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  • Multipurpose Poly bags colored mailers:

    In this time of sky rocketing internet sales, or online sales, a lot of supplies need to be shipped from one particular location to another. The safety and damage-free state of these shipments is very important to any enterprise. Therefore, packaging becomes extremely significant.

    Poly bags are of great use when it comes to proper durable packaging of the supplies that one wants to ship. Colored poly bag mailers are another type of poly bags. These are a little different from the usual transparent poly bags. Colored poly bag mailers are poly containers that come in various different colors.

    These poly bag colored mailers come with very fine features:

    • Attractive appearance: Colored poly bag mailers appear so much more attractive than the usual poly bags. These instantly lift up the spirit of the package. It escalates the entire experience of the person receiving the package since it looks appealing and gives a great impression of the one sending it. It feels like great effort has been taken in to send the product.
    • Cost Advantage: Poly bags colored mailers are thin and do not occupy much floor space while being shipped, which makes them more cost effective. Whereas, cardboard boxes, and cartons takes up a lot of floor space, and also makes the entire bulk shipment way more expensive.
    • Cheap in Price: Over and above the cost effectiveness that comes with these poly bag colored mailers, these are originally very cheap also. So, purchasing and keeping these mailers in the inventory won’t cost much at all. This way the excessive cost of overhead can be cut down to a great extent.
    • Multi-purpose: These poly bag colored mailers can be used for packing variety of supplies and products. It serves multiple purposes, which makes these colored poly bag mailers very flexible in the context of usage.
    • Damage-free delivery: These poly bag colored mailers are of very strong quality, therefore, these will get through even the roughest of deliveries.

    Therefore, these colored poly bag mailers are an absolute must have for every business enterprise.

  • Bubble Mailers for cheap damage free transit:

    Bubble Mailers Bubble Mailers

    Bubble mailers are mailing bags that have lightweight cushioning on them for shipping purposes. These mailers have a bubble lining that protects the documents or anything that is enclosed inside it while on transit. Because of its lightweight structure, bubble mailers are one of the most cost-effective ways of mailing your stuff. A lot of packaging companies are switching to these bubble mailers for safer transit. Since, other mailers aren’t as light weighted, cost-effective, and keeps the things enclosed absolutely damage free, it proves to be the perfect mailer.

    So, what are the features of these uniquely designed bubble mailers?

    • Light weight: These Bubble mailers are extremely light weight because of its line of padding. These mailers are padded with air cushions, making it very effective for shipping purposes. Since the mailers don’t add up to the total weight, it allows in to send more stuff.
    • Cost effective: Shipping can get really expensive since it needs a lot of careful handling. And if the shipping has to be done to a farther distance then it becomes even more expensive. But bubble mailers are a blessing for such shipping purposes. Because of such lightweight padding, these bubble mailers don’t add up to the total weight of the bulk, and hence no extra charge is required. Heavier mailers add up to the cost of shipping to quite an extent.
    • Shock absorbent: Bubble mailers are great shock absorbents. Because of the lining of air cushions, bubble mailers can absorb shock while its on transit. Usually a lot of bulk go in together while shipping, which leads to manhandling, but these bubble makers make sure that the things enclosed inside are absolutely protected and are not destroyed in any way possible.
    • Various options: Bubble mailers are available in various different types. From white bubble mailers, to craft bubble mailers, to decorative bubble mailers and not to forget white poly bubble mailers. All different kinds can be found to fulfil your particular requirements.
    • Strong Adhesive: The adhesive provided on the seal of the bubble mailers is extremely strong and wouldn’t crack open no matter what. The adhesive is strong enough to bear the exertion of a long transit, keeping the things enclosed absolutely safe and damage free even through the roughest deliveries possible.
    • Easy Labelling: The surface of these bubble mailers are very smooth and proper. This helps in writing over the surface of the bubble mailer. There will be no hassle whatsoever in writing the name, address, or anything as such on these bubble mailers. Labelling these mailers is very easy.

    Switching to these bubble mailers are going to be one of the smartest decisions you make for your mailing purposes. With so many amazing features these bubble mailers are the cheapest and the best alternative to your ordinary mailers. It’s always better to be cautious beforehand, and put your important documents, papers, or certificates in these cheap bubble mailers for a safer and hassle-free delivery.

