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  • Multi-Purpose Stretch Film:

    Stretch Film or Stretch Wraps are these stretchable films that is wrapped around items. Stretch Films are made out of highly stretchable plastic. Commonly, Stretch Films are made up of linear low-density polyethylene material.

    Stretch Films have now become a very popular product across the globe because of how useful they are. These can be used in different ways for different tasks, and that’s why these are extremely multi-purpose.

    Stretch Films have a variety of interesting and useful features that make it a must have for everyone:

    • Brings Stability: Once individual cartons are packed, they are then brought together and wrapped around multiple times with these Stretch Films. This brings stability to the entire bulk batch of the cartons, and makes it easy to identify as a batch and then given their batch number.
    • Efficient Storage: Wrapping bulk batches with Stretch Films not only brings stability but also makes it very easy to store them in the warehouse as well. There is no fear of cartons falling off and be lost in the process of storing them. Everything is tightly packed together that helps in easily locating where the unit loads are, and then can be easily dispatched as and when required.
    • Protection from Dust and contamination: Once an item is wrapped with Stretch Film, then it becomes completely secure of the dust that’s always there in the surrounding air. It keeps the items packed free of any form of contamination.
    • Water-resistant: An item that is wrapped with stretch film will completely be safe from being destroyed because of water or any other fluid.
    • Tamper free: A properly wrapped item with stretch film is safe from being tampered. There won’t be any case of pilferage whatsoever because it keeps the package away from any sort of direct touch.
    • Preserves Food Items: Stretch Films are a great way of keeping your food items preserved. Wrapping your food with Stretch Film extends their shelf life. A lot of people wrap the leftover fruits, and vegetables with stretch films so that they do not get oxidized. Covering bowls, and doughs with Stretch Films is also another common practice.
    • Sun Protection: UV Stretch Films keep your items safe from Ultra violet rays of the sun to some extent. This is a very useful feature for fragile and perishable food items specially.

    Therefore, Stretch Films are an important part of everyone’s inventory.

  • Full Line of Shipping Room Supplies:

    To run any warehouse effectively, one needs a full line of shipping room supplies. There are a variety of items and supplies that are required to keep the smooth functioning of a factory and warehouse intact. Productivity and an organized workspace play a very crucial role in any organization whatsoever.

    There are a lot many items that come in the line of shipping room supplies. And each one of them has a very significant role to play, that keeps the workplace and warehouse proper and organized.

    • Carton Stands: Strong and durable stands that are best to keep cartons in shape are a must have for any warehouse. These stands are made up of heavy-duty steel and are very light in weight that brings mobility. Two tier carton stands can accommodate more cartons than the single tier. One can get a carton stand as per their requirements.
    • Roll Storage System: For any packaging warehouse, paper rolls are a must have, since a lot of paper is required in the process of packaging, and for many other purposes. To keep all these paper rolls organized and safe, Roll storage system serve great advantage. Multiple roll storage system can keep more than one paper rolls. These storage systems are made up of standard metal and hence are very durable and strong.
    • Knives: Another very important room supply is knives. To cut sheets, cardboards, and all other such packaging material, knives are used, and that’s why every warehouse should have ample number of knives so the work runs smoothly without any idle time.
    • Markers: Labelling cartons and packages is very important, since a lot of information go on the surface of these packages, for example- address, instructions, etc. Therefore, markers are a very important part of the room supply.
    • Shipping Indicators: Shipping indicators are these sensor indicators that can communicate if the box or the package was dropped or not in transit. It’s a way of knowing what a package has gone through in the transit. These are specially used on highly fragile packages so as to make sure that the package is handled with extra caution.
    • Fragile Labels: Fragile Labels are an easy way to make sure that the package is handled with extra caution because the message goes directly with the label.

    A full line of shipping room supplies is definitely a must-have for every warehouse.

  • Tape Dispensers An Innovative Invention:

    A tape dispenser is a really important and fascinating invention that has crept into our daily life. An adhesive tape is used by almost everyone as it helps to stick any two pieces of paper, cardboard, plastic, etc together. Also, it helps alot in packaging of objects.

    To ship anything from one place to another, it needs to be packed. Packing makes the shipment safe and secure.

    In the early 19th century, when tapes first came into existence, they were simply sold and used as a roll, which had to be peeled carefully and then cut. It became popular quickly because of its unique way of sticking two parts together. Then, to save time and to increase productivity, tape dispensers came into existence. The first tape dispenser was designed in 1932 by John Borden. This little machine would hold the tape at one end and a built in cutting machine at the other end so that it becomes quite easy to crop the tape until next use.

    Today, dispensers have come a long way helping business owners and consumers alike. They have also been modified in various ways to help people with different needs, thus making them useful and time saving for everyone.

