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Gusseted Poly Bags

Gusseted Poly Bags At Affordable Prices:

 In recent years paper bags or potato starch have intervened negatively in the purchase of plastic bags as they are seen as an environmental pollutant. The sustainability of the environment has become a priority objective on the part of the whole society. Although the truth is that gusseted poly bags are also recyclable.

  • Sustainability: all bags can be recycled, whatever material they are. The advantage of paper is that they degrade faster than plastic. And although the plastic can be recycled easily, they usually cause problems in these machines, for this reason, new ones are being created specifically for bags. It is also very important that the population is aware of where these products should be thrown, always to the yellow container.
  • Resistance: the quality of the materials used for its manufacture is very important, but in general, gusseted poly bags have a superior resistance to other types of bags. They hold up to 9 kilos.
  • Impermeability: they have the great advantage of not being affected by liquids. It can rain or carry frozen products that will not affect its function.
  • Durability: you can reuse them many times, and for many things.
  • Affordability: It is a product that works very well in relation quality/price.
  • If you want to buy plastic bags, we have a large assortment at your disposal. Of varied materials and of diverse forms. Transparent with closures, die-cut, plasticized with handles, polyethylene, and many more. Surely with us, you will find what you need.

Gusseted poly bags have been at your disposal for more than 60 years. Our great experience, specialization, and professionalism make us leaders in the sector. We have been accompanying you all our lives and we want to continue doing it. Generation after generation, gusseted plastic bags has always worked to provide you with the best service. Visit our stores, on our website you will find all the information you need.

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