Kraft Paper Rolls

What is a Kraft Paper Roll?

Kraft Paper Roll is a must for all your packaging needs. Whether you are looking for all occasion wrapping paper or business needs, Kraft Paper is your go-to-packaging material. Kraft Paper Roll is also used by a lot of artists, especially artists who need rough draft paper.  The Kraft Paper Roll is glossy on one side and matt on the other which give your items a professional look.

Kraft paper Rolls are of two types- long paper roll and short paper roll. You can easily customize these papers as per your items.


Benefits of Kraft paper Rolls:

The most important benefit of Kraft Paper roll is that it gives your product a premium look without burning a hole in your pocket. It enhances the credibility of your product leaving an everlasting impression on customers. Last but not least, Kraft paper rolls are also known as eco-friendly packaging material as they can be reused and recycled very easily. With so much to offer, Kraft Paper Rolls are a perfect choice for you.


Features of Kraft Paper Roll:

There are various benefits of using a Kraft Paper Roll and some of them are listed below:

  • Colour: Kraft Paper is brown or white in colour.
  • Uses: Can be used as a book cover, gift wrap etc.
  • Cost effective: At Valuemailers, we offer high-quality Kraft Paper Roll at very affordable prices.
  • Appearance: Kraft Paper Roll is glossy on one side and matt on the other which provide a classy look to your package.
  • Eco-friendly: This Kraft Paper Roll is Reusable and recyclable
  • Affordable: At Valuemailers, we offer high-quality Kraft paper roll at a very affordable price.
  • Natural void fill for packaging: It acts as a natural void fill for packaging
  • Lightweight: These are lightweight and hence saves you on postage
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