can safely transport items in bulk like clothing materials, stuffed toys, blankets, etc. 

    Color Poly Bubble Mailers- They are available in beautiful colors, and you can choose any size of the bubble mailer suiting your requirement. The outer layer of these bulk bubble mailers is puncture-resistant and water-proof. You can easily recycle it, and with color poly bubble mailers, you would not need any gift wrappers because they look so good. It is very easy to pack items in these bubble mailers as they have the peel-seal feature.

    Kraft Bubble Lite Mailers- They are made of strong Kraft paper on the outside and bubble wrap on the inside. They are strong but quite lightweight. Buying bulk bubble mailers help to save a lot while transporting or shipping items in bulk. Wholesale bubble mailers provide bubble mailers in bulk. You can get them at quite a reasonable rate. 

    Poly Bubble Mailers- They keep your merchandise safe from water and moisture. The bubble wrap gives a very good cushioning effect. They are even resistant to tearing, which gives another level of protection. 

    Buy bubble mailers to ship delicate and fragile items. If you use bubble mailers, you can be tension-free that your items will be safely delivered. Bulk bubble mailers are the most suitable option for Manufacturing companies because they help in cutting costs while shipping items in bulk. Valuemailers give you a very high quality of bubble mailers, as we are wholesale bubble mailers.

  • Bubble mailers are the best option for shipping in 2020

    Bubble Mailers #ValueMailers

    Bubble Mailers are the best packaging materials in 2020. If you want to transport items that are delicate and small or deliver items of stock that are fragile and expensive then Bubble mailers are indeed the best materials for transportation. Bubble Mailers are made from bubble wrap and they are a type of padded mailer. 

    They are a wonderful discovery. Bubble mailers are very useful for transporting a good number of fragile items in a bulk. They help a lot in transporting delicate items because they have a very good cushioning facility. Bubble mailers are also water and moisture resistant. 

    Ecolite Bubble Mailers- You get these in many sizes and styles. Different sizes make it easier for you to select the best bubble mailers. Ecolite Bubble Mailers are made from golden or brown Kraft paper. They help you to save some money on postage as they are very light. As these bubble mailers are made from bubble wrap, they provide the best protection to items inside. They even have a self-sealing system. Hence, you need not waste time or money on buying extra tapes and adhesives for sealing the envelopes of Ecolite Bubble Mailers.

    XPAK Poly Bubble Mailers- They are made from polyethylene; hence they are best for transporting items that need safety from water and moisture. They are quite suitable and fit for transporting delicate items and electronics materials. The outermost layer of these bubble mailers is puncture resistant. The layer cannot be easily tampered with and they are also aesthetically pleasing. XPAK Poly Bubble Mailers are available in a variety of sizes. Now, you need not worry about packing our precious delicate items in over-sized bags. The best thing about these bubble mailers is that they are recyclable. 

    Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers- It is best for businesses or manufacturers or retailers who have to transport or ship delicate items in bulk. These bubble mailers are best for things like blankets, soft toys, clothing items, etc. The best thing about these bubble mailers is that they have an expandable bottom. They are made from polyethylene film, which makes it water and moisture resistant. If you are looking for bubble mailers in bulk then Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers are the best, and quite safe. 

    Color Poly Bubble Mailers- As the name suggests, they are quite beautiful and attractive looking bubble mailers. You get these in attractive colors like pink, purple, blue, orange, green, black, etc. These bubble mailers in bulk give you an excellent option to deliver precious items to your loved ones safely, and they also save you the trouble of gift wrapping them. The outer cover is so beautiful and perfect that they act as the best gift wrappers, in itself. These bulk bubble mailers are best for sending items in bulk to customers. They provide quite good cushioning effects. 

    Kraft Bubble Lite Mailers- They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate any type of items or goods that are small and fragile. They are made from strong Kraft papers and have a protective layer of bubble wrap on the inside. Due to the sturdiness, Kraft Bubble Lite Mailers are best for shipping or transporting flat items or objects like cards, magazines, books, documents, DVDs, etc. As they are quite light in weight, it becomes fairly cheap to use them to ship items in bulk. They save a lot on postage and provide ample protection to items inside. 

    Buying bulk bubble mailers is the smartest choice. It helps to save money, and wholesale bubble mailers offer the best prices that are quite reasonable and do not nickel and dime customers. You can deliver your items with confidence, and without a care in the world with bubble mailers. We give the best quality of bubble mailers that offer safety from water, moisture, and dust. Our bubble mailers are designed quite carefully to make sure you do not have any problem in finding the right size for your item.

