Kraft Paper Sheets

Kraft paper sheet known as Brown  Paper, Kraft paper sheet is an ideal choice to pack your precious items. These Kraft Papers sheet come in multiple weights and diemsnions to fit all your packaging needs. It is a type of rough brown paper and is very resistant and sturdy. It can be used for packing various items. From delicate items to the tough stuff, it perfect clad for every kind of items.

Features of Kraft Paper sheet:

  • Tough: Kraft Paper sheet is a tough paper which is carefully processed from imported bamboo pulp and wood pulp. It is tough and sturdy.
  • Water Resistant: Water resistant is another property of Kraft Paper. You don’t have to worry about saving your items from moisture or leakage.
  • Strong vertical and horizontal tensile force: The best thing about Kraft Paper is that it has a strong vertical and horizontal Force.
  • Used for:  Usually used in the production of paper bags, envelopes, record sets, files and sandpaper; which is the first choice of paper dealer, packaging materials, stationery wholesale department, printing factory, handbag factory, garment factory, hardware factory, toy factory, electroplating factory, electronics factory , shoe factory, and paper products factory.
  • Color: It is usually brown in color.
  • Types: Kraft Paper sheet comes in roll paper and flat paper.


Uses of Kraft Paper Sheet:

  • Transport: Kraft Paper sheet is mainly used in bags and boxes for transporting items from one place to another place.
  • In writing: Kraft paper sheet allows easy writing on it and absorbs the ink well. It is also used to make personal writings, such as notepad, menu in restaurant and bars.
  • Used as wood substitutes: Kraft Paper sheet if placed inside, gives consistency to doors made of veneer.
  • Void-filling: Another use of Kraft Paper sheet is void filling. It is a cheap and effective way to fill the space.
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