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Shipping Labels- The Most Important Part of Shipping Process

Shipping Labels Shipping Labels

If shipping is a major part of your business, then you must be aware of how painful it is to see your package getting lost or mishandled. A lot goes in delivering the right package to the right recipient and if anything goes wrong, it crushes the reputation of your brand resulting in losing customers. A way to limit such issues is using shipping labels on your container.

What is Shipping label?

A shipping label is an identification label fixed on the container which specifies the content inside the shipping container. Shipping labels are very important. Suppose,if  a merchandise is subject to inspection such an FDA inspection, then the shipping label must contain such information. Shipping labels list originating and destination address.

Features of Shipping labels:

  1. Provide key information: Shipping labels provide key information to each person of your supply chain to move your package from one hand to the other.
  2. Signs: On shipping labels, you can notice barcodes, numbers and letters
  3. Contain address: Shipping labels generally include the origin and destination address.
  4. Other Information: It also contains other vital information like if the postage stamp has been paid or not.

Must have of shipping label:

  • Who shipped the package i.e. its place of origin
  • Where the package is being shipped to, i.e. its destination
  • Total Weight
  • Shipping Class (express, overnight etc.)
  • Tracking Number
  • Routing Code for Postal Tracking

Shipping label can be created in two ways:

  1. Manually through your Shipping partner’s website
  2. Automatically through a shipping software

In case you are dealing with heavy bulk orders, then using a shipping software is a wise option and if you are dealing with low volume, then you can use either of the two options.

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