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  • Literature Mailers: Best place to buy at ValueMailers

    Literature Mailers Literature Mailers

    Looking for a perfect Literature Mailers that can carry your items safely and securely throughout the shipping, then you are at the right place. At Valuemailers, we deliver the best Literature Mailers in town.

    What are Literature Mailers?

    Literature mailers are a simple packaging material to send your items in a secure way. Items like business cards, stationery, magazines, books, catalogues, brochures, and other similar material. It does provide a better and secure fit for your items without the cost of custom packaging. Literature Mailers are made from oyster Kraft paper it can handle all the mishaps during shipping.

    Features of Literature Mailers:

    There are various features of Literature Mailers and some of them are listed below:

    1. Made from strong kraft papers: These mailers are made from strong Kraft Papers and that is why these mailers can hold lightweight as well as medium weight items.
    2. Assembled easily: You don’ have to waste any minute in assembling these mailers. All you have to do is pack your items inside it and lock it up
    3. No glue, tape or staples needed: In order to assemble these literature mailers, you need no glue, tape or staples which means no additional cost.
    4. Saves on Labour Cost: And yes! No labour cost involved.
    5. It comes in 2 kinds: White and Kraft: There are two types of Literature Mailers made of white and Kraft paper which means it comes in two colours:
    6. Saves storage space: It also saves a lot of space for you to put more and more.

    Literature Mailers are used for:

    • Books: you can place books inside the literature mailers. It keeps your books safe and secure.
    • CDs, DVD: CDs and DVDs are very delicate and hence needs special attention.
    • Cosmetics: If you would have ever noticed, most cosmetics companies sent their products in  Literature Mailers only.
    • Magazines and documents: Literature Mailers are best when it comes to protecting important items like Magazine, and other important documents.

  • Shipping Labels- The Most Important Part of Shipping Process

    Shipping Labels Shipping Labels

    If shipping is a major part of your business, then you must be aware of how painful it is to see your package getting lost or mishandled. A lot goes in delivering the right package to the right recipient and if anything goes wrong, it crushes the reputation of your brand resulting in losing customers. A way to limit such issues is using shipping labels on your container.

    What is Shipping label?

    A shipping label is an identification label fixed on the container which specifies the content inside the shipping container. Shipping labels are very important. Suppose,if  a merchandise is subject to inspection such an FDA inspection, then the shipping label must contain such information. Shipping labels list originating and destination address.

    Features of Shipping labels:

    1. Provide key information: Shipping labels provide key information to each person of your supply chain to move your package from one hand to the other.
    2. Signs: On shipping labels, you can notice barcodes, numbers and letters
    3. Contain address: Shipping labels generally include the origin and destination address.
    4. Other Information: It also contains other vital information like if the postage stamp has been paid or not.

    Must have of shipping label:

    • Who shipped the package i.e. its place of origin
    • Where the package is being shipped to, i.e. its destination
    • Total Weight
    • Shipping Class (express, overnight etc.)
    • Tracking Number
    • Routing Code for Postal Tracking

    Shipping label can be created in two ways:

    1. Manually through your Shipping partner’s website
    2. Automatically through a shipping software

    In case you are dealing with heavy bulk orders, then using a shipping software is a wise option and if you are dealing with low volume, then you can use either of the two options.

  • Labels That Protect Fragile Product

    Arrow Fragile Labels Arrow Fragile Labels

    It may seem like a very tiny thing, but labels go far beyond towards the safety of your product. If you are business offers, these labels are an inevitable part of your job. It is very vital o use the right kind of labels while transporting your goods to customers. Without these labels, you can risk your product to breaking.

    In order to get fragile or delicate items delivered safely, these items need to be labelled. These labels act as a signal to persons who comes within the range of your shipment. These labels help you identify packages and communicate handling instructions with international pictographs and bright coloring. We at Valuemailers go an extra mile to give you a perfect packaging solution with proper labels and arrows because we know how important it is to you and your brand.

    Let’s discuss in detail:

    Arrow Labels: These are bright colored labels that indicate the side of the package that should face upwards. These labels are basically used on electronics, appliances or industrial products.

