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Record LP Mailers

Record albums are precious and rare; it’s something you want to cherish for life. And you definitely can’t bear any sort of damage to them. At ValueMailers, we make sure that packaging provided for your record mailers are strong enough to survive the travels of shipping. You can find an array of LP , 45 Record mailers at valuemailers that are best suited for needs. Record mailer packaging from Valuemailers is ideal for shipping your vinyl. Record Album Packaging from Valuemailers is ideal for record companies to distribute their own records.

LP Record Mailers are made from kraft "bend-resistant" corrugated cardboard. At valuemailers, LP record mailers are curated and articulated in a perfect way for a crush free delivery. These are great for record albums (holds 1-4 albums), books, catalog and framed picture mailings. LP Record Mailers have been perforated at multiple depths 1/2" and 1" for flexibility. LP Record mailers provide superior strength and make sure that your records are delivered safely. All you have to do is, just fold on the appropriate perforations, tape closed, add some bubble cushioning or insert pads and mail!

Kinds of LP Record Mailers:

At Valuemailers, we sell 45 and record album White Paper Record Sleeves that are great for 45's and albums, White Multi-Depth Corrugated Bookfolds that are ideal for 45's, record albums, books, catalogs etc., Corrugated Insert Pads for extra protection. All of these items provide strength and the ultimate protection for your items.

Properties of LP Record Mailers:

Our LP record mailers consist of the following qualities that make sure your product is delivered safely.


  • Best for albums, records, catalogs, laser disks, Scrapbooks and more
  • Affordable pricing and high quality
  • 100% consumer satisfaction
  • Crush-free delivery
  • Strong and Lightweight
  • Perforated at multiple depths for flexibility
  • Keeps the product inside flat and away from any kind of damage

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