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Flat Poly Bags

Quality New Flat Poly Bags Designed To Meet Your Daily Needs:


Moving to any new location is quite troublesome task and it is also time consuming. Knowing more about the moving supplies on your relocation is most important. We can move to a new location with planning. Purchasing the moving supplies and hassle-free boxes from the ValueMailers online are best options. We offer you wholesale flat poly bags for all your packaging needs for more applications. We have made from 100% virgin low-density polyethylene and assured with the best lay flat bags in highest quality. Our flat poly bags are high flexibility and versatility and rate are more affordable and easy way to package almost any product. Moreover, our buy flat poly bag online flat bags are USDA and FDA approved for all the food contact with perfect for different varieties of food items. This bag feature is easier to open or close with staples or twist ties.

Features Of Flat Poly Bags:

Our flat poly bags are available in the vast assortment of sizes to meet the customer satisfaction needs, this flat poly bags price is more affordable a twice the tensile strength of traditional LDPE bags. We produce the right sized bag in our extensive for Plastics and wholesale custom lay flat poly bags up to 56 wide and gauges from 0.75. Many bags are manufactured with 100% renewable energy.

Top Quality Layflat Bags:

  • Now, FDA & USDA approved for food contact
  • The available for FDA & USDA approved for food contact
  • Moreover, the thickness stock of mil, 1.25 mil, 1.5 mil, 2 mil, 3 mil, 4 mil and etc.
  • In Manufactured from 100% virgin low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • In addition, we can be made from seamless tubing with no slits or side seals
  • Can be heat sealed, tied, or stapled
  • Flexible capacity and high clarity