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Kraft Paper & Newsprint

High Quality Kraft Papers & Newsprint Papers:

Valuemailers are a supplier of protective packaging products which are used for shipping as well as handling. And as a supplier of these products, we offer correct products that accumulate and an extensive variety of product range which is used for dunnage, void filling and cushioning. Paper and corrugated products (Single-faced corrugated, newsprint and kraft paper) are one of the most cost-effective products used for void filling. These products offer a manifold variety of uses and applications. These are obtainable in the form of rolls and sheets. We do offer other varieties such as newsprint paper, indented kraft paper sheets, indented kraft paper rolls, poly coated kraft paper, poly coated kraft paper and waxed paper. The great thing about our products is that they are made from recycled material and are recyclable as well as bio-degradable. There are different sizes of newsprint paper, kraft paper sheets, kraft paper rolls and waxed papers. You have a flexible option for choosing the one which suits your requirement. Buy kraft paper in a poly-coated form which is a great option if you look to protect your products from the damages of grease, water, oil, and dust.
Buy newsprint paper, waxed paper, and Kraft paper from Valuemailers as we ensure you the following properties in their products:

The products we supply to your door-steps accumulate excellent strength properties for both brown and white sack kraft papers.

We stand behind our high-quality products which is an ideal mixture of high strength as well as porosity. Our offerings are highly efficient and ensure that there is not perforation. This ability of our products makes them outstanding for their toughness as well as demand for filling and handling.

Both white sack kraft paper and brown kraft paper facilitate excellent printing characteristics. Their surface is very smooth and their uniform formation lets you achieve a good quality print. This can easily enhance your bag`s point-of-purchase visual.

The papers accumulate strength, surface smoothness as well as stiffness. These few characteristics are sufficient to guarantee an effective operation of the high-speed machinery.