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Stayflats Plus® Self Seal White Mailers

These White Self Seal Envelopes are a much more secure way of keeping your important documents for the mail. Our self-seal envelopes are of premium quality and you can most definitely rely on it while you send your precious papers and documents by post. As a part of your office stationery, these self-seal white envelopes are a must need.

What makes our self-seal envelopes of premium quality?

  • The texture of the Paper: We use quality paper to make our envelopes. Its smooth and lavish texture makes it stand out and doesn't give a cheap impression in case you are sending your documents to someone or someplace important.
  • Greater Shelf life: You can have these self-seal envelopes in your store for a really long time without worrying about it getting perished. These are made up of compressed layers of paper that makes it stay proper for a long time.
  • Ink glides on with ease: These self seal envelopes are made of such premium quality material that it's very easy for you to write on its surface with all sorts of inks and pens.
  • Clear White Envelopes: These self seal envelopes come in the color white, and it's a very clean and clear shade of white, without any stains or marks. It's made for your official high end commercial work.
  • Strong Adhesive: The adhesive that we use on the seal of our envelopes is of premium quality and will stick at once keeping your documents absolutely secure without worry.

We only use great quality materials to make these premium White self seal envelopes for your high end commercial correspondence. These are definitely a must have in your office and home stationery.