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wholesale bubble mailers

  • Best Things about Bubble Mailers in 2020

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    Bubble mailers are the best form of packaging materials. If you want to send delicate and fragile items over long distances or short distances, then bubble mailers are most apt for it. They are made from bubble wrap. Bubble wraps provide a very good cushioning effort, which ensures that materials do not break while they are being transported. 

    Bubble wrap is made from tiny beads of resin. Air bubbles are blown into the film, and then another layer is sealed upon it, trapping the bubbles inside. Small and delicate materials require particularly careful wrapping and packaging. First, you need to find a packaging material of the required size. Then you need to make sure that the stuff is water-proof. And for small and delicate items, they need safety from sudden jerks and shocks that are often encountered during transportation or shipping. 

    Here’s when bubble mailers come to the rescue. They provide several advantages over normal packaging materials. They come in various shapes and sizes. And bubble wrap gives a wonderful advantage of cushioning. Bulk bubble mailers are best for manufacturing companies. 

    If you have to transport a big number of things that are delicate like CDs, DVDs, Books, Magazines, Jewelleries, Electronics items, documents, clothing, soft toys, etc., then it is best to buy wholesale bubble mailers. 

    There several types of bubble mailers suiting all purposes. Many bubble mailers are 100% recyclable too. We are one of the best bulk bubble mailers providers. We offer many varieties of bubble mailers. You get the most excellent quality bubble mailers. They are quite cost-effective and reliable. Bubble mailers are quite useful for E-commerce websites. It is best to buy bulk bubble mailers from wholesale bubble mailers. 

    Ecolite Bubble Mailers- Available in quite a different size, they are very lightweight and help a lot in saving money for postage. They are water and moisture resistant and are recyclable.

    XPAK Poly Bubble Mailers- They are quite strong, and provide the best cushioning for any merchandise kept inside it. The clear outer exterior looks quite good. You can get them in any size.

    Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers- They have a very good feature as they have an expandable bottom. They are made from polyethylene film. You can safely transport items in bulk like clothing materials, stuffed toys, blankets, etc. 

    Color Poly Bubble Mailers- They are available in beautiful colors, and you can choose any size of the bubble mailer suiting your requirement. The outer layer of these bulk bubble mailers is puncture-resistant and water-proof. You can easily recycle it, and with color poly bubble mailers, you would not need any gift wrappers because they look so good. It is very easy to pack items in these bubble mailers as they have the peel-seal feature.

    Kraft Bubble Lite Mailers- They are made of strong Kraft paper on the outside and bubble wrap on the inside. They are strong but quite lightweight. Buying bulk bubble mailers help to save a lot while transporting or shipping items in bulk. Wholesale bubble mailers provide bubble mailers in bulk. You can get them at quite a reasonable rate. 

    Poly Bubble Mailers- They keep your merchandise safe from water and moisture. The bubble wrap gives a very good cushioning effect. They are even resistant to tearing, which gives another level of protection. 

    Buy bubble mailers to ship delicate and fragile items. If you use bubble mailers, you can be tension-free that your items will be safely delivered. Bulk bubble mailers are the most suitable option for Manufacturing companies because they help in cutting costs while shipping items in bulk. Valuemailers give you a very high quality of bubble mailers, as we are wholesale bubble mailers.

  • Bubble Mailers the best option for shipping fragile items in 2020.

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    If you need Bubble mailers you need ValueMailers. Add an extra layer of protection to your valuables and documents. Bubble mailers provide protection irrespective of the weight of the parcel be it lightweight or heavy.

    A bubble mailer is great for use with books, electronic storage devices, ornaments, electrical and electronic parts, and pieces,  and much more. If you're looking for safe transportation with value for money and a much effective way to ship fragile items without breaking, then bubble mailers are the best option for you.

    Millions of individual sellers and companies use envelopes having bubble wraps. Bubble mailers are very effective while transporting or storing fragile and valuable items. They provide quite a secure packaging against many types of problems. Bubble mailers have become quite popular over time due to their effectiveness.

    Bubble mailers reduce storage and shipping costs. Damage is diminished to quite a large extent. The bubble mailers are quite light. They have exteriors of plastic or Kraft paper. Other envelopes have shredded pieces of newsprint to give proper cushioning effect. Due to the lightweight of bubble mailers, they offer many international and domestic options that help in cutting down expenses incurred on parceling.

