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Boxes - White Corrugated Mailers

Need a box that can safely ship all kinds of items safely? Then, you are in the right place. Our high quality White Corrugated boxes are fit to carry all type of products. These boxes provide protection and safety to your fragile products. The white coating in the exterior gives your products a premium look which leaves an positive impact on customers’ mind.

What is White Corrugated Boxes?

White Corrugated boxes are a perfect choice to deliver every kind of product and material. It comprised of three layers- an inner line, an outer line and a flute between them. These layers provide corrugated boxes with the much-needed strength. These high quality boxes are premium in their appearance and give your brand an aesthetic and gorgeous look from outside. That is why preferred over normal corrugated boxes by many customers.

Uses of White Corrugated Boxes of high quality:

These are usually used to manufacture shipping boxes, retail packaging, pizza delivery boxes, and even secondary packaging material.

Advantages of using high quality White Corrugated Boxes Some of them are listed below:

Lightweight: Boxes are very lightweight and easy to handle. They have the perfect high strength to weight ratio. This makes it easier to load and unload boxes during shipping.
Premium appearance: This is what gives White Corrugated Boxes and edge over the normal corrugated box. The white texture on the outside gives your brand a premium appearance
Re usability: Boxes are reusable due to their high strength.
Recyclable: Boxes are made from renewable materials which makes them recyclable.
Cost effective: At Valuemailers, we offer high quality white corrugated boxes at a very affordable price.
Protection: These White Corrugated boxes have a high strength which makes them protect your items and provide complete safety.