2 Mil - Clear Slide-Seal Bags

2 Mil - Clear Slide-Seal Bags

Poly Bags Clear Slide-Seal Top

Poly Bags Clear Slide Seal Top bags are ideal for variety of things like storage of food items. These are FDA/USDA approved poly bags. Poly Bags Clear Slide seal bags have a durable zipper seal which proves to be very convenient for the users as they can open and close the packets as per their needs without impacting the freshness of the product.

Thes poly bags are transparent which makes it easy to identify content. Poly Bags Clear Slide-Seal Top bags protect product from moisture, dust, dirt and other debris. Poly Bags Clear Slide-Seal Top are also known as reclosable bags.

Properties of Poly Bags Clear Slide Seal Top:

  • Simple slide lock top open and close the bag
  • Keep products clean and free from moisture, dust and dirt
  • Reclosable bags can be reused
  • These are Leak-proof bags
  • User-friendly

Benefits of using Poly Bags Clear Slide Seal Top:

Reclosable bags provide protection that extend the life of the product by protecting it from harsh conditions like dust, moisture etc.. Most importantly, zippers keep the items or product securely locked. The other benefit of using resealable packs is that these bags are environmental friendly and are reusable too. They can be reused for array of things like keeping linens or food items in kitchen or toiletries when travelling.

Resealable packaging is translucent, lets shopper know exactly what they’re getting before they even open it up as opposed to using a box or other opaque packaging materials. Last but not the least, it makes product more alluring to the consumers. ValueMailers is one of the leading online shopping portal to provide shipping boxes, packaging supplies and packing material to all the United States of America.

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