    Not only are they lightweight but also quite easy to use. All you need to do is put the item to ship, inside the bubble mailer envelope and seal it. Many bulk bubble mailers have a self-sealing system. If you are sending items in bulk then it becomes very convenient to put the items in the bubble mailers and directly store all in a box without stuffing the box with extra materials. You have the option to store or ship a wide variety of delicate things.

    Wholesale bubble mailers are best when you have to transfer many items. Bulk bubble mailers are cost-effective as you can get them at a very reasonable rate. They are dirt and water-resistant and provide good cushioning effects. You will not have to waste time in packing materials and then sealing them and then adding extra material to cushion them.

    These bubble mailers are also known as padded envelopes. They improve the experience and relationship of your customers with your services. Just imagine a faithful or a new customer making an earnest purchase of some delicate item on your website or from your store. Now, they are waiting in anticipation or maybe it is just a gift for someone whom they love. Just imagine the horror and dismay your customers will feel when they find the broken item in the box delivered to them. You may have delivered the merchandise right on time but what is the use if it gets broken on the way to delivery. Whose loss is it ultimately? The customer is badly disappointed with your services, you lose a faithful customer and go through a significant loss. 

    So switch to bubble mailers to boost your business and win your customer’s faith in you. Do not lose your precious money while storing valuable items improperly. 

    ValueMailers provide different types of bubble mailers. You get many wholesale bubble mailers at quite a pocket-friendly rate. If you have to ship a large number of items daily or frequently then bubble mailers in bulk are an excellent option for you. They are Ecolite Bubble Mailers, XPAK Poly Bubble Mailers, Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers, Color Poly Bubble Mailers, Kraft Bubble Lite Mailers, Poly Bubble Mailers, Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers. They are available in different shapes and sizes and colors with different types of exterior covers. These bubble mailers are eco-friendly and also easily recyclable.

  • Why ValueMailers are the best choice for Bubble Mailers?

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    Bubble mailers are the smart choice for shipping fragile and small goods. Value Mailers provide the most excellent quality of bubble mailers. They are available for items of all shapes and sizes. Purchasing bubble mailers in a bulk are a sustainable packaging option for individuals or manufacturers. 

    There are a variety of items that need careful transporting. Items like jewelry, CDs, books, and electronic gadgets are fragile as well as expensive. They require thorough packing. Bubble mailers provide the freedom to send delicate items to your loved ones without any tension. Whether you have to ship things faraway or deliver in the neighborhood, Value Mailers are always there for safe packing options.

    Why Value Mailers are the best option for bubble mailers? 

    Lowest Prices- Our bubble mailers are available in a wide variety at the lowest prices to suit your pocket and requirements.

    Best Quality Products- We know the value of gifts. So, we do not compromise with the quality of our bubble mailers.

    Same Day Shipping- You place your order, and your favorite bubble mailer leaves our warehouse the same day for timely delivery. 

    Wide Selection- You need not worry regarding the packing and shipping of fragile items. Our bubble mailers are designed to suit all kinds and sizes of products. 

    Guarantee- Our bubble mailers are the best in quality and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

    We do not realize the importance of packaging until we open the delivered box and find our favorite items broken. At moments like this, we do not have any other option other than to cry frustratingly. To save you from situations like this, Value Mailers give excellent durable packaging options that protect your products.

    You can choose from diverse viable packaging options at Value Mailers.

    Ecolite Bubble Mailers 

    They are used for shipping a large variety of products. As the name suggests, they are indeed light. Ecolite bubble mailers are made of brown, and golden Kraft paper. They not only protect your goods but also help you save money. It is very easy to put your item inside because it has a peel and seal system. Most importantly, it is tamper-evident if someone tries to tamper with the bubble mailer, you will come to know about it. 

     XPAK Poly Bubble Mailers 

    It is completely made from Polyethylene. XPAK Poly Bubble Mailers are perfect to transport items over long or short distances. We have designed and made XPAK Poly Bubble Mailers to satisfy your requirements. It is light, tough, and puncture-resistant. So you do not need to worry about safely shipping delicate products anymore. It is available in different sizes to suit any product that you want to transport. They even have a double perforation for easy opening. 

    Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers 

    For businesses that manufacture items, like blankets or soft toys, and want to transport them in bulk, Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers are the best for you. They have an expandable bottom and are made from polyethylene. These bubble mailers are the best choice for shipping items in bulk. You need not spend extra bucks on unnecessary packaging items after you choose Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers. They are available in two convenient sizes and facilitate easy opening and closing, with zip tear strips.

    Color Poly Bubble Mailers 

    Presentation is as important as the product that you deliver. Value Mailers understand that colors are essential for expression. Hence, our Poly Bubble Mailers come in several hues. To make the surprise more special you get colors right from green, black, and blue to pink and purple. You will not have to worry for wrapping your gifts separately if you use Color Poly Bubble Mailers. They offer complete protection to products inside. Not only do they impress your customers but they also increase your brand value.

    It is best to buy bulk bubble mailers for cost-saving. The list does not end here, there are many more varieties at Value Mailers to best suit your products. We are the wholesale bubble mailers. We provide the most reliable bubble mailers to ensure a safe journey for your products. As they are completely recyclable, you do contribute to saving the environment whenever you opt for bubble mailers. Our bubble mailers are durable so that you can easily reuse them, and add less to pollution.

  • Build the trust of your customers with bubble mailers!

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    Today, presentation is as important as the product you are selling. A present-day customer buys your products only after stringent scrutiny. They spend a lot of time patiently reading the reviews, counting the number of stars you have got on your product, comparing the specifications, and then making a purchase. Even though your product is really different and better from others, still the features are highlighted or believed in when you pack them befittingly.

    Just ponder on the situation when a customer finally makes up the mind to purchase your product among a hundred others. Now that product reaches her doorsteps, she excitedly opens the door, tears open the packet only to discover that the edges are badly bruised, or the pieces of the jewelry are no more with the set but strewn across the package like leaves scattered on the field.

    You can very well imagine the level of disappointment, Your Loyal Customer Feels. If this is a gift for someone special, to be given on the same fateful day, say goodbye to your customer forever. They are never going to ever spend even a second thinking about the name of your brand. Long story short, “it was broken when it reached me,” will spread like a wildfire engulfing other products of your brand too. What is the option now? 

    Though marketing has created new paradigms in luring customers, yet the good old word-of-mouth, selling is still as effective. That’s why you need to understand the worth of your product reaching safely and in the right state to your faithful, and new customers.

    Is your duty over as soon as the customer selects your product and pays the money? If yes, then your business journey is short-lived, my dear friend, and if no, then long live your brand. 

    When you fulfill the commitment of delivering the product to your customer in the exact conditions, she has seen it, your brand value doubles up without spending an extra penny on advertisement and marketing. It is a two-in-one offer, sell your product, and also win the trust of your customer.

    Once any company or brand creates good faith among its customers, the bond between them lasts for long. Even though your customer might be eyeing cheaper products but, in the end, they will buy from your brand.

    Companies that sell small and delicate items should always go with bubble mailers when packing goods for delivery either to shops or to customers. That will make your product reach safely to the shop, or the customers, saving you from losses.

    Bubble Mailers are best for small and fragile items, they are customizable and available in different colors. They have such a perfect look and design that you can directly put your product inside it, then zip and ship it. If you are an environment-friendly brand, you can go for paperboard bubble mailers that have Kraft paper laminated on top of them. You can even recycle these and promote reusing of bubble mailers.

    Bubble mailers are strong as they have heat seals on the sides and bottom fold construction. They also give a very clean professional look and feel while packing as well as while opening. No-fuss, no mess on packing with bubble mailers. Buying bubble mailers in bulk is cheap for the firms. Wholesaler bubble mailers come at discounted rates that do not cost much to your firm but choose carefully. It is a smart decision when you choose bulk bubble mailers over traditional ways of packing stuff.

    Bubble mailers are reputation and comfort at the same time. Do not miss the chance to get double benefits from the same item at such an affordable rate.

  • Black Friday & Christmas Shopping week with Bubble Mailers

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    Black Friday and the Christmas season is what we long for all year long. Shopping is exciting and fun. There’s an adrenaline rush to get the best deal on our favorite items. With hands full of gifts, you also need to deliver them safely to your loved ones, which makes this season important for bubble mailers.

    Bubble mailers are a must when you are shopping for delicate items. They are one of the best protections that you can use for small items. We do not always buy for ourselves, it’s for our loved ones, too. So, you need to protect the precious heart-warming gifts with the utmost care. That’s exactly where bubble mailers come into the picture.

