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  • Bubble Mailers For All Purposes:

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    In today’s times when packaging and shipping products to various different locations is an absolute necessity for manufacturing and other business concerns, Bubble mailers come really handy for such purposes and can be used in a variety of ways. 

    Poly bags are basically these flexible bags that are made up of this compound known as polyethylene, which is a really very common type of plastic. Now, Bubble mailers come in diverse forms, so as to serve different needs and requirements. Initially, the usage of poly bags was very much limited, but as time passed by, these Bubble mailers became really popular in the market.

    There are numerous features of these Bubble mailers that provide great advantage to everyone:

    • Thinness: These poly bags are designed to be extremely sleek in form, and so thin in texture that it adds very little weight to the entire bulk of things that are to be packed and shipped. 
    • Transparent: Transparent poly bags make it easier to locate the products and stuff that has been packed within it. It also makes it really convenient to identify and label the packages. This way, there remains no way of misplacing the packages while they are sent on transit. 
    • Durability: The compound polyethylene is very strong, and since these bags are made up from this compound, these poly bags turn out to be extremely strong and durable in nature as well. Even through rough delivery situations, these poly bags will keep everything safe and damage free. 
    • Cost effective: Poly bags are way better than other forms of packaging materials, and options. These poly bags are not expensive at all, in fact these are very cheap, especially in comparison to cardboard boxes, and cartons- these are very pocket friendly. 
    • Re-usable: Poly bags can be re-used to pack stuff again later once the primary purpose is served. This way, the previous batch of poly bags does not need to be dumped. 
    • Fits in more: Poly bags are pretty flexible and if compared to other packaging options, these can easily fit in more of the products and things. This way, with less expenditure on packaging material, one can ship more stuff. This is another reason why poly bags serve such great cost advantage. 
    • Variety of designs: As earlier mentioned, Poly bags come in various different types, kinds, and designs. Each type or design is produced to serve a different kind of purpose. 
    • Easy labeling: Labeling of the packages is very imperative in order to identify the materials being packed. Any kind of basic/common marker will do the job. Any common marker will glide on easily on the surface of these poly bags, making it very convenient to write instructions, name, address, or anything as such. 

    So, these poly bags are an essential in every inventory because there is not even one packaging purpose that these poly bags don’t serve. It’s always great to have these poly bags stocked up.

  • How much do Bubble Mailers cost in bulk?

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    From large business enterprises to small enterprises, packaging has become one of the most important departments. Since, most of the sales are performed online these days, shipping packages have become extremely important. Although there are numerous options available for packaging, but bubble mailers happen to be the best one. It’s because Bubble mailers are very versatile and have so many great features. 

    Shipping and delivery can get really rough at times because of various different reasons. Bubble mailers come with extra padding that adds to the protection of the package. The air bubbles adds a cushioning effect to the mailers and hence keeps fragile items safe and damage free. 

    Magazines, clothes, merchandise, books, electronic equipment, and many such products can be packed inside bubble mailers. 

    Bubble mailers are available in various different sizes. Hence, one needs to understand their needs and requirements before ordering for bubble mailers. There should always be 0.5 cm of allowance space left on all sides for proper packaging. Therefore, the size should be ordered accordingly. 

    It’s always a good decision to purchase bubble mailers in bulk. When ordered in bulk, one can get great discounts and extra free mailers as well. 

    The price of the bubble mailers depend on some factors:

    • Color and design: Bubble mailers are also available in colorful varieties with designs and patterns. This makes the package look more attractive and impressive. But the cost of these bubble mailers is much higher than ordinary white bubble mailers. Therefore, if you want to get cost effective bubble mailers then you should go for plain white bubble mailers. But if your priority is to impress the customer then colorful designed bubble mailers will be the best choice. 
    • Self-sealing bubble mailers: Self-sealing bubble mailers are extremely useful because they cut the excess time that goes in gluing the mailers. But self-seal bubble mailers are comparatively expensive. Although, this will cut your labor time and cost of glue. So, one needs to know their priority and requirements before purchasing these bubble mailers in bulk.  

