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Clear Poly Bags Tubing

What is Clear Poly Bags Tubing?

A Clear Poly Bags Tubing is a high clarity, clear roll which is a perfect packaging material as it can be cut as per the length of your items and products. It is the easiest method to pack items of the different length of the same width. Tubing roll can be cut to the length required and also be sealed on one end or both the ends.

Why should you buy high-quality Clear Poly Bags Tubing from ValueMailers!

At Valuemailers, we offer high-quality Clear Poly Bag Tubing Roll that is versatile and durable at affordable prices. The best part of the tubing is that it comes on a roll which can be cut to the required length of the product. You can just wrap the tubing roll over the items and it protects your shipments throughout the delivery process. After inserting the product, you can heat seal, tape or staple the package. Poly tubing makes custom size bags within seconds.

Benefits of using high-quality Clear Poly Bags Tubing:

Poly Tubing Rolls are essential- be it the commercial industry or supermarket or your day to day needs, the use of Clear Poly Tubing Roll cannot be eliminated. Here are a few benefits of using Clear Poly Bags Tubing Roll:

1. Clear Poly Tubing rolls protect your items against dust and damages during shipment and stocking
2. Cover your items entirely and provide the much-needed safety
3. It can be cut into the desired length and hence is very suitable for irregular and bulky items.
4. These are water resistant and tear resistant

Features of Clear Poly Bags Tubing:
  • Easy and economical
  • Good for items having the same width but different length
  • Can be heat sealed, taped or stapled
  • USDA and FDA approved
  • Eco-friendly
  • Flexible, durable and tear-resistant
  • High quality (100% Virgin)