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  • Bubble Mailers the best option for shipping fragile items in 2020.

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    If you need Bubble mailers you need ValueMailers. Add an extra layer of protection to your valuables and documents. Bubble mailers provide protection irrespective of the weight of the parcel be it lightweight or heavy.

    A bubble mailer is great for use with books, electronic storage devices, ornaments, electrical and electronic parts, and pieces,  and much more. If you're looking for safe transportation with value for money and a much effective way to ship fragile items without breaking, then bubble mailers are the best option for you.

    Millions of individual sellers and companies use envelopes having bubble wraps. Bubble mailers are very effective while transporting or storing fragile and valuable items. They provide quite a secure packaging against many types of problems. Bubble mailers have become quite popular over time due to their effectiveness.

    Bubble mailers reduce storage and shipping costs. Damage is diminished to quite a large extent. The bubble mailers are quite light. They have exteriors of plastic or Kraft paper. Other envelopes have shredded pieces of newsprint to give proper cushioning effect. Due to the lightweight of bubble mailers, they offer many international and domestic options that help in cutting down expenses incurred on parceling.

    Not only are they lightweight but also quite easy to use. All you need to do is put the item to ship, inside the bubble mailer envelope and seal it. Many bulk bubble mailers have a self-sealing system. If you are sending items in bulk then it becomes very convenient to put the items in the bubble mailers and directly store all in a box without stuffing the box with extra materials. You have the option to store or ship a wide variety of delicate things.

    Wholesale bubble mailers are best when you have to transfer many items. Bulk bubble mailers are cost-effective as you can get them at a very reasonable rate. They are dirt and water-resistant and provide good cushioning effects. You will not have to waste time in packing materials and then sealing them and then adding extra material to cushion them.

    These bubble mailers are also known as padded envelopes. They improve the experience and relationship of your customers with your services. Just imagine a faithful or a new customer making an earnest purchase of some delicate item on your website or from your store. Now, they are waiting in anticipation or maybe it is just a gift for someone whom they love. Just imagine the horror and dismay your customers will feel when they find the broken item in the box delivered to them. You may have delivered the merchandise right on time but what is the use if it gets broken on the way to delivery. Whose loss is it ultimately? The customer is badly disappointed with your services, you lose a faithful customer and go through a significant loss. 

    So switch to bubble mailers to boost your business and win your customer’s faith in you. Do not lose your precious money while storing valuable items improperly. 

    ValueMailers provide different types of bubble mailers. You get many wholesale bubble mailers at quite a pocket-friendly rate. If you have to ship a large number of items daily or frequently then bubble mailers in bulk are an excellent option for you. They are Ecolite Bubble Mailers, XPAK Poly Bubble Mailers, Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers, Color Poly Bubble Mailers, Kraft Bubble Lite Mailers, Poly Bubble Mailers, Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers. They are available in different shapes and sizes and colors with different types of exterior covers. These bubble mailers are eco-friendly and also easily recyclable.

  • Bubble mailers are the best option for shipping in 2020

    Bubble Mailers #ValueMailers

    Bubble Mailers are the best packaging materials in 2020. If you want to transport items that are delicate and small or deliver items of stock that are fragile and expensive then Bubble mailers are indeed the best materials for transportation. Bubble Mailers are made from bubble wrap and they are a type of padded mailer. 

    They are a wonderful discovery. Bubble mailers are very useful for transporting a good number of fragile items in a bulk. They help a lot in transporting delicate items because they have a very good cushioning facility. Bubble mailers are also water and moisture resistant. 

    Ecolite Bubble Mailers- You get these in many sizes and styles. Different sizes make it easier for you to select the best bubble mailers. Ecolite Bubble Mailers are made from golden or brown Kraft paper. They help you to save some money on postage as they are very light. As these bubble mailers are made from bubble wrap, they provide the best protection to items inside. They even have a self-sealing system. Hence, you need not waste time or money on buying extra tapes and adhesives for sealing the envelopes of Ecolite Bubble Mailers.

    XPAK Poly Bubble Mailers- They are made from polyethylene; hence they are best for transporting items that need safety from water and moisture. They are quite suitable and fit for transporting delicate items and electronics materials. The outermost layer of these bubble mailers is puncture resistant. The layer cannot be easily tampered with and they are also aesthetically pleasing. XPAK Poly Bubble Mailers are available in a variety of sizes. Now, you need not worry about packing our precious delicate items in over-sized bags. The best thing about these bubble mailers is that they are recyclable. 

    Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers- It is best for businesses or manufacturers or retailers who have to transport or ship delicate items in bulk. These bubble mailers are best for things like blankets, soft toys, clothing items, etc. The best thing about these bubble mailers is that they have an expandable bottom. They are made from polyethylene film, which makes it water and moisture resistant. If you are looking for bubble mailers in bulk then Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers are the best, and quite safe. 

    Color Poly Bubble Mailers- As the name suggests, they are quite beautiful and attractive looking bubble mailers. You get these in attractive colors like pink, purple, blue, orange, green, black, etc. These bubble mailers in bulk give you an excellent option to deliver precious items to your loved ones safely, and they also save you the trouble of gift wrapping them. The outer cover is so beautiful and perfect that they act as the best gift wrappers, in itself. These bulk bubble mailers are best for sending items in bulk to customers. They provide quite good cushioning effects. 

    Kraft Bubble Lite Mailers- They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate any type of items or goods that are small and fragile. They are made from strong Kraft papers and have a protective layer of bubble wrap on the inside. Due to the sturdiness, Kraft Bubble Lite Mailers are best for shipping or transporting flat items or objects like cards, magazines, books, documents, DVDs, etc. As they are quite light in weight, it becomes fairly cheap to use them to ship items in bulk. They save a lot on postage and provide ample protection to items inside. 

    Buying bulk bubble mailers is the smartest choice. It helps to save money, and wholesale bubble mailers offer the best prices that are quite reasonable and do not nickel and dime customers. You can deliver your items with confidence, and without a care in the world with bubble mailers. We give the best quality of bubble mailers that offer safety from water, moisture, and dust. Our bubble mailers are designed quite carefully to make sure you do not have any problem in finding the right size for your item.

  • Bubble Mailers for cheap damage free transit:

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    Bubble mailers are mailing bags that have lightweight cushioning on them for shipping purposes. These mailers have a bubble lining that protects the documents or anything that is enclosed inside it while on transit. Because of its lightweight structure, bubble mailers are one of the most cost-effective ways of mailing your stuff. A lot of packaging companies are switching to these bubble mailers for safer transit. Since, other mailers aren’t as light weighted, cost-effective, and keeps the things enclosed absolutely damage free, it proves to be the perfect mailer.

    So, what are the features of these uniquely designed bubble mailers?

    • Light weight: These Bubble mailers are extremely light weight because of its line of padding. These mailers are padded with air cushions, making it very effective for shipping purposes. Since the mailers don’t add up to the total weight, it allows in to send more stuff.
    • Cost effective: Shipping can get really expensive since it needs a lot of careful handling. And if the shipping has to be done to a farther distance then it becomes even more expensive. But bubble mailers are a blessing for such shipping purposes. Because of such lightweight padding, these bubble mailers don’t add up to the total weight of the bulk, and hence no extra charge is required. Heavier mailers add up to the cost of shipping to quite an extent.
    • Shock absorbent: Bubble mailers are great shock absorbents. Because of the lining of air cushions, bubble mailers can absorb shock while its on transit. Usually a lot of bulk go in together while shipping, which leads to manhandling, but these bubble makers make sure that the things enclosed inside are absolutely protected and are not destroyed in any way possible.
    • Various options: Bubble mailers are available in various different types. From white bubble mailers, to craft bubble mailers, to decorative bubble mailers and not to forget white poly bubble mailers. All different kinds can be found to fulfil your particular requirements.
    • Strong Adhesive: The adhesive provided on the seal of the bubble mailers is extremely strong and wouldn’t crack open no matter what. The adhesive is strong enough to bear the exertion of a long transit, keeping the things enclosed absolutely safe and damage free even through the roughest deliveries possible.
    • Easy Labelling: The surface of these bubble mailers are very smooth and proper. This helps in writing over the surface of the bubble mailer. There will be no hassle whatsoever in writing the name, address, or anything as such on these bubble mailers. Labelling these mailers is very easy.

    Switching to these bubble mailers are going to be one of the smartest decisions you make for your mailing purposes. With so many amazing features these bubble mailers are the cheapest and the best alternative to your ordinary mailers. It’s always better to be cautious beforehand, and put your important documents, papers, or certificates in these cheap bubble mailers for a safer and hassle-free delivery.

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