    The various types of tape dispensers available today are:

    1. Handheld Dispensers: These are the most common tape dispensers used by everyone due to its size and effectiveness. They are quite portable and can be carried to anywhere. These are quite handy and are used in shops, in packaging companies, by consumers, etc. They are operated manually and does not any electrical supply.
    2. Tabletop Dispensers: These kinds of dispensers are operated with electrical supply. Lengths are pre-determined and set according to which the tapes are dispensed and cut. These removes the need to manually peel and cut each piece required. This is an automated process generally used in industries or big business where high volumes of product need to be taped or packaged. No wastage, high precision, absence of human error, time saving are  some of the perks of table top dispensers.
    3. Automated Dispensers: As the name suggests, these kind of dispensers are fully automated and does not need any operator. Just the product or shipment needs to be placed within the machine, and the rest takes care of by itself. The machine automatically applies the tape and packages the entire shipment within seconds, thus saving a lot more time than any other and increasing productivity!
    4. Gummed Tape Dispensers: Other than the common pressure-sensitive tapes or PSA tapes, there exists another type of tapes know as Gummed tapes. The adhesive on it becomes these kinds moistened and comes in contact with water. Since, it requires water, a special kind of dispenser was made that not only measure and dispenses the tape but also moistens the tape as it dispenses to activate its sticky property. A heater is also present to maintain the water temperature in the dispenser.

    Tape dispensers have really helped industries to increase productivity, especially shipping companies and packaging companies.

  • Versatile Protective Wraps & Butcher Paper:

    Protective Wraps are basically paper rolls that can be used for variety of purposes. From making craft, drawing, to wrapping it around packages, to even filling these inside boxes to keep the products placed inside a box safe from any sort of damage, Protective Wraps are really versatile.

    The features of Protective Wraps are pretty interesting as well:

    • Economical: Protective Wraps are extremely cheap in price and can be used in plenty of ways. This makes it very cost effective and economical.
    • Environment friendly: These Protective Wrap papers are completely bio-degradable and can be recycled as well.
    • Smooth: The surface of these protective wraps is very smooth which makes it very useful because a variety of stuff can be wrapped with these and there also lies great advantage of not getting paper cuts.

    Butcher Paper on the other hand is for heavy duty needs. These are made out of Kraft style paper and can also be used for a variety of purposes. Butcher paper is specially used to wrap meat and is a perfect choice for butchers. These papers are also used to wrap food items because these are hundred percent FDA approved.

    The features of Butcher paper are very advantageous:

    • Sturdy: Since these papers are made out of strong Kraft style paper thus these are very sturdy and can be used to pack perishable or fragile items without worrying about them getting damaged.
    • Inexpensive: Butcher papers are a very cheap option for heavy duty packaging purposes. These are very inexpensive and cost effective.
    • Environmental friendly: Butcher papers are bio degradable and can be recycled as well which makes it a very eco friendly option.
    • Moisture Resistant: Butcher papers withstand moisture very effectively. This is why it’s an ideal choice for butchers. Other than meat, butcher papers are used in bakeries to wrap their products and fragile food items.

    Both Protective Wraps and Butcher Papers are excellent for packaging stuff. Both are extremely versatile and also very inexpensive. Therefore, these are a must have in every inventory.

  • Multi-purpose Poly Bags Resealable Zipper Top:

    Poly bags are a very convenient option of packing supplies and shipping them from one location to another. Since, Poly Bags are cheap and light in weight they are very effective in case of shipping stuff, especially in bulk because, the weight of the package sometimes adds up to the bulk weight of the shipment. And that’s why Poly bags have become such a great requirement for every business concern that is mainly indulged in online sales.

    For every purpose there are different poly bags available in the market. So, one can easily pick the type that fits in their packaging needs. One of them is Resealable Zipper Top Poly Bags. These poly bags have some really advantageous features:

    • Easy Zipper Lock: These Poly bags have a zipper lock on the top. Zipper locks are very convenient because no extra adhesive is required to stick the top of the poly bags. It saves time while things are being packed in the bags. One easy swipe is enough to pack the supply inside it. This makes the entire process of packaging very fuss free.
    • Resealable: Since the top of these poly bags have a zipper top, it can be resealed again after use. This is a very useful feature because even after packing the items, one can easily open it again and check and then reseal again. This way no extra bags are wasted.
    • No Odor: These Resealable Zipper Top Poly bags are completely free of any foul odor. This makes it very useful for storing food items as well.
    • Clear: The transparent appearance of these Resealable zipper top poly bags makes it easy to identify the stuff that is being packed. It helps to figure out any errors of wrongly packing stuff and misplacing them.
    • Puncture proof: These poly bags are completely puncture proof even through rough deliveries. The standard quality is definitely a great feature.

