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  • Full Line of Shipping Room Supplies:

    To run any warehouse effectively, one needs a full line of shipping room supplies. There are a variety of items and supplies that are required to keep the smooth functioning of a factory and warehouse intact. Productivity and an organized workspace play a very crucial role in any organization whatsoever.

    There are a lot many items that come in the line of shipping room supplies. And each one of them has a very significant role to play, that keeps the workplace and warehouse proper and organized.

    • Carton Stands: Strong and durable stands that are best to keep cartons in shape are a must have for any warehouse. These stands are made up of heavy-duty steel and are very light in weight that brings mobility. Two tier carton stands can accommodate more cartons than the single tier. One can get a carton stand as per their requirements.
    • Roll Storage System: For any packaging warehouse, paper rolls are a must have, since a lot of paper is required in the process of packaging, and for many other purposes. To keep all these paper rolls organized and safe, Roll storage system serve great advantage. Multiple roll storage system can keep more than one paper rolls. These storage systems are made up of standard metal and hence are very durable and strong.
    • Knives: Another very important room supply is knives. To cut sheets, cardboards, and all other such packaging material, knives are used, and that’s why every warehouse should have ample number of knives so the work runs smoothly without any idle time.
    • Markers: Labelling cartons and packages is very important, since a lot of information go on the surface of these packages, for example- address, instructions, etc. Therefore, markers are a very important part of the room supply.
    • Shipping Indicators: Shipping indicators are these sensor indicators that can communicate if the box or the package was dropped or not in transit. It’s a way of knowing what a package has gone through in the transit. These are specially used on highly fragile packages so as to make sure that the package is handled with extra caution.
    • Fragile Labels: Fragile Labels are an easy way to make sure that the package is handled with extra caution because the message goes directly with the label.

    A full line of shipping room supplies is definitely a must-have for every warehouse.

  • Buy Cost-effective and Price-effective Bubble Mailers of High Quality

    You always want to make your loved ones feel special but sometimes you aren’t able to send them the desired gifts. What if your precious gift breaks into pieces before reaching your loved ones? What if it gets lost in a way? These are a few questions that comes into your mind before delivering a fragile and expensive gift items to your loved ones.

    Let’s face it! You can’t send your valuable gift items or fragile objects in a regular package. You need something strong that provides proper cushioning to your objects. And believe us, there exists nothing better than bubble mailers. Whether you are mailing something to your clients or gifting something to your relatives, friends family, make sure it reaches to them in the same condition as you saw it.

    Why to buy bubble mailers from ValueMailers?

    We at Valuemailers offers high quality, strong, colorful and cost-effective bubble mailers. Our high quality bubble mailers keep your product safe and secure. You can place any kind of items ranging from iPad, jewellery to books to souvenirs. These bubble mailers firmly secures the items inside the packet, protect them from rattling around and offers superior protection against damage. These mailers also come with a seal self strip which eliminates the need of any labour or tape or stapler. Strong adhesive closure protects mailers from opening in transit. These mailers come in various sizes and colors; so you have a lot of variety to choose from and can choose the best bubble mailers that suit fits your requirements.

    Benefits of buying high quality Bubble Mailers at nominal price from ValueMailers:

    1. These bubble mailers are of high quality, hence strong and superior
    2. These bubble mailers are cost- effective which makes them price effective mailers in the market
    3. These bubble mailers have a soft bubbling lining which provides your product a layer of protection
    4. These bubble mailers minimizes the damage during shipping
    5. They have premium appearance which makes them look smart and elegant
  • White Corrugated Boxes: Give your package a new brand look


    White Corrugated boxes are the most preferred packaging material for shipping products.  Why? In this article, we will put a light on it and you’d know exactly Why!

    Corrugated boxes are made up of corrugated board consisting of a fluted sheet. These flutes sheets are USP of a corrugated box and work as a protecting shield and provide your product much required protection against jerks, shocks or any other harmful substance. Now come to white corrugated boxes, these are same as corrugated boxes except in color. White corrugated boxes are white in color from outside to give your packaging a professional and groomed look, and brown in color from inside.

    What gives White corrugated boxes an edge over other packaging articles?

    There is a lot of reasons why white corrugated boxes are the most prefered packing material. Recyclability and reusability, are two vital properties that separate these cardboard from others and give them a niche. On the other hand, they have also come out as a cost effective in the times when production costs are spiking up day by day.