    Purchasing bubble mailers in bulk is always a great idea because of its durability and usefulness. The cost varies from business to business as per their needs and requirements. 

  • How much does it cost to use Bubble Mailers in packaging?

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    When it comes to packaging, Bubble mailers come really handy. Although, there are many options available in the market, but most of them may not prove to be efficient. Bubble mailers on the other hand are very efficient and keeps your packages safe from damage. 

    Bubble mailers come with extra padding and cushioning that allows your package with protection and security. The shipment and delivery can get very rough at times and to keep your products safe from getting destroyed during transit, you need to pack them in bubble mailers. 

    The air bubbles make the mailers puncture resistant, which in turn saves fragile items from destruction. 

    Now, every business wants to lower their packaging costs as much as possible. So the question is - Are bubble mailers a cost effective option to pack your items? 

    There are different variants of bubble mailers available in the market that facilitate different needs and requirements. 

    But how much does it cost to use bubble mailers for packaging? 

    The answer of this question depends on the following factors:

    • Size of the bubble mailer: The size of the bubble mailer you acquire to pack your products will determine the cost. Since, bubble mailers are available in different sizes, so the price varies for them as well. The bigger ones are naturally costlier than the smaller ones. Now, you need to decide which size will go for your products as according to packaging requirements, there should be 0.5 cm of allowance space left on all sides of the bubble mailer after packing the item. So, you can calculate for yourself the size ideal for your packaging need and budget accordingly. 
    • Color and design: Colorful bubble mailers with attractive patterns make for an impressive and attractive package. Hence, if your priority is to impress your customer then you should invest in colorful bubble mailers. Naturally, colorful bubble mailers are costlier than the plain white ones. So, you need to budget accordingly for the same. 
    • Self-seal bubble mailers: Bubble mailers that come with self seal strips makes packaging easier and less time consuming but are on the costlier side. So, you can choose the right bubble mailer accordingly. 

    The cost of packing your products with bubble mailers depends on your needs and requirements. Hence, the cost will vary for different people. 

  • Crucial Points to keep in mind while buying Bubble Mailers:

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    Bubble Mailers became wide widespread within the workplace provides department. These mailers have created packaging and shipping extraordinarily simple and convenient. With an extra protective layer that secures valuable items from damage, bubble mailers have truly made packaging very easy.

    There are definitely some important points that one should need to tick before buying bubble mailers in bulk. This will make sure you obtain the simplest quality mailers in bulk that suit your necessities dead.
    Scan through variety: Bubble Mailers in bulk are available in totally different shapes, sizes, and colors. The best method is to work out your precise packaging desires beforehand. For every different kind of product and requirement, one can find a suitable bubble mailer, such as- square-sized mailers, oversized mailers, mailers for fragile items, etc.

    Material of the Bubble Mailers: Bubble mailers in bulk ar created out of a range of materials. Materials such as Kraft paper, Mylar, and cardboard are used to make bubble mailers. One can choose the kind which suits their requirements in the best possible fashion. However, Bubble mailers in bulk created out of poly material is ideal for pretty much everything. Since, poly bubble mailers ar nice at resisting wetness, and prevents any kind of contamination, it has become really popular. Also, poly bubble mailers keep company with a good seal.

    Choosing the right size: When buying bubble mailers in bulk, it is very important to ensure that the mailer is of the right size to fit in your product properly. There must always be zero.5-inch space left inside the mailer as allowance. This way one can make sure that there is enough room for the item to rest in the package. Also, while sealing the mailer you wouldn’t need to add extra pressure because there will always be enough room in the mailer for that. In case you are really confused regarding the size, it is always suggested to go for a size larger.

