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Poly Bags Shipping Mailers

Opaque poly mailer are very easy to use, these bags have peel and seal closure and feature a black or silver/grey inner layer to conceal confidential items within. They are usually white from exterior and silver from interior.

What makes our Opaque poly mailers bags an ideal buy?

Opaque poly mailer bags are economical, highly efficient to protect non-fragile items. These bags are also tamper evident, make sure that your product reaches your safely and securely. These bags are extremely strong and sturdy and highly efficient to protect your items from moisture, dust and dirt.Our Opaque poly mailers bags are lightweight to help you save money on shipping, and are easy to stick stamps and labels to. They also have a bottom fold and strong heat seals for superior bursting strength.These bags are perfect for keeping shirts, rolls, file-folders, bags etc. Opaque poly mailers bags at Valuemailers are UPS, FedEx & USPS Approved.

Types of Opaque Poly Mailer Bags

At Valuemailers, we sell various kinds of Opaque Poly Mailer Bags. Starting from poly mailers Envelope bags, expansion poly bags, Self-seal poly mailer bags, Long Poly Mailers, clear poly sheeting. All the bags at valuemailers are of high quality and are strong, sturdy to save your product from dust, dirt and moisture.

Properties of Opaque Poly Mailer Bags:

  1. Tear and Puncture resistant
  2. Have peel and seal closure on one end
  3. Conceals the identity of confidential items inside the bag
  4. Tamper Evident
  5. Lightweight saves on postage

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