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Poly Bags Resealable Zipper Top

Zip-top poly bags are available in clear block style which allows you to mark the contents of each bag for handy reference.The other benefit of using these bags is that you can reuse them again and again. We at Valuemailers offers two kinds of poly Bags Resealable Zipper Top- 2 MIL Zipper Top Bags, 4 MIL Zipper Top Bags. These bags are ideal for keeping tools like nails, and nuts, candies etc... Poly bags resealable zipper top are made from high quality plastic and have zipper resealable closure that acts as a barrier from dirt and consumer. So that your product can have a longer extended life. Our Poly Bags Resealable Zipper Top meet all the criterias of quality and affordability.The material of the poly bags are food safe, acid free, and offers archival safe storage.

How are Poly Bags Resealable Zipper Top made?

Our Resealable zipper top are made of virgin polyethylene and meet all the USDA and FDA requirements. The zippers on these packets help open the packet in a single motion which makes these zipper top bags top choice of users.

Properties of Poly Bags Resealable Zipper Top:

  1. Meets FDA/USDA standards
  2. Saves product from Vapour and moisture
  3. Transparency to spike up the presentation of product
  4. Preserves the freshness of the product
  5. Provides a secured closure with Zipper Top
  6. Thickness: 2 MIL and 4 MIL
  7. Flexible with good resistance
  8. Ideal for products that need a resealable package
  9. These packets are resealable and reclosable

Uses of Poly Bags Resealable Zipper Top:

Poly Bags Resealable Zipper Top Bags work great for holding a variety of items. This bag works well with the following: Candies, Crafts, Art supplies, Note cards, Bulk items and nails. These premium quality reclosable poly bags are manufactured to offer a balance of superb strength, quality and functionality. ValueMailers is one of the leading Shipping Boxes, Packaging supplies & Packing material provider in the USA.