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Poly Bags LDPE Suffocation Warning

These LDPE suffocation warning poly bags comes with a warning printed on one side of the polybag. Usually the warning on these packs reads as: ‘To avoid the danger of suffocation, keep plastic bags away from babies and children. Low density polyethylene is a thermoplastic made from the monomer ethylene. Do not use this bags in cribs, carriages, beds or playpens.’ On our bags, message is printed in three languages, namely, English, Spanish and French. LDPE bags are highly versatile and could be used for various items. These are used for t-shirts, jerseys, apparel, sports & dress shirts and much more Perfect for storage, shipping, etc. At ValueMailers, We have variety of LDPE suffocation warning bags ranging from 6x9 LDPE Bags to 10x13 LDPE Bags to 11x14 LDPE Bags to 14x20 LDPE Bags. At valuemailers, these bags are made from 100% virgin Low Density polyethylene. All of these bags are transparent and the items inside can be seen through. Though LDPE suffocation warning bags are not as much strong as HDPE but they are very much capable of holding items like T-Shirts, shirts etc..

Properties of LDPE Suffocation Warning bag:

  • These bags are transparent
  • Made from Low Density polyethylene
  • These bags can be recycled into variety of products such as agricultural/construction (a.k.a. C&A) films and trash bags.
  • Heat sealable
  • Mainly used for packing T-Shirts and other apparels
  • Must be kept away from children
  • Have a separate warning on one side of the bag
  • Bags are transparent
  • Perfect for storing, displaying and protecting

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