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Poly Bags Colored Mailers

What is Colored Poly Mailer Bags?

Poly mailers are lightweight, protective mailers made from a durable, moisture resistant polyethylene film (aka plastic). Colored poly mailer bags protect the product from moisture and vapors. These poly mailers are colorful from outside and silver from the inside. Colored Poly Mailer bags are a puncture, water, temper, and tear resistant. They are usually sealed with a peel-seal flap. They are basically used for shipping soft goods like clothing, bedding or boxed items like shoes. Colored poly mailers are cheap, lightweight, and take up less space. The best part of using colored poly mailer bags is that it keeps the content inside the packet intact even if over packed. Colored poly mailer bags come in all colors- red, blue, green, yellow, purple, so you can easily choose the colors of your choice.

Advantages of Using Colored Poly Mailer Bags:

There are umpteen benefits of using colored poly mailer bags. Some of them are listed below:

  1. They enhance the image of your brand.
  2. Colored poly mailers attract attention
  3. These are also waterproof
  4. Give the highest quality of protection even in the most difficult weather condition
  5. Feature self-sealing strip closure
  6. Lighter weight

 How Does Feature Self-Sealing Strip Closure help?

 When you deliver a package, security is of utmost importance. Each poly mailers have a self-sealing strip, which provides an airtight security. All you have to do is to remove the protective layer and provide the much-needed security to your product.


Colored poly mailer can be used for business as well as personal purpose. ValueMailers is one of the leading Shipping Boxes, Packaging supplies & Packing material provider in the USA. We have various colors in poly mailers in stock. Stand out from the crowd while shipping your items in pink, blue, yellow or green poly mailers.