    Therefore, these Zipper top Resealable poly bags are absolutely a must have in everyone’s stock. These will come handy when urgent packaging requirement arises.

  • Multi-Purpose Poly Bags OPP Cello Suffocation Warning:

    Poly Bags OPP Cello Suffocation Warning Poly Bags OPP Cello Suffocation Warning

    Poly bags have made packaging products and supplies very easy for everyone, and it has drastically changed the market with the convenience and usability. There are various different types of poly bags that serve different kind of purposes. One of such kinds is these OPP Cello Poly bags that come with suffocation warning.

    These poly bags are made from the compound Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) and have many advantageous features as well:

    • Non-toxic: One of the greatest features of these OPP Cello Poly bags is that they are non-toxic. This makes it safe to pack food items in these poly bags as well. Packaging of food items is a very big concern since there aren’t many options, but these OPP Cello poly bags are completely odorless and have no toxicity.
    • Water-resistant: These OPP Cello Poly bags come with suffocation warning, because these are completely air tight and keep the items away from any kind of air and contamination. These are also highly waterproof; therefore, even if the delivery gets rough and there are chances of water seeping in, these poly bags will make sure the supply is safe and damage-free.
    • Clear: Since, these OPP Cello poly bags are clear and transparent, it gets really easy to identify the items that are packed in them. The convenience of figuring out makes the shipping so much easier, because this way no packages are misplaced.
    • High Quality: These OPP Cello Poly bags are very thick and won’t get torn or punctured in transit. The standard quality of the compound makes these poly bags really efficient especially when the delivery gets really rough.
    • Plain Exterior: The surface of these OPP Cello poly bags is very smooth and plain which makes it very easy for any basic marker or ink to glide on. Easy labeling makes it so much more convenient and also makes sure that the parcels and packages are not misplaced.

    It is quite clear that these OPP Cello Poly bags are of extremely great use and is definitely a must have.

  • Poly Bag Opaque Mailers for all purposes:

    Poly bags have become a really essential item for every business concern that is involved in supplying products from one location to another. Polyethylene is the compound with which these poly bags are made up from. And polyethylene is a very common form of plastic. A lot of different types of poly bags are there available in the market that serves all kinds of purposes. Opaque Poly bag mailers are one of the types of poly bags.

    There are various features that these poly bag opaque mailers have:

    • Concealment: As these poly bag mailers are opaque, it completely conceals and hides the stuff that is packed inside it. So, in case, something confidential is being shipped and requires to be hidden for security purposes, then these opaque poly bag mailers are just absolutely perfect. The visibility through these poly bag opaque mailers is absolutely absent.
    • Puncture proof: The quality of these poly bag opaque mailers is highly standard. Even if the delivery gets rough, these poly bag mailers will make sure that the supply is protected from any damage. These bags are so thick in texture that they wouldn’t get torn or punctured in transit, and therefore, the package will be delivered in the same form it was packed.
    • Easy Labeling: The exterior of these poly bag opaque mailers is very plain, which makes it easy to write, or label, or even put a stamp on them. Any basic marker or stamp with any kind of ink will settle and stay on the surface of the poly bag mailers without causing any issue.
    • Sturdy Edges: The edges of these poly bag mailers are strong and sturdy, which in turn makes sure that the form and structure of the mail is maintained and there is no way it bends. This is an excellent feature of these poly bag mailers, since certificates and important documents can be mailed without worrying about its safe, damage-free deliver.

    These poly bag opaque mailers are definitely a must have in an inventory for multiple purposes.

  • Water Resistant Poly bags LDPE Suffocation Warning:

    One of the very useful kinds of poly bags is LDPE Suffocation warning poly bags. These bags are made out of the compound Low-density polyethylene, which is a first grade polyethylene.  A variety of plastic containers and bags are made from this compound since it has many advantages. Thus, these LDPE poly bags can be used for shipping supplies from one location to another.

    There are some really valuable features of these LDPE Poly bags:

    • Suffocation Warning: These LDPE Poly bags are completely air tight in nature; therefore, it keeps the stuff packed inside it away from the air, and contamination. Also, it can be used to pack materials that need to be kept away from air in order to keep it safe from oxidization.
    • Water Resistant: Because of the great quality of the low-density polyethylene that is used to make these poly bags, these bags become water-resistant or waterproof. In case of monsoon, or downpour, or any hazard, the supplies packed in these LDPE poly bags will be absolutely safe from getting wet and being ruined.
    • Tear proof: Even if the delivery gets really rough, and there is a lot of exertion involved during transit, these LDPE suffocation warning Poly bags won’t tear up even a bit. The high quality polyethylene makes these bags absolutely tear proof, thereby, keeping the supplies safe and damage free.
    • Clear and transparent: These LDPE poly bags come with a very clear and transparent appearance. Because of the transparency, it becomes very easy to identify the supplies that are being packed inside these poly bags. Thus, there occurs no room for misplacing the packages as well.
    • Easy labeling: Identifying the packages properly is not the only thing important. Marking and labeling them is also very significant in making sure they reach the right address with careful handling. Any basic marker will glide on easily on the surface of these LDPE Poly bags.