    Fragile Labels: These labels are necessary for delicate and fragile products which can break easily. These Labels ensures protection to fragile items. These labels are mainly used for electronics and anything that is made of glass. These labels are made from striking and bright colors, to enhance the or visibility. ValueMailers is worlds famous for their arrow and fragile labels because of their high glue properties and also for their quality of the labels they provide with in effective prices.

    Uses of Labels Packaging:

    There are millions of uses of Labels packaging and some of them are listed below:

      1. Help in identifying the package
      2. Communicate handling instructions with international pictographs and bright coloring.
    • They help you keep in compliance with Military Standard 129P, 49 CFR, ICAO, 49 CFR and ASTM standards.
    • These labels protect your items against all the hazards during shipping.
    • They are usually made from bright colors so that they are noticeable.


  • Gusseted Poly Bags- Deliver Your Bulky Items With Safety

    Do you have bulky items and no bag that has space? Don’t worry, we at Valuemailers have got you covered. At Valuemailers, Gusseted Poly Bags are made with tucked in pleat and then pressed flat, which makes them an ideal packaging choice for bulky items. So, if you are looking to deliver bulky items, or fit in many products, Gusseted Poly Bags are the perfect solution. Gusseted Poly Bags are made with 100% virgin Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resins to comply with FDA and USDA packaging requirements. These are puncture and tear resistant. With high quality and affordable Gusseted Poly Bags, we at Valuemailers, we make sure that your product reaches the recipient safely and in the best condition.

     Types of Gusseted Poly Bags:

    There are two types of gusseted Poly bags that Valuemailers offer and they are:

    1. Loose Packed Gusseted Poly Bag
    2. Gusseted Poly Bags on Rolls

     Use of Gusseted Poly Bags:

    Gusseted Poly Bags are great for various things such as,  storing food, electronics manufacturing, agriculture tools etc.

     What makes our Gusseted Poly Bags different?

    1. Plenty Space: Expandable pleats on both the sides of Gusseted Poly Bags provide plenty of space, making them suitable for bulky items.
    2. Lightweight: Gusseted Poly Bags are lightweight bags that are ideal for packaging, shopping and storage bag of irregular sized items.
    3. Puncture resistant: These have greater resistant to puncture or rips which means your package will survive even the harsh things during the shipment.
    4. Heat Sealable: Gusseted Poly Bags are heat sealable which means your products or good have no chance of coming out the package once you pack them until tore apart.
    5. FDA/USDA compliant: AT Valuemailers, all our in-stock gusseted poly bags are made from 100% resins and FDA/USDA compliant.
  • Bubble Mailers Faq

    What are the best online shopping sites in the USA for bubble mailers?

    Below are the top five listed best online shopping sites in USA for bubble mailers:

    Where can I find best bubble mailers deals for Christmas Day 2018? has the best deals for Christmas 2018. You can order bubble mailers online from the website - and it will be delivered within a short span of time. There are other websites as well where you can find the best deals such as,, .

    What is the role of bubble mailers for packaging products?

    When it comes to the good packaging material, bubble mailers are the perfect choice in so many ways.

    Role of bubble mailers for packaging products:

    1. Bubble mailers add a protective layer that provides security to the items and product.
    2. They come in various sizes and shapes and hence fit your needs
    3. They are tamper-evident and hence is the best choice for packaging products
    4. In addition to buying bubble mailers in Individual unit, you can buy them bulk as well.
    5. Bubble mailers are eco-friendly and can be reused.

    Where can you find best bubble mailers for Christmas day 2018?

    Find best bubble mailers for Christmas Day 2018 for packaging gift and send gifting to your loved ones with security at ValueMailers. This Christmas celebrate your festival with joy and big saving. ValueMailers offering best deals and offers on bubble mailers and shipping product with huge discounted rates.

  • Foam wrap - Providing the much-needed cushioning and safety to your products

    Looking for a perfect packaging material that keeps your product safe and simultaneously saves a lot of space? Then, Foam wrap is the answer to all your queries. It provides excellent cushioning to all your fragile items keeping them safe and intact throughout shipping. To know the benefits of it, let’s first understand what is a Foam wrap!