    They come in different shapes and sizes for packing different goods. They have become a favorite for consumers as well as manufacturers because of their lightweight and safety options. The exterior envelope of bubble mailers is made of a heavy paper, paperboard, corrugated fiberboard or a plastic film, and the interior is lined up with padding of bubble wrap. Good bubble mailers have an integral flap for secure and easy closing.

    Padded envelopes also have pressure-sensitive adhesive for proper bonding to protect your items. When shipping the padded envelopes are very useful due to the following reasons.


    They have bubble wrap with air trapped between the layers to protect fragile items from shock and vibration. Bubble wrap is also available in different forms and shapes to wrap different materials.


    As the bubble wrap is made of polyethylene film, bubble mailers are extremely light but that does not mean they compromise with the strength of the envelopes. They are quite strong and very light for securely and easily transporting goods. Poly mailer weighs from 0.04 ounces to 0.4 ounces depending on the requirement for packaging.


    As they are made of polyethylene compound. They are totally water and moisture resistant. You don’t have to worry that your items will get wet when you pack your items in a bubble mailer. For this reason, they are loved by consumers and manufacturers.

    Easy labeling

    Padded envelopes are transparent as well as with paperboard coverings. Hence, you can easily identify the material inside without opening the package and peeking inside, and label it correctly. Well let me tell you, it’s a headache when you label a book for a toy. So, buy bubble mailers for transporting gifts to your loved ones.

    Easy to carry & dispatch

    As bubble mailers are lightweight, waterproof, and come along with pressure-sensitive adhesive, they are very easy to carry, store, and send to the correct location. Whether you transport bulk bubble mailers or single ones, they are easy to deliver. Due to the ease of transportation, they are very much in demand.


    Bubble mailers are customizable. You can get them custom-manufactured depending on your needs, like reducing the volume or the weight of the envelopes without affecting the quality. Similarly, you can get different materials for the exterior, paper or Kraft paper or fiber.


    Bubble mailers are reusable. You can drop them at special collection points at grocery stores or pharmacies. Many bubble mailers also promote reusing bulk bubble mailers. They accept the envelopes if you ship them back for reuse. In this way, you can contribute to saving the environment.

    Wholesale bubble mailers are discounted more than 40% this shopping season. So, you can easily and happily buy them in bulk for transporting your gifts and goods with safety. 

    Have a happy shopping spree for Christmas!

  • Bubble Mailers For All Purposes:

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    In today’s times when packaging and shipping products to various different locations is an absolute necessity for manufacturing and other business concerns, Bubble mailers come really handy for such purposes and can be used in a variety of ways. 

    Poly bags are basically these flexible bags that are made up of this compound known as polyethylene, which is a really very common type of plastic. Now, Bubble mailers come in diverse forms, so as to serve different needs and requirements. Initially, the usage of poly bags was very much limited, but as time passed by, these Bubble mailers became really popular in the market.

    There are numerous features of these Bubble mailers that provide great advantage to everyone:

    • Thinness: These poly bags are designed to be extremely sleek in form, and so thin in texture that it adds very little weight to the entire bulk of things that are to be packed and shipped. 
    • Transparent: Transparent poly bags make it easier to locate the products and stuff that has been packed within it. It also makes it really convenient to identify and label the packages. This way, there remains no way of misplacing the packages while they are sent on transit. 
    • Durability: The compound polyethylene is very strong, and since these bags are made up from this compound, these poly bags turn out to be extremely strong and durable in nature as well. Even through rough delivery situations, these poly bags will keep everything safe and damage free. 
    • Cost effective: Poly bags are way better than other forms of packaging materials, and options. These poly bags are not expensive at all, in fact these are very cheap, especially in comparison to cardboard boxes, and cartons- these are very pocket friendly. 
    • Re-usable: Poly bags can be re-used to pack stuff again later once the primary purpose is served. This way, the previous batch of poly bags does not need to be dumped. 
    • Fits in more: Poly bags are pretty flexible and if compared to other packaging options, these can easily fit in more of the products and things. This way, with less expenditure on packaging material, one can ship more stuff. This is another reason why poly bags serve such great cost advantage. 
    • Variety of designs: As earlier mentioned, Poly bags come in various different types, kinds, and designs. Each type or design is produced to serve a different kind of purpose. 
    • Easy labeling: Labeling of the packages is very imperative in order to identify the materials being packed. Any kind of basic/common marker will do the job. Any common marker will glide on easily on the surface of these poly bags, making it very convenient to write instructions, name, address, or anything as such. 