    These Suffocation warning LDPE Poly bags are a must have in every inventory since these serve multiple purposes with efficiency.

  • Multipurpose Poly bags colored mailers:

    In this time of sky rocketing internet sales, or online sales, a lot of supplies need to be shipped from one particular location to another. The safety and damage-free state of these shipments is very important to any enterprise. Therefore, packaging becomes extremely significant.

    Poly bags are of great use when it comes to proper durable packaging of the supplies that one wants to ship. Colored poly bag mailers are another type of poly bags. These are a little different from the usual transparent poly bags. Colored poly bag mailers are poly containers that come in various different colors.

    These poly bag colored mailers come with very fine features:

    • Attractive appearance: Colored poly bag mailers appear so much more attractive than the usual poly bags. These instantly lift up the spirit of the package. It escalates the entire experience of the person receiving the package since it looks appealing and gives a great impression of the one sending it. It feels like great effort has been taken in to send the product.
    • Cost Advantage: Poly bags colored mailers are thin and do not occupy much floor space while being shipped, which makes them more cost effective. Whereas, cardboard boxes, and cartons takes up a lot of floor space, and also makes the entire bulk shipment way more expensive.
    • Cheap in Price: Over and above the cost effectiveness that comes with these poly bag colored mailers, these are originally very cheap also. So, purchasing and keeping these mailers in the inventory won’t cost much at all. This way the excessive cost of overhead can be cut down to a great extent.
    • Multi-purpose: These poly bag colored mailers can be used for packing variety of supplies and products. It serves multiple purposes, which makes these colored poly bag mailers very flexible in the context of usage.
    • Damage-free delivery: These poly bag colored mailers are of very strong quality, therefore, these will get through even the roughest of deliveries.

    Therefore, these colored poly bag mailers are an absolute must have for every business enterprise.

  • Bubble Mailers for cheap damage free transit:

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    Bubble mailers are mailing bags that have lightweight cushioning on them for shipping purposes. These mailers have a bubble lining that protects the documents or anything that is enclosed inside it while on transit. Because of its lightweight structure, bubble mailers are one of the most cost-effective ways of mailing your stuff. A lot of packaging companies are switching to these bubble mailers for safer transit. Since, other mailers aren’t as light weighted, cost-effective, and keeps the things enclosed absolutely damage free, it proves to be the perfect mailer.

    So, what are the features of these uniquely designed bubble mailers?

    • Light weight: These Bubble mailers are extremely light weight because of its line of padding. These mailers are padded with air cushions, making it very effective for shipping purposes. Since the mailers don’t add up to the total weight, it allows in to send more stuff.
    • Cost effective: Shipping can get really expensive since it needs a lot of careful handling. And if the shipping has to be done to a farther distance then it becomes even more expensive. But bubble mailers are a blessing for such shipping purposes. Because of such lightweight padding, these bubble mailers don’t add up to the total weight of the bulk, and hence no extra charge is required. Heavier mailers add up to the cost of shipping to quite an extent.
    • Shock absorbent: Bubble mailers are great shock absorbents. Because of the lining of air cushions, bubble mailers can absorb shock while its on transit. Usually a lot of bulk go in together while shipping, which leads to manhandling, but these bubble makers make sure that the things enclosed inside are absolutely protected and are not destroyed in any way possible.
    • Various options: Bubble mailers are available in various different types. From white bubble mailers, to craft bubble mailers, to decorative bubble mailers and not to forget white poly bubble mailers. All different kinds can be found to fulfil your particular requirements.
    • Strong Adhesive: The adhesive provided on the seal of the bubble mailers is extremely strong and wouldn’t crack open no matter what. The adhesive is strong enough to bear the exertion of a long transit, keeping the things enclosed absolutely safe and damage free even through the roughest deliveries possible.
    • Easy Labelling: The surface of these bubble mailers are very smooth and proper. This helps in writing over the surface of the bubble mailer. There will be no hassle whatsoever in writing the name, address, or anything as such on these bubble mailers. Labelling these mailers is very easy.

    Switching to these bubble mailers are going to be one of the smartest decisions you make for your mailing purposes. With so many amazing features these bubble mailers are the cheapest and the best alternative to your ordinary mailers. It’s always better to be cautious beforehand, and put your important documents, papers, or certificates in these cheap bubble mailers for a safer and hassle-free delivery.

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