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Packing List Envelopes

Packing list envelopes keep invoices, packing slips, shipping list and shipping address safely and securely attached to packages. It makes sure that necessary information doesn’t get lost in transit and the package reaches to the right owner. Made with an adhesive coating that keeps envelops intact along with the details, packing envelops can withstand some of the toughest conditions while in transit.

Why Are Packing List Envelopes Important?

No matter what goods you are delivering, there is a definite address where it needs to get delivered. The delivery address must be taken care irrespective of the conditions in which package lands in. To keep the details of the owners safe and secure, packing envelops are used. Any kind of labels, invoices that you want to stick on the box can be protected by putting them inside packing envelops and sticking it on the box.

Types of Packing List Envelopes:

There are two kinds of packing list envelopes- clear face envelops and full face option envelops. As the name suggests, clear face packing envelops lets you see who needs the package while full face packing envelops keep the list private until opened. Packing envelops or pouches come in various colors- red, orange, yellow strips that make the content written clearly visible. Users can choose it accordingly.

All the clear face and full face packing list envelopes come in varying thickness, users can choose either lightweight envelops or thicker envelops. Lightweight envelops saves the invoice or shipping list from tearing apart. Thicker envelops are generally used in global shipments as it will keep the information intact on the box even in the harshest condition.

How Is Packing List Envelopes Used?

Packing list envelopes have an adhesive coating at the back. Users simply can remove it and stick it on the box or package. Once stuck, it wouldn’t get removed easily until someone tampers the package. ValueMailers is one of the leading online shopping platform to provide shipping boxes, packaging supplies and packing material to all the United States of America.