  • All Purpose Clear Slide Seal Top Poly Bags:

    Clear Slide Seal Top Poly Bags Clear Slide Seal Top Poly Bags

    Poly bags have become an absolute necessity for packaging purposes, since these are very convenient and easy to use. There’s a wide variety of poly bags available in the market. One can choose whichever kind suits their particular requirement. One of the types are these Clear slide seal poly bags, that are made specially to cater for the people who need ease of use while packing their stuff. There are also available different sizes of these clear slide seal polybags so you can go for the size that will fulfil your requirement.

    These clear slide seal poly bags have quite a bunch of features:

    • Transparent look: These clear slide seal poly bags are completely transparent. So whatever is packed inside it is, can be seen clearly from outside. That makes it easier to identify what has been packed in which poly bag. This also makes marking and labelling very easy and less time consuming.
    • Sliding zipper: The zipper on the top of these clear slide seal poly bags are very easy to use. No adhesive is applied or no peel off strip is there to be peeled off. A sliding zipper makes it so much easier to handle these poly bags. It is very fuss free and less time has to he devoted in packing stuff with these clear slide seal poly bags. Specially when the packaging is being done with gloved hands in case of dealing with fragile or perishable items, then it becomes a necessity to provide a kind of poly bag that can be easily handled since it can get difficult to pack with gloved hands.
    • Damage free delivery: These clear slide seal poly bags make sure that your products or items reach its destination delivery location without being damaged at all. The thick quality of the poly bags are puncture resistant and would not tear off.

    These Clear slide seal top poly bags are a must have in your storage and since these do not have any adhesive on them, it gets even more convenient to have these in stock.

  • Attractive Polybag Colored Mailers:

    Color Poly Bubble Mailers Color Poly Bubble Mailers

    Polybags are of great use these days since packaging has become an integral part. These polybag mailers are basically containers to hold the stuff that you want to mail or ship to some other location. This is a very convenient way of mailing your items in a proper and safe fashion. There are different kinds of polybags that are now available in the market and one can choose whichever type that would satisfy their particular requirement. One of the types is these Polybag Colored Mailers.

    There are plenty of features that these Polybag Colored Mailers have:

    • Highly Attractive: These Colored polybag mailers aren’t of the ordinary kind. These mailers come in various different vibrant colors that make them stand out and appear highly attractive. A special blend of colors are used to give these mailers a very attractive appearance. These colored polybag mailers are a perfect fit in case you are mailing something special, such as gifts or presents.
    • Water Resistant: These colored polybag mailers are water resistant, and wouldn’t allow any damage to seep in through it. And even the outer layer wouldn’t be destroyed and the color will stay intact.
    • Tear and puncture proof: Even if the delivery gets really rough, these colored polybag mailers will keep the items inside it absolutely secure without getting torn or punctured. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about its damage free delivery.
    • Strong Adhesive: The adhesive that is applied on the strip of these colored polybag mailers is of very strong and long-lasting quality. It’s highly pressure sensitive and super strong, making these polybag mailers very durable. Even if you keep these colored polybag mailers in your storage for a long time unused, these will still stay absolutely perfect and the adhesive will also not dry.
    • Highly efficient hard mailers: These mailers are highly efficient for mailing a wide variety of items. Its hard structure keeps the items inside secure from getting bent.

    So, these Color Poly Bubble Mailers are a must have and an amazing option for mailing your items in a more attractive and secure way.

  • All-Purpose Poly Bags Cello OPP Clear:

    Poly Bags Cello opp clear Poly Bags Cello opp clear

    Polybags are usually used as all-purpose containers to store any different kinds of products. These Cello OPP clear polybags are for a more furnished as these are made up of better raw material. These polybags can be used for all different purposes since it has a varied number of features.

    • Crystal Clear Look: One of the best features of these Cello OPP Clear polybags is that they are very clear and completely transparent. This gives these poly bags a very put together look, and therefore they can be used to contain your products.
    • Oriented Polypropylene (OPP): These Cello poly bags are not the usual ordinary plastic bags, instead, these poly bags are made up of Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) material, that makes these last longer and look clearer.
    • Durability: Because of good quality raw material, these Cello OPP Clear poly bags last longer than ordinary plastic bags. These are thicker than the ordinary ones and therefore these will last longer.
    • Multi-Purpose: These OPP clear polybags are made for all different purposes. These can be used to store food materials, or bakery products. Because of its transparent clear look, it gets easier to identify what you have stored inside.
    • Recyclable: These Cello OPP clear polybags are not anything like your ordinary plastic bags. These poly bags can be recycled and hence they are in a way environment friendly.
    • Light Weight: Since these Cello OPP clear poly bags are made up of high-quality material, these are very light in weight and can be easily transported from one location to another.
    • Different Sizes: These OPP clear poly bags are available in all different sizes, be it length and width. These are made as per your different needs and requirements.
    • Damage-Free Transit: With these Cello OPP clear poly bags your products will reach its destination in absolutely perfect and damage-free state. The thickness of these cello OPP poly bags maintains the shape of the product you pack in it.