  • Build the trust of your customers with bubble mailers!

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    Today, presentation is as important as the product you are selling. A present-day customer buys your products only after stringent scrutiny. They spend a lot of time patiently reading the reviews, counting the number of stars you have got on your product, comparing the specifications, and then making a purchase. Even though your product is really different and better from others, still the features are highlighted or believed in when you pack them befittingly.

    Just ponder on the situation when a customer finally makes up the mind to purchase your product among a hundred others. Now that product reaches her doorsteps, she excitedly opens the door, tears open the packet only to discover that the edges are badly bruised, or the pieces of the jewelry are no more with the set but strewn across the package like leaves scattered on the field.

    You can very well imagine the level of disappointment, Your Loyal Customer Feels. If this is a gift for someone special, to be given on the same fateful day, say goodbye to your customer forever. They are never going to ever spend even a second thinking about the name of your brand. Long story short, “it was broken when it reached me,” will spread like a wildfire engulfing other products of your brand too. What is the option now? 

    Though marketing has created new paradigms in luring customers, yet the good old word-of-mouth, selling is still as effective. That’s why you need to understand the worth of your product reaching safely and in the right state to your faithful, and new customers.

    Is your duty over as soon as the customer selects your product and pays the money? If yes, then your business journey is short-lived, my dear friend, and if no, then long live your brand. 

    When you fulfill the commitment of delivering the product to your customer in the exact conditions, she has seen it, your brand value doubles up without spending an extra penny on advertisement and marketing. It is a two-in-one offer, sell your product, and also win the trust of your customer.

    Once any company or brand creates good faith among its customers, the bond between them lasts for long. Even though your customer might be eyeing cheaper products but, in the end, they will buy from your brand.

    Companies that sell small and delicate items should always go with bubble mailers when packing goods for delivery either to shops or to customers. That will make your product reach safely to the shop, or the customers, saving you from losses.

    Bubble Mailers are best for small and fragile items, they are customizable and available in different colors. They have such a perfect look and design that you can directly put your product inside it, then zip and ship it. If you are an environment-friendly brand, you can go for paperboard bubble mailers that have Kraft paper laminated on top of them. You can even recycle these and promote reusing of bubble mailers.

    Bubble mailers are strong as they have heat seals on the sides and bottom fold construction. They also give a very clean professional look and feel while packing as well as while opening. No-fuss, no mess on packing with bubble mailers. Buying bubble mailers in bulk is cheap for the firms. Wholesaler bubble mailers come at discounted rates that do not cost much to your firm but choose carefully. It is a smart decision when you choose bulk bubble mailers over traditional ways of packing stuff.

    Bubble mailers are reputation and comfort at the same time. Do not miss the chance to get double benefits from the same item at such an affordable rate.

  • Bubble Mailers For All Purposes:

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    In today’s times when packaging and shipping products to various different locations is an absolute necessity for manufacturing and other business concerns, Bubble mailers come really handy for such purposes and can be used in a variety of ways. 

    Poly bags are basically these flexible bags that are made up of this compound known as polyethylene, which is a really very common type of plastic. Now, Bubble mailers come in diverse forms, so as to serve different needs and requirements. Initially, the usage of poly bags was very much limited, but as time passed by, these Bubble mailers became really popular in the market.

    There are numerous features of these Bubble mailers that provide great advantage to everyone:

    • Thinness: These poly bags are designed to be extremely sleek in form, and so thin in texture that it adds very little weight to the entire bulk of things that are to be packed and shipped. 
    • Transparent: Transparent poly bags make it easier to locate the products and stuff that has been packed within it. It also makes it really convenient to identify and label the packages. This way, there remains no way of misplacing the packages while they are sent on transit. 
    • Durability: The compound polyethylene is very strong, and since these bags are made up from this compound, these poly bags turn out to be extremely strong and durable in nature as well. Even through rough delivery situations, these poly bags will keep everything safe and damage free. 
    • Cost effective: Poly bags are way better than other forms of packaging materials, and options. These poly bags are not expensive at all, in fact these are very cheap, especially in comparison to cardboard boxes, and cartons- these are very pocket friendly. 
    • Re-usable: Poly bags can be re-used to pack stuff again later once the primary purpose is served. This way, the previous batch of poly bags does not need to be dumped. 
    • Fits in more: Poly bags are pretty flexible and if compared to other packaging options, these can easily fit in more of the products and things. This way, with less expenditure on packaging material, one can ship more stuff. This is another reason why poly bags serve such great cost advantage. 
    • Variety of designs: As earlier mentioned, Poly bags come in various different types, kinds, and designs. Each type or design is produced to serve a different kind of purpose. 
    • Easy labeling: Labeling of the packages is very imperative in order to identify the materials being packed. Any kind of basic/common marker will do the job. Any common marker will glide on easily on the surface of these poly bags, making it very convenient to write instructions, name, address, or anything as such. 

