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  • Gusseted Poly Bags- Deliver Your Bulky Items With Safety

    Do you have bulky items and no bag that has space? Don’t worry, we at Valuemailers have got you covered. At Valuemailers, Gusseted Poly Bags are made with tucked in pleat and then pressed flat, which makes them an ideal packaging choice for bulky items. So, if you are looking to deliver bulky items, or fit in many products, Gusseted Poly Bags are the perfect solution. Gusseted Poly Bags are made with 100% virgin Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resins to comply with FDA and USDA packaging requirements. These are puncture and tear resistant. With high quality and affordable Gusseted Poly Bags, we at Valuemailers, we make sure that your product reaches the recipient safely and in the best condition.

     Types of Gusseted Poly Bags:

    There are two types of gusseted Poly bags that Valuemailers offer and they are:

    1. Loose Packed Gusseted Poly Bag
    2. Gusseted Poly Bags on Rolls

     Use of Gusseted Poly Bags:

    Gusseted Poly Bags are great for various things such as,  storing food, electronics manufacturing, agriculture tools etc.

     What makes our Gusseted Poly Bags different?

    1. Plenty Space: Expandable pleats on both the sides of Gusseted Poly Bags provide plenty of space, making them suitable for bulky items.
    2. Lightweight: Gusseted Poly Bags are lightweight bags that are ideal for packaging, shopping and storage bag of irregular sized items.
    3. Puncture resistant: These have greater resistant to puncture or rips which means your package will survive even the harsh things during the shipment.
    4. Heat Sealable: Gusseted Poly Bags are heat sealable which means your products or good have no chance of coming out the package once you pack them until tore apart.
    5. FDA/USDA compliant: AT Valuemailers, all our in-stock gusseted poly bags are made from 100% resins and FDA/USDA compliant.

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