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Ecolite Bubble Mailers

What is Ecolite Bubble Mailers?

Ecolite bubble mailers are used for shipping variety of products. They are made from golden or brown Kraft paper. The benefits of using these Ecolite bubble mailers are they are very light weight and hence, saves you on postage. They provide a good protection to the products inside. Bubble lining lets you insert your product easily. To seal the packet property, all you have to do is to peel and seal. If someone tampers your product, you’d know it as it is tamper evident. These mailers have one layer of high quality bubble wrap that will keep your product protected.

Usage of Ecolite Bubble Mailers:

These mailers add a protective layer to your product that safeguards every item from inside. These products come in various varieties, styles and sizes. So, if you have a hefty business or a small business. At the same time, it is very important to choose the correct mailer as per your needs, make sure you buy the mailer that fits your product. These ecolite bubble mailers will satisfy your needs. The second benefit if using these mailers is that they have self-sealing properties which means these mailers require no moisture or other adhesive material to seal them. All you have to do is to peel and seal. The last but not the least benefit is that these mailers are tamper evident. These bubble mailers can be used to hold CDs, pictures, magazine, brochure and other fragile items.

Basic properties of Ecolite Bubble Mailers:

3-sided protection
1/2" fins on 3 sides of bag to help absorb shock and protect enclosed product
High slip lining
Allows easier product insertion and extraction, increasing productivity.
Lightweight and hence, Save on postage
Peel and seal, sealing
Tamper evident
Super strong
Have a bubble wrap inside