    For an eCommerce store it is suggested to buy bubble mailers in bulk so that they can provide extra safety features to all delicate items while delivering. Buying bubble mailers in bulk additionally facilitate in reducing the value of the bubble mailers once purchased for one things. Apart from these crucial points, one can also try to opt for eco-friendly mailers. Since they are not harsh on the environment and also wins the trust of the person receiving the package.

  • Tips on how to pack items with Bubble Mailers?

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    With the emergence of e-commerce and online shopping, packaging and shipping has become very crucial. There are different products that are of different nature. Each of these products needs a different kind of packaging. 

    Bubble Mailers have proved to be one of the best alternatives for packing and shipping products. Especially, if you are dealing with fragile items, bubble mailers become a necessity. It’s because bubble mailers are great at withstanding pressure during transit and keeps the items packed safe from any sort of damage and destruction. 

    The extra padding of bubble mailers ensures that the fragile items are provided with a cushioning effect that keeps the item in place and protected. 

    But how to exactly pack items with Bubble Mailers?

    Here are some tips that will ensure you pack your items properly with the help of bubble mailers:

    • Ensure the size: The primary tip is to ensure the size of the bubble mailer that you are using to pack your product. There should always be 0.5-inch space left inside the mailer as allowance. Therefore, getting the right size is crucial. 
    • Multiple layer packaging: Although, bubble mailers provide enough protection but it’s always best to first use a cling wrap to cover the item. This is done to ensure your product doesn’t get scratched or lose its shine during transit. A layer of plastic wrap is a must for fragile items before putting it inside the bubble mailer. 
    • Adding extra padding: Sometimes especially in case of extremely valuable and fragile items, it is suggested to add extra pieces of bubble wrap inside the mailers to provide extra cushioning. This will safeguard the items during long transit period and rough delivery. 
    • Proper sealing: Sealing is one of the most important aspects of packaging. If not sealed properly the product can spill out of the mailer, break, and can also go missing. Self-seal bubble mailers are the best way to ensure your product is protected from spillage. 

    With a variety of bubble mailers available in the market, packaging has become a very fuss free process.

  • Tips To Use Bubble Mailers

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    Bubble Mailers are fantastic for packaging and shipping products especially for long route destinations. The bubbles on these mailers act as an extra layer of padding that provides cushioning to the items packed inside the mailer. Products shipped through public mail services face harsh environment and are always very close to destruction. Therefore, packaging becomes a very important part of this process. 

    The traditional cardboard packaging involves a lot of shipping cost because of its weight and non-flexible size. Whereas, bubble mailers are both very light in weight and flexible. This is why people are now switching from cardboard packaging to bubble mailers. Books, CDs, magazines, clothes, and many other fragile items as such are very convenient to be packed in bubble mailers. 

    With so many merits and negligible disadvantages, bubble mailers are a must have in everyone’s inventory. Here are some tips that you must know in order to use Bubble mailers properly:

    • Avoid exerting pressure: A lot of times especially while closing the flap and sealing the bubble mailer, people tend to exert too much pressure on the mailer to ensure that it is sealed properly and there are not any spillage. But while doing this the bubbles inside the mailer end up getting popped and the cushioning no longer exists. Although during the transit the bubbles do pop but you wouldn’t want the mailer to lose all its cushioning before it gets shipped and delivered. 
    • Consider an extra layer of Cling film: Bubble Mailers are definitely very protective and will ensure your product’s safe delivery as well. But it is always suggested to primarily wrap your product or item with a cling film. This adds on to an extra layer of protection from moisture and scratches. 
    • Label properly: It is always best to write handling instructions on the surface of the mailer itself. Especially in case of fragile items putting a label of ‘handle with care’ is extremely important. 

    These tips will definitely be very effective when using bubble mailers to pack your products and items for long shipping destinations and rough transit.