    So, these poly bags are an essential in every inventory because there is not even one packaging purpose that these poly bags don’t serve. It’s always great to have these poly bags stocked up.

  • Crucial Points to keep in mind while buying Bubble Mailers:

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    Bubble Mailers became wide widespread within the workplace provides department. These mailers have created packaging and shipping extraordinarily simple and convenient. With an extra protective layer that secures valuable items from damage, bubble mailers have truly made packaging very easy.

    There are definitely some important points that one should need to tick before buying bubble mailers in bulk. This will make sure you obtain the simplest quality mailers in bulk that suit your necessities dead.
    Scan through variety: Bubble Mailers in bulk are available in totally different shapes, sizes, and colors. The best method is to work out your precise packaging desires beforehand. For every different kind of product and requirement, one can find a suitable bubble mailer, such as- square-sized mailers, oversized mailers, mailers for fragile items, etc.

    Material of the Bubble Mailers: Bubble mailers in bulk ar created out of a range of materials. Materials such as Kraft paper, Mylar, and cardboard are used to make bubble mailers. One can choose the kind which suits their requirements in the best possible fashion. However, Bubble mailers in bulk created out of poly material is ideal for pretty much everything. Since, poly bubble mailers ar nice at resisting wetness, and prevents any kind of contamination, it has become really popular. Also, poly bubble mailers keep company with a good seal.

    Choosing the right size: When buying bubble mailers in bulk, it is very important to ensure that the mailer is of the right size to fit in your product properly. There must always be zero.5-inch space left inside the mailer as allowance. This way one can make sure that there is enough room for the item to rest in the package. Also, while sealing the mailer you wouldn’t need to add extra pressure because there will always be enough room in the mailer for that. In case you are really confused regarding the size, it is always suggested to go for a size larger.

    For an eCommerce store it is suggested to buy bubble mailers in bulk so that they can provide extra safety features to all delicate items while delivering. Buying bubble mailers in bulk additionally facilitate in reducing the value of the bubble mailers once purchased for one things. Apart from these crucial points, one can also try to opt for eco-friendly mailers. Since they are not harsh on the environment and also wins the trust of the person receiving the package.

  • Attractive Benefits of using Bubble Mailers:

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers


    Businesses are now global and in today’s world everyone can make business deals with everyone on the face of the Earth. The customer base has widened drastically because of the emergence of e-commerce. From e-commerce website stores to mobile applications, businesses are using all aspects of the technology to sell their products. 

    But with sales comes the responsibility of delivering products to the customers in proper quality. Receiving damaged products repels customers to further buy products from a brand. 

    Therefore, a fair share of the company’s goodwill depends on the quality of packaging and shipment. Wholesale Bubble Mailers have proved to be one of the best packaging alternatives for all businesses around the world. 

    Here are some benefits of using Bulk Bubble Mailers that have made them so popular amidst brands:

    • Extra Cushioning Effect: The air-filled bubbles inside the bubble mailers provide much needed padding and cushioning to the products packed inside them. This protects the products from getting destroyed because of pressure during transit.
    • Puncture resistant: Bubble mailers in bulk are made out of thick plastic that ensures that the package does not gets punctured and torn during the delivery process.
    • Cost-effective in nature: The traditional cardboard packaging involves a lot of cost because of the weight and size of the boxes. While on the other hand, Bubble mailers in wholesale are very light in weight. The air pockets do not add to the overall weight. These bulky Bubble mailers are also very flexible and can be easily handled during transit. 
    • Easy sealing: There are self-seal bubble mailers available in the market that reduces the overall packaging time. It also makes the process very fuss free and neat. 
    • Packs wide range of items: wholesale Bubble mailers can be used to pack a wide range of products and items. The best part is that even valuable and fragile items can be packed in these bubble mailers and shipped without worrying about potential damage and spillage. 

    Apart from these major advantages, bubble mailers are also recyclable and can further be used multiple times, which is an environmental benefit. Therefore, bubble mailers are an absolute must have in everyone’s inventory. ValueMailers is one of the leading brands in providing bubble mailers in bulk even you can order in wholesale with free shipping worldwide.

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