    These Cello Clear OPP poly bags are a must have for everyone and these can fulfill all your packaging needs.

  • Polybag Combo-One in All Packaging solution:

    Poly Bags Combo Poly Bags Combo

    Polybags are a kind of container that can be used for various different purposes. Be it for transporting products, or carrying waste, it serves all sort of containing needs. Even for packaging, polybags are very useful. On the one hand, some polybags are heat sealed at the seam, while on others they use adhesive.

    What is a Polybag Combo?

    Polybag combo is basically a set of these bags that come in together with the similar features, or sometimes in different shapes and sizes as well. There are various different types of polybags available in order to suffice all kinds of demand.

    Features of Polybag Combo:

    1. The sizes vary such as 6×9 inches, 8×10 inches, 9×12 inches, 11×14 inches, etc. One can choose the size that would compliment their need.
    2. Some polybags are completely see through, and some are opaque, and they can also come in different colors as well. The thickness of the polybag reflects on to the quality.
    3. A thicker textured polybag is made out of good quality raw material that brings great durability to it which in turn survives against the tough situations without getting distorted or ripped.
    4. Using a weak polybag may harm and put a product at risk, while a thick and quality one will secure the product even in terrible scenarios.
    5. These polybag combos come with suffocation warning printed on them to avoid the danger there forth.
    6. In case one needs to mark or write something on the polybags, any permanent marker would very easily glide on the polybags.

    There are also industrial polybag combos available for much more defined and long term heavy use. These are specially made and designed in order to hold heavier material, and will save the product even in difficult warehousing condition. We have Polybag combo that will fit your every need.

  • All Purpose Photo & Document Mailers:

    Photo & Document Mailers Photo & Document Mailers

    We have Photo & document mailers for all kinds of photographs and documents for you in various sizes to fulfill your requirement.

    What is a photo & document mailer?

    It's a fiberboard mailer or a kind of envelope that protects the photographs and documents while you mail it to somewhere or even for storage purpose. The rigidness of the fiberboard makes sure that the photos don't bend, and the documents aren't crumpled. With these mailers your photos and documents will reach in absolutely perfect condition to its destination.

    Features of Photo & document mailers:

    • Multi-purpose: These mailers can be used to mail certificates, important documents, photographs, in good condition.
    • Secure: The strong adhesive used on the strip will make sure that the mailer doesn't open on its way.
    • Rigid: Since, the mailers are made with a strong and tough fiberboard, it doesn't allow the photo or the document inside to bend or deform. It doesn't crumple, and it completely keeps its form. So, you don't have to worry if your photos will reach safely or not. They will reach its destination in great condition.
    • Longer shelf life: You can always have these mailers in your store for future purposes. It doesn't gets destroyed and the peel able strip maintains the adhesive to stay intact for a really long time.
    • Heavy-duty: Weight is not even a factor. These mailers can handle even the heaviest bundle of photographs and documents. So, you don't have to worry about the heavy weight of your mail.

    We have all kinds of these mailers for you, in different sizes and shapes. These will for sure fulfill all your mailing and storing needs with its high functioning flexible qualities.

  • Paper Envelopes- One Essential Packaging Item

    Paper Envelopes Paper Envelopes

    With an immense increase in e-commerce ventures, the packaging industry has taken a turn. Though Paper Envelopes have always been a vital part of the packaging industry, it now has become a daunting task to find high-quality Paper Envelopes at affordable prices. But worry not! At Valumailers, we deliver the best Paper Envelopes.

    What is a Paper Envelope?

    Made from a thin sheet of paper, these items are common packaging items that are often used to deliver a letter or any other thin material item. They are mostly rectangular in shape but there are also available in other shapes. It is cut into and is available in three shapes:  a rhombus, a short-arm cross or a kite. It has a single opening and a flat that can be sealed over the opening. It is usually sealed with by wetting the top opening.

