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Uses of Mailers

  • Buy Cost-effective and Price-effective Bubble Mailers of High Quality

    You always want to make your loved ones feel special but sometimes you aren’t able to send them the desired gifts. What if your precious gift breaks into pieces before reaching your loved ones? What if it gets lost in a way? These are a few questions that comes into your mind before delivering a fragile and expensive gift items to your loved ones.

    Let’s face it! You can’t send your valuable gift items or fragile objects in a regular package. You need something strong that provides proper cushioning to your objects. And believe us, there exists nothing better than bubble mailers. Whether you are mailing something to your clients or gifting something to your relatives, friends family, make sure it reaches to them in the same condition as you saw it.

    Why to buy bubble mailers from ValueMailers?

    We at Valuemailers offers high quality, strong, colorful and cost-effective bubble mailers. Our high quality bubble mailers keep your product safe and secure. You can place any kind of items ranging from iPad, jewellery to books to souvenirs. These bubble mailers firmly secures the items inside the packet, protect them from rattling around and offers superior protection against damage. These mailers also come with a seal self strip which eliminates the need of any labour or tape or stapler. Strong adhesive closure protects mailers from opening in transit. These mailers come in various sizes and colors; so you have a lot of variety to choose from and can choose the best bubble mailers that suit fits your requirements.

    Benefits of buying high quality Bubble Mailers at nominal price from ValueMailers:

    1. These bubble mailers are of high quality, hence strong and superior
    2. These bubble mailers are cost- effective which makes them price effective mailers in the market
    3. These bubble mailers have a soft bubbling lining which provides your product a layer of protection
    4. These bubble mailers minimizes the damage during shipping
    5. They have premium appearance which makes them look smart and elegant
  • White Corrugated Boxes: Give your package a new brand look


    White Corrugated boxes are the most preferred packaging material for shipping products.  Why? In this article, we will put a light on it and you’d know exactly Why!

    Corrugated boxes are made up of corrugated board consisting of a fluted sheet. These flutes sheets are USP of a corrugated box and work as a protecting shield and provide your product much required protection against jerks, shocks or any other harmful substance. Now come to white corrugated boxes, these are same as corrugated boxes except in color. White corrugated boxes are white in color from outside to give your packaging a professional and groomed look, and brown in color from inside.

    What gives White corrugated boxes an edge over other packaging articles?

    There is a lot of reasons why white corrugated boxes are the most prefered packing material. Recyclability and reusability, are two vital properties that separate these cardboard from others and give them a niche. On the other hand, they have also come out as a cost effective in the times when production costs are spiking up day by day.

     Obviously, there is more benefits that can be incurred from these white corrugated cardboard and they are:

    • They come in all shapes and sizes
    • The lightweight of the cardboard makes them easy to handle and also save on postage.
    • They are strong, rigid and provide a cushion protection to the product.
    • They have better printing and graphic capabilities supporting printing options such as litho, digital and screen printing. Therefore, they can be used as an effective tool for marketing and brand promotion.
    • They are cheap and so affordable too.
    • White corrugated boxes are eco-friendly products-recyclable and reusable which make them the number one choice to customers.
    • These white corrugated boxes give your packaging a brand new look, which allure customers.
  • Bubble Mailers How to Pack and Ship Used Books

    It can take a lot of steps to actually sell used books, you have to find them, evaluate them, buy them, store them, organize them, list them and sell them. However, after all that there is one last step, and as far as your customer is concerned, it’s probably the most important of all: sending your books to their new owners. Shipping brings with it a new set of questions: what carrier to use, what speed, what cost, can you get tracking, insurance, etc., etc. etc. All of those are important, and I may go into them another time, but today I want to talk about how to pack your books, what it is that you actually ship them in. Just as with most other aspects of how you sell used books, you have a number of choices when it comes to packing your books. You can go quick and dirty (and cheap!) all the way up to having dedicated machinery for just that purpose. There are a few different factors to consider when selecting the method that’s right for you, including its cost, the image it projects and how well it will actually protect the books. Brown Paper Bags It was good enough to cover your 5th grade history textbook, so shouldn’t it be good enough to cover the books you send across the country? Well, maybe not. While brown paper bags do have the advantages of being cheap and/or free and readily available, you should think about the fact that it may not create the greatest image of you in the mind of your customer. Even if a paper-wrapped book gets to the customer in pristine condition (which it might not) the cheap wrapping could have a conscious or unconscious effect on how the customer views you, which in turn affects how they rate you. If you are running your own site, it also can affect whether they will give you repeat business or recommend you to others. Manila Envelopes They cost less than properly padded shipping envelopes, and they look better than cut up grocery bags, but they still have their drawbacks. For one thing, they aren’t going to do a super job of protecting the book. Also, just because they are higher on the totem pole than brown paper doesn’t mean they’re going to do a great job of meeting your customers’ expectations. Kraft® Bubble Mailers Kraft® mailers are made for the job, and if you’re only sending a book or two, they’re one of your best bets. They have a moderate cost, but they will protect the books, and will meet customer expectations. The one major drawback is that, as I’ve discussed before, because they are made of both paper and plastic they cannot be recycled. Paper recycles consider them contaminated with plastic and vice versa. That’s why there’s . . . Poly Bubble Mailers Poly bubble mailers are made of 100% recyclable plastics. You can get all the benefits of Kraft® mailers, often at a lower cost, and at the same time know you are helping the environment. Cardboard Boxes have a higher cost, but when you have many books (a set for instance), or books that are particularly large or heavy, sometimes a bubble mailer just won’t do. Again, using a cardboard box will protect your books, while at the same time meeting customer expectations, and appearing perfectly professional. There are other options out there too, but these are just some of the most common ways that people pack and ship the books they sell online. What about you? How do you ship your books?