     Obviously, there is more benefits that can be incurred from these white corrugated cardboard and they are:

    • They come in all shapes and sizes
    • The lightweight of the cardboard makes them easy to handle and also save on postage.
    • They are strong, rigid and provide a cushion protection to the product.
    • They have better printing and graphic capabilities supporting printing options such as litho, digital and screen printing. Therefore, they can be used as an effective tool for marketing and brand promotion.
    • They are cheap and so affordable too.
    • White corrugated boxes are eco-friendly products-recyclable and reusable which make them the number one choice to customers.
    • These white corrugated boxes give your packaging a brand new look, which allure customers.
  • Good Quality Corrugated Boxes of ValueMailers Save Time, Stress and Money

    Moving to a new location is both troublesome and a time consuming task. It becomes more troublesome if one is not aware of the right moving supplies to be used. If you are moving to a new location and planning to purchase some moving supplies to aid hassle free moving, then corrugated boxes in USA is an ideal option.
    Corrugated brown and white boxes are sturdier as compared to other boxes. This makes them durable too. When it comes to stacking, you can easily stack plastic film on cardboard boxes when stacked can collapse easily. ValueMailers Corrugated boxes help save storage space while loading into a moving truck.
    Corrugated boxes have a lot of benefits that aid stress free move. The boxes are easy to stack and are strong, durable, and resistant. Relocation becomes easier when you are assured that your items are packed in durable and reliable moving supplies.  More and more people are choosing corrugated boxes & cardboard boxes as they are environment friendly too. Cardboard boxes or any regular moving supplies are environment friendly and they eventually get dumped in trash.
    With Corrugated brown boxes in United States of America, you can save time during your move as these boxes break down faster without the need to rip off adhesives or tearing them. The moving supplies understand that you want to reduce your stress by completing the move faster. This way your anxiety can be eliminated easily. You can also rent out the corrugated brown and white boxes, which gets delivered to your place before the move and the moving supplies will be picked on completion of move.
    Packing your stuff for a move is not as easy as it seems to be, but with right choice of moving supplies you can make it happen. If you want your move to be less physically exhausted and prepared, you can choose shipping boxes, packaging supplies and packing material for your next move at ValueMailers. For more details visit us at
  • How to Pack, Label and Ship Items


    Watch the video above on how to best pack, ship and label your packages. Notice they use the H-Tape method to ensure every opening of the package is sealed.


    Looking for the items used in this video -

  • Top eBay Shipping Tips

    eBay Shipping Tips

    Are you selling on eBay? Having trouble shipping your items at an affordable cost? Are you spending hours and hours reading through UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL guidelines for dimensions, measurements and weight. Below we have listed some of our top eBay shipping tips.By following these tips and using our shipping supplies you will have your logistics down in no time.

    Top eBay Shipping Tip #1: Get a Scale

    Our first tip is to get an accurate scale to measure the weight of your packages. Without knowing an accurate weight you will not be able to print your shipping labels online. Also, if you use the incorrect weight your package may be delivered with postage due which will upset your customers. Along with an accurate weight you will also need accurate measurements. Make sure you always have a tape measure around.

    Top eBay Shipping Tip #2: Print Online

    Our second tip is to make sure you print your shipping labels online. USPS gives you a discount for printing your labels online and you can even schedule a pick up from the comfort of your own home.

    Top eBay Shipping Tip #3: Shipping Supplies

    When you start selling regularly it becomes beneficial to start buying your shipping supplies in bulk. Bubble mailers, poly bags, tape and labels are all supplies you should consider buying in bulk to keep costs down. If you are shipping USPS Priority Mail® you can order free Priority Mail shipping supplies, none of which are not applicable to dimensional weight pricing. The new Priority Mail shipping boxes have the dimensions already printed right on the outside of the box. UPS packaging is provided free of charge to UPS account holders for selected Air and Worldwide Express services. You can order supplies at this site

    Top eBay Shipping Tip #4: USPS Secrets

    The largest courier in the USA is the United States Postal Service. Knowing the in's and out's of the USPS mail system can help save bundles on shipping costs. One of the biggest underutilized shipping methods is USPS First Class mail. For your package to be eligible to go first class it must be under 13 oz and be up to 108 inches in combined length and girth. Also, when shipping small items your package must be over 3/4" thick. When shipping a small item in a bubble mailer, many times using a piece of cardboard or a packing peanut will help increase the thickness.

    Top eBay Shipping Tip #5: Packaging Tips

    To ensure your item arrives at the buyer safely, here are a few packaging tips:

      • Use a properly sized box
      • Fill packing material around the sides of the item
      • Smaller, durable items can be sent in padded envelopes
      • Tape box securely and use a box sturdy enough for your item
      • When you receive packages, try to re-use packing materials and boxes when possible, and look for packing materials which are environmentally friendly.


    I hope you have found these eBay shipping tips useful and will start incorporating them into your small business. By following these tips you will begin to ship efficiently and will help get your items to your customers quicker and cheaper.

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