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Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers

If you have a business that manufactures items in bulk or anything such as blankets, soft toys for which you are looking for a suitable material? Then, there exists nothing better than Types of Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers.

What is Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers?

Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers are also one of the kinds of poly mailers, the only exception is that Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers have an expandable bottom. These beautiful and extra tough mailers are made from polyethylene film. These Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers are perfect for products in bulk. They all together eliminates the need for expensive and inconvenient boxes filled with void to carry big shipments. These are ideal to carry bulk items like clothing, blankets, stuffed soft toys etc.

At ValueMailers, we sell Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers in two sizes:

  1. 8.5"x11.25"
  2. (10.5"X15.25")

Benefits of Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers:

Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers have antiStat release liner facilities a fast packaging process. A tamper evident closure keep the product safe throughout the shipment. Reusable packaging reduces waste and is more environmentally friendly. At Valuemailers, these mailers come with a zip tear strip that provide easy opening and closing. The most vital benefit of these Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers is that they can withstand huge pressure.

Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers bear the following properties:
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Self-Seal adhesive closure
  • Tamper evident
  • Anti-stat release liner peels off quickly
  • Have zip tear strip that provide easy opening and closing.
  • Moisture and tear resistant
  • Super strong to hold even bulk items
  • 100% recyclable