  • Attractive Benefits of using Bubble Mailers:

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers


    Businesses are now global and in today’s world everyone can make business deals with everyone on the face of the Earth. The customer base has widened drastically because of the emergence of e-commerce. From e-commerce website stores to mobile applications, businesses are using all aspects of the technology to sell their products. 

    But with sales comes the responsibility of delivering products to the customers in proper quality. Receiving damaged products repels customers to further buy products from a brand. 

    Therefore, a fair share of the company’s goodwill depends on the quality of packaging and shipment. Wholesale Bubble Mailers have proved to be one of the best packaging alternatives for all businesses around the world. 

    Here are some benefits of using Bulk Bubble Mailers that have made them so popular amidst brands:

    • Extra Cushioning Effect: The air-filled bubbles inside the bubble mailers provide much needed padding and cushioning to the products packed inside them. This protects the products from getting destroyed because of pressure during transit.
    • Puncture resistant: Bubble mailers in bulk are made out of thick plastic that ensures that the package does not gets punctured and torn during the delivery process.
    • Cost-effective in nature: The traditional cardboard packaging involves a lot of cost because of the weight and size of the boxes. While on the other hand, Bubble mailers in wholesale are very light in weight. The air pockets do not add to the overall weight. These bulky Bubble mailers are also very flexible and can be easily handled during transit. 
    • Easy sealing: There are self-seal bubble mailers available in the market that reduces the overall packaging time. It also makes the process very fuss free and neat. 
    • Packs wide range of items: wholesale Bubble mailers can be used to pack a wide range of products and items. The best part is that even valuable and fragile items can be packed in these bubble mailers and shipped without worrying about potential damage and spillage. 

    Apart from these major advantages, bubble mailers are also recyclable and can further be used multiple times, which is an environmental benefit. Therefore, bubble mailers are an absolute must have in everyone’s inventory. ValueMailers is one of the leading brands in providing bubble mailers in bulk even you can order in wholesale with free shipping worldwide.

  • Bubble Mailers - One Solution to Every Packaging Problems

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    Want to surprise your loved ones? Want to send an item that is as delicate as flowers? Then Bubble mailers is perfect to pack items for your loved ones.

    What exactly are Bubble Mailers?

    Bubble mailers are basically used for packing items so that they can be delivered to the recipient safely. They provide a protective layer to your items during transit. The best part about them is they are lightweight which means they don’t make your package heavier.

    The most common question asked by sellers is, can they buy Bubble Mailers in bulk?

    Yes, of course. You can. We at Valuemailers sell bubble mailers in bulk. Whatever quantity you want we are here to provide that. 

    To know more about the bubble mailers, let’s discuss the benefits of the same:

    1. Shield items with protective layer: One of the main reason to use Bubble Mailers is that they protect your items with a protective layer.
    2. Versatile: Bubble Mailers are versatile, they can be used for an array of products. Fore.g: CDS, documents, jewellery, gadgets etc..
    3. Self-seal or open: Bubble Mailers come in two forms: self-sealed as well as open. You can use it as per your convenience.
    4. Act as a brand packager: It comes in all colors and size and can actually enhance the image of your brand. And hence, act as a brand packager.
    5. Stress-buster: The fun thing about bubble mailers is that onece the item is delivered it can be used as a stress buster too.

    Types of Bubble Mailers:

    Vailumailers have umpteen number of Bubble mailers to meet your needs.

    1. Colored Poly Bubble Mailers
    2. Poly Bubble Mailers
    3. Kraft Paper Bubble Mailers
    4. Metallic Bubble Mailers
    5. Decorative Bubble Mailers
    6. Gusseted Poly Bubble Mailers
    7. Thermal Insulated Mailers

    Bubble Mailers are perfect for packaging any kind of items. Be it delicate items, photographs,documents etc. bubble mailers act as a shield and protect your items from any sort of damage. And if you are looking for perfect bubble mailers for your items, you are at the right place. Valumailers serves the best mailers in the town.

