Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers

What is Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers?

Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers is a type of bubble mailer that has shiny metallic exterior. The outer appearance of these mailers attracts a lot of customers. It is best suited for gift items that are small and fragile. These bubble mailers feature a bubble-wrap lining that provides cushioning and additional protection to your items. Each mailer consists of peel and seal adhesive closure which eliminates the need of labour, staple and tapes. Able to accommodate your gift while protecting it; this is what makes it a perfect package for your items. These bubble wraps protect your items against tear, puncture, water and other possible harms during shipping. It also neglects dirt and dust damage.

At Valuemailers, Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers come in two colors- Metallic Silver and Metallic Pink.


These bubble mailers are high gloss, fully laminated, bubble lined, aluminium padded bags which have bubble wrap lining. These bubble mailers create an upscale packaging solution. One of the traits that Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers are preferred by most of the customers is exterior metallic gloss appearance. The feature commands attention of the recipient and intrigue a desire to unpack and see what is inside. The exterior metallic coverage safeguards packages from dirt, dust and moisture. The premium appearance also adds up to the brand image of vendors who are shipping the items.

Use and benefits of Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers:

Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers are popular for shipping promotional or gift items. With water and tamper resistance, and a self-sealing lip with a synthetic rubber adhesive, these provide a safe and secure way to ship your packages. They are extremely cheap, lightweight and take up less space than boxes.

Properties of Metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers:

  • Metallic color exterior
  • Peel and seal adhesive closure
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Tamper evident
  • Tear resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Cushioning bubble material


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