    What is Foam Wrap?

    Foam wrap is also known as polyethene foam which is used to pack umpteen items like electronics, metal products, sports equipment, or anything that needs to be safely transferred and transported from one place to another.

    Benefits of using Foam Wrap:

    The main benefit of using foam wrap is that it is spongy and hence, acts as a shock absorber. It protects fragile products against bump, shakes and scratches. And the other benefit of it is that it is resistant to bacteria and moth, and hence give your items a long-term life. In addition to that, the foam is odourless and resistant to a large number of chemicals elements, solvents and bacteria. On top of all that, the material is lightweight. It also saves a lot of space while packing. All of these characters make Foam wrap a top choice for the customers looking for a perfect packaging material. Foam wraps come in a roll and cut into various sizes and also fulfill all your needs regarding safe packaging and material. ValueMailers is one of the best place to buy foam wrap and foam wrap roll online in USA at best price with free shipping worldwide without quality compromise.

    Following are some of the key features of foam wrap listed below:

    • Made from polyethene
    • Provides cushioning to packed items
    • Spongy
    • Acts as a shock absorber
    • Protects items against heavy bumps
    • Specifically used for fragile products
    • Lightweight and hence saves on the stamp
    • Comes in various sizes
    • Non-abrasive and dust free
    • Can be customized
  • Foam Pouches: One stop solution for protecting fragile items

    foam pouches Foam Pouches

    Are you looking for a packaging material that can safely handle your delicate items? Are you looking for something that can make packing fragile items an easy job? Then, Foam Pouches are the solution for your every problem.

    What are Foam Pouches?

    Foam pouches are pre-made foam pouches that are specifically used to pack delicate items. These Foam Pouches are used to pack dishes, glasses, plates, electronic items, picture frames and a lot of many items. Not just for packing but these pouches are also used for safely keeping various items likes ornaments, decoratives etc., when they are not in use. Foam Pouches are made of thin and flexible foam and hence cannot be used for mailing. Their sole purpose is to protect items against dirt, dust and scratches. These are open from one end and can be taped, stapled, or heat sealed.

    Properties of Foam Pouches:

    Foam Pouches have various features. Some of the key features are listed below:

    • Non-abrasive: These pouches are non-abrasive
    • Lightweight: Reduced weight lowers production and shipping cost
    • Regular and anti-static: It is made from 100% low-density polyethene.
      1. Dirt and dust resistant: Protect your items against dust
    • Moisture resistant: Protects your items against water, grease and solvents
    • Perfect packaging material: It is highly flexible and perfect for surface protection, interleaving and cushioning
    • Have an open end:  These are open from one end and can be taped, stapled, or heat sealed.
    1. Good thermal insulating properties: Yes, Foam Pouches have good thermal insulating properties.
    2. Can be customized: Foam pouches can be easily cut and customised as per the needs and requirements of customers
    3. White in colour: Foam pouches are often white in colour
    4. Great protection: Foam Pouches provide great protection to all your fragile items during shipping.

  • Flat Poly Bags - An Affordable solution to all your packaging needs.

    Made from 100% virgin Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications, Flat Poly Bags are the most commonly used and affordable packing material. These are also known as lay flat poly bags and are used to pack countless items in various industries. Flat Poly Bags can also be custom made to any size. Flat Poly Bags have an open top and can be easily heat sealed or closed with a tape or stapled.

    What are Flat Poly Bags?

    Flat Polyethylene Bags are an economical solution to many of your plastic packaging needs and requirements. They come in various sizes and also be customized as per your requirements. As the name implies, the bag lays flat and does not expand beyond the natural elasticity of the plastic. These bags are great for storing food, electronics manufacturing, hospitals, agriculture, clean room technology flat poly bags can be used virtually anywhere.