    So, these poly bags are an essential in every inventory because there is not even one packaging purpose that these poly bags don’t serve. It’s always great to have these poly bags stocked up.

  • How much do Bubble Mailers cost in bulk?

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    From large business enterprises to small enterprises, packaging has become one of the most important departments. Since, most of the sales are performed online these days, shipping packages have become extremely important. Although there are numerous options available for packaging, but bubble mailers happen to be the best one. It’s because Bubble mailers are very versatile and have so many great features. 

    Shipping and delivery can get really rough at times because of various different reasons. Bubble mailers come with extra padding that adds to the protection of the package. The air bubbles adds a cushioning effect to the mailers and hence keeps fragile items safe and damage free. 

    Magazines, clothes, merchandise, books, electronic equipment, and many such products can be packed inside bubble mailers. 

    Bubble mailers are available in various different sizes. Hence, one needs to understand their needs and requirements before ordering for bubble mailers. There should always be 0.5 cm of allowance space left on all sides for proper packaging. Therefore, the size should be ordered accordingly. 

    It’s always a good decision to purchase bubble mailers in bulk. When ordered in bulk, one can get great discounts and extra free mailers as well. 

    The price of the bubble mailers depend on some factors:

    • Color and design: Bubble mailers are also available in colorful varieties with designs and patterns. This makes the package look more attractive and impressive. But the cost of these bubble mailers is much higher than ordinary white bubble mailers. Therefore, if you want to get cost effective bubble mailers then you should go for plain white bubble mailers. But if your priority is to impress the customer then colorful designed bubble mailers will be the best choice. 
    • Self-sealing bubble mailers: Self-sealing bubble mailers are extremely useful because they cut the excess time that goes in gluing the mailers. But self-seal bubble mailers are comparatively expensive. Although, this will cut your labor time and cost of glue. So, one needs to know their priority and requirements before purchasing these bubble mailers in bulk.  

    Purchasing bubble mailers in bulk is always a great idea because of its durability and usefulness. The cost varies from business to business as per their needs and requirements. 

  • How much does it cost to use Bubble Mailers in packaging?

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    When it comes to packaging, Bubble mailers come really handy. Although, there are many options available in the market, but most of them may not prove to be efficient. Bubble mailers on the other hand are very efficient and keeps your packages safe from damage. 

    Bubble mailers come with extra padding and cushioning that allows your package with protection and security. The shipment and delivery can get very rough at times and to keep your products safe from getting destroyed during transit, you need to pack them in bubble mailers. 

    The air bubbles make the mailers puncture resistant, which in turn saves fragile items from destruction. 

    Now, every business wants to lower their packaging costs as much as possible. So the question is - Are bubble mailers a cost effective option to pack your items? 

    There are different variants of bubble mailers available in the market that facilitate different needs and requirements. 

    But how much does it cost to use bubble mailers for packaging? 

    The answer of this question depends on the following factors:

    • Size of the bubble mailer: The size of the bubble mailer you acquire to pack your products will determine the cost. Since, bubble mailers are available in different sizes, so the price varies for them as well. The bigger ones are naturally costlier than the smaller ones. Now, you need to decide which size will go for your products as according to packaging requirements, there should be 0.5 cm of allowance space left on all sides of the bubble mailer after packing the item. So, you can calculate for yourself the size ideal for your packaging need and budget accordingly. 
    • Color and design: Colorful bubble mailers with attractive patterns make for an impressive and attractive package. Hence, if your priority is to impress your customer then you should invest in colorful bubble mailers. Naturally, colorful bubble mailers are costlier than the plain white ones. So, you need to budget accordingly for the same. 
    • Self-seal bubble mailers: Bubble mailers that come with self seal strips makes packaging easier and less time consuming but are on the costlier side. So, you can choose the right bubble mailer accordingly. 

    The cost of packing your products with bubble mailers depends on your needs and requirements. Hence, the cost will vary for different people. 

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