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Photo & Document Mailers

Photos aren’t just photos but priceless moments that you sure don’t want to lose. With photo mailers, your beautiful photographs are always safe. It protects your photographs from getting tampered or torn. Document mailers are also super durable, they shield your document from getting withered or folded or torn. Our mailers ensure that your items are delivered  to you in the best condition. Use these mailers to make your memories everlast and always keep them safe the same way you have kept them in your heart. As they save photos and documents from bending, they are often referred as ‘no-bend mailers’.

Use these mailers when you have bend sensitive documents; Photo & document mailers are prominent for direct mail, calendars, photographs, postcards and much more. These mailers are sealed with peel-and seal-flap which make it more convenient to use and the best part is these photo mailers have tamper evident closures, so if tampered by anyone without your permission, you would immediately know.

Types of Photo & Document Mailers

We have variety of photo and document mailers that come in all shapes and sizes. We have Self Seal mailers, Kraft mailers, White Mailers, Kraft Tab Locking Mailers, Stayflats mailers, StayFlat Kraft Mailers. Photo & document mailers can be used to ship a lot of items including photos, diplomas, discs, floppy and other important documents.


Advantages of Using Photo & Document Mailers:


  • Photo and document mailers are lightweight
  • At valuemailers, these are affordable
  • These mailers have self adhesive closure
  • Tamper evident
  • These are 100% recyclable which makes them eco-friendly too
  • Perfect from shipping and storing documents, photos, diplomas, artwork, maps or other flat items
  • Keep the document and photographs flat and far away from annoying bends
  • These mailers don’t occupy much space
  • Give your packaging a much more natural look and enhances your brand’s credibility