  • Extremely Versatile Record LP Mailers:

    LP Record Mailers LP Record Mailers

    Record album/LP mailers are basically a form of carton or container that is used for shipping your record albums from one location to another without causing any damage to the record. These LP mailers are made out of white corrugated sheets, that is specially created to keep the products safe and secure. But record album is not the only thing that can be packed and shipped in these LP mailers. There are a variety of other products and material that can be sent in these LP mailers. And that is why these Record LP mailers are becoming very popular in the packaging market, since these are highly convenient and also very reliable. 

    There are a bunch of features of these Record LP mailers that make these mailers extremely effective and efficient:

    • Crush-proof: It’s always stressful when you have to ship fragile items from one location to another. The delivery can get pretty rough given the condition of roads and highways. No one knows what may occur to the package. Specially, when you have to ship extremely important and confidential items, it can get very stressful. But with these record LP mailers, you can pack your precious items without any worries of them getting damaged. Simple envelopes, and cartons may not be able to save your packaged items from getting crushed but since Record LP mailers are made up of white corrugated sheets, they have a shield that keeps the material safe and secure. 
    • Versatile: Record LP mailers originally created to ship record albums and vinyl can also be used to pack a variety of items. Items such as, books, electronic equipment, certificates, etc., can be packed and shipped without worrying about the safe delivery. Versatility of these record LP mailers has made these mailers very popular amidst packing companies since they can pack an array of items in these and don’t have to worry about the inventory of different kinds of mailers for different kinds of items. 
    • Quality Appearance: The appearance of these Record LP mailers is very sophisticated and gives a look of standard quality. The one receiving the package will instantly be impressed. 
    • Easy Labelling: The surface of these Record LP mailers is very plain and smooth. Therefore, any basic marker can be used to label the package. 

    These Record LP Mailers are definitely a must have in everyone’s inventory and rightfully so. 

  • Digital Postal Scales for Versatile Needs:

    Digital Postal Scale Digital Postal Scale

    Scale is an equipment that tells the weight of the item that you place over its surface. Now, Scales come in different forms for different needs and requirements. There are scales for household needs, and also for professional and industrial needs.

    • Household perspective: There are a lot of people who keep weighing scales in their homes for daily assessment of their weight. Specially those people who are very much health conscious and like to keep their health in check.
    • Professional perspective: From the professional perspective, doctors keep weighing scales in their clinic to get the weight of their patients. Gyms keep weighing scales for their members so they can check their weight whenever required.
    • Retail perspective: Another type of weighing scale is used by the grocery retailers in their shop. They keep scales to weigh the items that they sell, specially items that are not packaged and pre-weighed. A weighing scale is a must for such shops as it will be next to impossible to sell loose items without knowing the exact weight of them.
    • Wholesale perspective: Big heavy-duty scales are used in wholesale markets, where bulk produce is exchanged between buyers and sellers. Very heavy items are weighed on these premium scales. Without these scales knowing the weight would be difficult and it would cause loss while pricing the items as well.
    • Industrial Perspective: From industrial perspective scales play a very important role as well. In mega factories, scales are a must have for weighing the proportion of ingredients and materials that need to be put in together. Factories that process and produce food, medicines, beverages, cosmetics, etc., all of them require scales to weigh various ingredients.

    Therefore, it is quite clear that scales are a very important equipment for various different purposes. From household, professional, and industrial perspective, the usefulness of scales is very evident.

    There are different types of scales and one can choose the one that suits their particular needs:

    • Analytical Balance: This type of scale is very accurate and tells the weight with great precision.
    • Animal Scale: This scale is used to weigh livestock.
    • Jeweler’s scale: This scale is specially designed to weigh gems, and precious metals.
    • Postal Scale: Letters are weighed before being shipped so as to know the shipping charges. Postal Scale is particularly made to weigh letters.

    One can choose the digital postal scale that fits their needs the best.

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