Anti-Static Self Seal Bubble Pouches

A static charge could damage your valuable items like computer, smartphones, tablets etc. With Anti-static self-seal bubble pouches bubble bags , you can eliminate the risk of the hazard of static electricity. At Valuemailers, discover a huge range of Anti-static self-seal bubble pouches at a very affordable price. Excellent anti-static bubble protection in an easy to use self-seal pouch. Self-Seal Bubble Pouches have a 1 1/2″ lip and tape seal. Made with high slip 3/16″ bubble.

What are Anti-Static Self-Seal Bubble Pouches?

Anti-Static Self-Seal Bubble Pouches is a bag made of polyethene, used for storing and protecting sensitive electrical components.

Features of High Quality Anti-Static Self-Seal Bubble Pouches:

Anti-static Seal Bubble Pouches are used for protecting electronics against static electricity. Anti Static Seal Pouches protect electronic items against static as well as transit damage such as impact and shock. Self-strip makes opening and closing quick and easy. Anti-Static Seal Pouches are tinted pink so that they can be distinguished from regular protective packaging. Anti-static Seal Pouches are treated with special coatings to prevent the creation and build up of a static charge on the bag’s surface. High quality Anti-Static Self Seal Bubble Pouches are water and moisture resistant. These packages are very easy to use.

Advantages of using Anti-Static Self-seal bubble pouches:

An Anti-Static Self-Seal Bubble Pouches provides a dual benefit:
1) protect the packages against static electricity

2) Bubble layer provides protection against physical damage.

 Here are a few more advantages of using Anti-Static Self Pouches: 

  • Eliminates the hazard of static electricity: It can protect against the hazards caused by static electricity
  • Low in cost: The best part is these pouches are really low in cost
  • Easy to open and close: It has a peel and seal opening and closing. It is very easy to slide
  • Non-abrasive: The material used to make these bags is non-abrasive, to protect delicate surfaces.
  • Bubble cushioning: It protects the physical properties of the items inside
  • These bags are transparent: You can see through what is inside the packet

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