    Types of Paper Envelopes:

    There are three types of Paper Envelopes:

    1. Envelopes- By Style
    2. Envelopes- By Color
    3. Envelopes- By Size

    Features of a Paper Envelopes:

    Following are some of the features of Paper Envelopes;

    1. They are made from paper: These paper envelopes are made from paper.
    2. Available in an array of colors: The best part of these envelopes is that they are available in various colors.
    3. Lightweight and hence saves on stamps: Paper Envelopes are extremely lightweight and hence saves a lot on postage stamps.
    4. Easy to use: Paper Envelopes is very easy to use.
    5. Have an opening that can be sealed: it has one open single end that can be sealed easily.
    6. Moisture resistant: Not all but some of Paper envelopes are moisture resistant.
    7. Recyclable: Paper Envelopes are 100% recyclable.
    8. Use: can be used to send letters, small gifts and other thin items.

    Check out our latest Paper Envelopes on our site

  • Packing List Envelopes: Re-define Shipment:

    Your package delivers safely to recipients is always a priority. A fault here and there will end up losing your product at someone else’s doorstep. In such cases, Packing List Envelopes come to rescue. You can easily make a packing list and place it inside the package. That is how the Packing List Envelopes help you. This makes the whole process of shipping easy and hassle-free.


    What are packing List Envelopes?

    In an era of the specification, being able to convey important information related to the product description, handling procedures and invoice quotes are essentially vital within the whole scope of professional delivery methods. Therefore there’s a great tool that is excellent for relaying certain product specifics and it is generally called Packing List Envelopes.

    Types of Packing List Envelopes:

    There are various types of Packing List Envelopes and some of them are listed below:

    1. Opaque Packing List Envelope
    2. Sideloading Packing List Envelope
    3. Reclosable Packing List Envelopes
    4. Single Use Packing List Envelope

    You can select your packing envelopes according to your requirement. Protect, secure and enjoy safe delivery of shipment using – packing list envelope, available online at cost-effective rates.

    Benefits of Packing List Envelopes:

    Following are the benefits of Packing List Envelopes:

    1. Packing List Envelopes easily stick to the outer surface of the envelopes that are about to get shipped.
    2. Easy to use
    3. Resist extreme climatic conditions
    4. Packing List Envelopes are helpful in consolidating various spec sheets, safety notices and product invoices so that you and the consumer are in harmony– able to track any mistakes and void of confusion with the order.
    5. They are used for product communication and protection of valuable documents.
    6. It does not only keep your product safe but also keeps your package intact and untouched.
    7. They are made with an extra strong adhesive that guarantees the utmost protection.
  • Mailing Tubes- Deliver Your Artworks and Other Precious Items Safely

    Mailing Tubes Mailing Tubes

    Shipping paintings and the artwork is always a delicate and daunting task. Paintings are precious work of an artist which needs to be protected throughout shipping. The right way to ship and deliver paintings, sketches to a recipient is rolling and shipping them in tubes.

    What are Mailing Tubes?

    Mailing Tubes are specially designed for mailing objects like posters, documents, industrial equipment, and more. These tubes have removable caps at one end and are sealed from another side. For any business who does a lot of shipping and mailing, Mailer Tubes are a must-have accessory.

    Types of Mailing tubes:

    There are various types of Mailing Tubes. Mailing tubes are available in different lengths, widths, and materials, which makes them ideal for packing different items. Some of them are listed below:

    1. Kraft Mailing tubes
    2. White Mailing Tubes
    3. Kraft Crimped End Mailing Tubes
    4. Square Mailing Tubes
    5. Triangle Mailing Tubes
    6. Coloured Mailing Tubes
    7. Adjustable Mailing Tubes
    8. Premium Telescopic Mailing Tubes
    9. Poly Mailers
    10. Kraft Mailers

    You can use any of these tubes depending upon the artworks you are delivering to recipients.

    What Makes ValueMailers’ Mailing Tubes special?

    At Valuemailers’, Mailing tubes are made with 100% recycled paperboard. We offer high-quality Mailing Tubes at affordable prices. This combination of top quality material and sturdy construction gives your consumer a great unboxing experience. Removable caps on one side allow easy insertion and removal of items.

    Features of Mailing tubes:
    1. Best for shipping paintings and sketches: Shipping artworks in Mailing Tubes doesn’t leave an indent and scratch on painting and safely deliver them.
    2. Have an opening cap on one side:Mailing Tubes are sealed from one side and has a removable cap on the other side.
    3. Affordable: At Valuemailers, Mailing Tubes are high-quality and affordable.

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