    Advantages of using Flat Poly Bags:

    The foremost advantage of using Flat Poly bags is that it keeps your product safe from dirt, moisture and dust. The other benefit of using Flat Poly Bags is that you can easily print your brand name or other details on the package. If you are a business owner who needs to deliver various items on daily basis, then Flat Poly Bags are best for you as these bags are of high quality and available at affordable prices at ValueMailers.

    Features of Flat Poly Bags:

    1. Made from 100% Virgin Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
    2. Meets the FDA/USDA requirement
    3. Manufacturing of flat poly bags with either a durable bottom side seal or extra strong side welded for optimal strength.
    4. Can be heat sealed, tied, stapled or taped
    5. Excellent clarity and flexible capacity
    6. Great for packaging and storing items
    7. Economical and lightweight
    8. Affordable
    9. Protects your product from dirt, dust and debris

  • Expansion Poly Mailers- Deliver Thick And Heave Products Unharmed

    A lot of damage can happen to your product during shipping. And risk increases in the case of thicker items. So,   very important to deliver thicker items in good packaging material. Whether you want to use there exists nothing better than Expansion Poly Mailers to deliver thick items or goods. Whether for business use or personal, Expansion Poly Mailers are best for both.

    What is Expansion Poly Mailers?

    Expansion Poly Mailers is made from strong polyethene. It protects your product from moisture during shipping. These mailers have gusseted sides that provide enough strength to hold thicker items throughout shipping. You can easily put  Labels, ink and stamps on these mailers. Expansion Poly Mailers are used for thick items like binders, books and catalogues. Even if you overpack the mailers, the high strength seams keep the material inside intact. A recipient can easily open the packet and take out the items.

    The appearance of Expansion Poly Mailers:

    Expansion Poly Mailers have white exterior and inner lining of these mailers is silver. They have a peel and seal closure. It provides your items with a perfect and professional look which leave an impact on the recipient.

    Use of Expansion Poly Mailers:

    Expansion Poly Mailers are great for business and individual use. They can carry an array of items especially heavy items like books, binders etc. With properties like puncture, moisture, tamper and tear resistant,  Expansion Poly Mailers make sure that your product reaches the destination unharmed.

    Features of Expansion Poly Mailers:
    1. They are puncture, moisture, tamper and tear resistant.
    2. Have an open perforated tear strip
    3. Protect products from moisture during shipping
    4. High Strength seams keep
    5. Labels, ink and stamps adhere well.
    6. Opens easily with a perforated tear strip
    7. Lightweight
    8. Sold per cases
  • Designer Poly Mailers- Market Your Brand With High Quality & Best Price at ValueMailers


    Your customers want to know about your brand and the journey of your product, your mailer is a part of that story. Once these Designer Poly Mailers reach the doorstep of your customers, they would immediately know about your brand through these Designer Poly Mailers.

     What are Designer Poly mailers?

    Made with 100% polyethene material, Designer Poly mailers are perfect for shipping apparels and other products. Designer Poly Mailers are lightweight, durable, tear-resistant and the best part is it has a self-adhesive strip and an easy open tear tab. Designer Poly Mailers comes with an option to design the package as per your brand. With no restrictions on creativity, you can fully customize your packaging as per your brand.

     Benefits of using Designer Poly Mailers:

    Benefits of Designer Poly Mailers are many and that is why they are used so widely by packaging companies and preferred by customers. The foremost advantage of using Designer Poly Mailers is that it can be designed and customized as per the wish of the owner. One can add his logo or tagline or message on it and market their brand at the same time. These Designer Poly Mailers serve as part of a good marketing strategy too. The Designer Poly Mailers come with a self-adhesive strip which makes these packages tamper evident. So, if anyone tries to tamper your package during shipping, you will immediately know that it has tampered. These properties make designer poly mailers the preferred packaging, material for various brands. These polymers enhance the look of your product and not only this, but they also protect your product throughout shipping and make sure it reaches the doorstep of the recipient in the beset condition.

     Properties of Designer Poly Mailers:

    • Tear-resistant
    • Moisture resistant
    • Tamper evident
    • Have a printable textures
    • Lightweight hence saves on postage
    • self-adhesive seal

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