  • Become An Online Selling Sensation

    There are some people who are literally able to make their entire living online. This may seem like an incredible claim to make, but it also happens to be 100% true. Those who are dedicated to selling items online can turn over quite a remarkable living for themselves so long as they are able to stick to the basics.

    Anyone hoping to join in on the money making fest online needs to get a few things before they get started. Primarily they are going to need mailing supplies in order to be able to ship out the items that they sell. This means that looking for wholesale shipping supplies might as well be the part time job of anyone interested in being an online seller. They will be doing this often, and they need to try to find a wholesale shipping supplies distributor as soon as possible.

    Things such as bubble wrap envelopes are best purchased in bulk. The cost of individual bubble wrap envelopes could easily eat into the profitability of the sales. When purchased in bulk, the cost of the envelopes drops dramatically and boosts the ever important profit margin. Anyone who thinks they can get by ignoring this step needs to think again. There are many traps for them to fall in throughout this business, but the bubble wrap ones is one of the most important.

    Making money online in this way is not for everyone, but it is a shame when those who would be so good at it do not try because they do not put forth the effort. It is worth at least looking into if not dropping everything to get involved with it.

  • Wholesale Shipping Supply Company

    Businesses that ship products or promotional items to customers know how important it is get good quality shipping materials at low prices. Using a wholesale shipping supply company for your shipping needs is a great way for businesses that do a lot of mailing to get the most for their money.

    Wholesale shipping supply companies provide many products and services tailored to the specific needs of a business. Whether a business needs small mailers or large shipping boxes, wholesale supplies are affordable when buying in bulk.

    When a company wants to provide not only a great products to its customers, but also reduce the carbon footprint they create, there are many shipping supply companies that provide eco-friendly options. Some of these options include biodegradable poly mailers that are guaranteed to biodegrade within sixty months. This not only offers a green option to your business, but it may also appeal to customers who want to do business with you, but also want to work with a company looking out for the environment.

    If you are looking for environmentally friendly biodegradable poly mailers or a whole host of other shipping supply products, consider buying through a wholesale supply to save your company time and money.

  • Bubble Mailers: To Reuse or Not To Reuse


    Many sellers use bubble mailers to ship small items such as sports cards, buttons and small bolts and screws. Most people use bubble mailers because it is safer to use than a regular envelope. During the recent economic downturn, sellers are now finding ways to spend less money. That’s where reusing bubble mailers come from, to save money and recycle. But some people disagree with reusing bubble mailers in some circumstances. From overcharging buyers on eBay for shipping since the packaging was reused.

    Many sellers agree that reusing bubble mailers is great because it helps save the earth and also saves cash. Some ways to reuse bubble mailers includes, cutting the bubble mailers in half and taping over it or you could strip the bubble from the inside of the mailer and use it as “bubble wrap”.

    To Reuse or Not To Reuse?

    However, many sellers believe that buying new bubble mailers is the way to go. Your packaging represents your image and your brand. Many customers are irritated when they pay a shipping and handling fee and see that their item was delivered in a used envelope. Many times there only recourse is to leave negative feedback.

    Reusing bubble mailers is up to the seller. However, there are many benefits to reusing bubble mailers. Recycling is good for the environment and reusing bubble mailers helps cut down on costs. Unfortunately, some buyers may be irritated and leave negative feedback when they receive their item in a used bubble mailer.

    So sellers what do you think? Do you reuse your packaging products?

  • Bubble Mailer iPad Case


    Are you tired of buying expensive laptop and iPad cases? Looking for a minimalist design and still want to protect your most valuable items? Low and behold you can use a bubble mailer as a netbook, laptop and/or even an iPad case.

    Bubble Mailer iPad Case Bubble Mailer iPad Case


    There are a couple different designs you can use to do this. The first one I am going to start with is a simple poly bubble mailer #5. Then you can buy a clear 8.5 x 5.5 label sheet and print the Apple logo or any other design onto it. Peel the label from the page and sick onto the #5 poly bubble mailer and viola! A simple and elegant case for you Macbook, laptop or netbook.

    Kraft Bubble Mailer Case Kraft Bubble Mailer Case


    The second design here is a kraft bubble mailer case for the iPad. For this design you start with a #5 kraft bubble mailer. Slide your device into the mailer and cut open one side of the bubble mailer. Remove your device and then insert fabric on the inside. Next, add a piece of fabric to the outer portion of the case. Finally, add a button and some string for a closure. For more detailed information check out the kraft bubble mailer case here.

    Well there you have it folks. Two minimalist designs to pimp your laptop, netbook or tablet case.


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