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  • How to print on half page shipping labels on eBay

    So you purchased your pack of 2 per page 8.5 x 5.5 shipping labels and are ready to start purchasing your shipping through eBay. First, congratulations on selling your items! Second, follow along below and we will show you how to purchase a shipping label through eBay.

    1. Go to and sign in.

    2. Go to My eBay > Selling > Orders > Awaiting Shipment

    3. Click Print Shipping label to the left of the order you would like to ship.

    Print Shipping Label Print Shipping Label

    4. Next, at the top right portion of the screen click Printer and label receipt preferences.

    Printer and label receipt preferences Printer and label receipt preferences

    5. This is the important part, make sure Any laser of inkjet printer is selected. Also, uncheck the box if you do not want the receipt to print out and waste the label on the other side. Otherwise, if you do want a receipt make sure it is checked.

    eBay Shipping Preferences eBay Shipping Preferences

    6. Click save and you are all set! Choose your carrier and enter in your package weight and dimensions and click Purchase Postage and you will be able to purchase your shipping label and print it right at home with our 8.5x5.5 half page labels.

  • USPS Postage Rates - Effect January 17 2016

    View the new USPS Postage Rates effective January 17th 2016 -

    USPS Postage Rates USPS Postage Rates

  • How to Pack, Label and Ship Items


    Watch the video above on how to best pack, ship and label your packages. Notice they use the H-Tape method to ensure every opening of the package is sealed.


    Looking for the items used in this video -

  • Bubble Mailers: To Reuse or Not To Reuse


    Many sellers use bubble mailers to ship small items such as sports cards, buttons and small bolts and screws. Most people use bubble mailers because it is safer to use than a regular envelope. During the recent economic downturn, sellers are now finding ways to spend less money. That’s where reusing bubble mailers come from, to save money and recycle. But some people disagree with reusing bubble mailers in some circumstances. From overcharging buyers on eBay for shipping since the packaging was reused.

    Many sellers agree that reusing bubble mailers is great because it helps save the earth and also saves cash. Some ways to reuse bubble mailers includes, cutting the bubble mailers in half and taping over it or you could strip the bubble from the inside of the mailer and use it as “bubble wrap”.

    To Reuse or Not To Reuse?

    However, many sellers believe that buying new bubble mailers is the way to go. Your packaging represents your image and your brand. Many customers are irritated when they pay a shipping and handling fee and see that their item was delivered in a used envelope. Many times there only recourse is to leave negative feedback.

    Reusing bubble mailers is up to the seller. However, there are many benefits to reusing bubble mailers. Recycling is good for the environment and reusing bubble mailers helps cut down on costs. Unfortunately, some buyers may be irritated and leave negative feedback when they receive their item in a used bubble mailer.

    So sellers what do you think? Do you reuse your packaging products?

  • Bubble Mailer iPad Case


    Are you tired of buying expensive laptop and iPad cases? Looking for a minimalist design and still want to protect your most valuable items? Low and behold you can use a bubble mailer as a netbook, laptop and/or even an iPad case.

    Bubble Mailer iPad Case Bubble Mailer iPad Case


    There are a couple different designs you can use to do this. The first one I am going to start with is a simple poly bubble mailer #5. Then you can buy a clear 8.5 x 5.5 label sheet and print the Apple logo or any other design onto it. Peel the label from the page and sick onto the #5 poly bubble mailer and viola! A simple and elegant case for you Macbook, laptop or netbook.

    Kraft Bubble Mailer Case Kraft Bubble Mailer Case


    The second design here is a kraft bubble mailer case for the iPad. For this design you start with a #5 kraft bubble mailer. Slide your device into the mailer and cut open one side of the bubble mailer. Remove your device and then insert fabric on the inside. Next, add a piece of fabric to the outer portion of the case. Finally, add a button and some string for a closure. For more detailed information check out the kraft bubble mailer case here.

    Well there you have it folks. Two minimalist designs to pimp your laptop, netbook or tablet case.


  • Top eBay Shipping Tips

    eBay Shipping Tips

    Are you selling on eBay? Having trouble shipping your items at an affordable cost? Are you spending hours and hours reading through UPS, USPS, FedEx and DHL guidelines for dimensions, measurements and weight. Below we have listed some of our top eBay shipping tips.By following these tips and using our shipping supplies you will have your logistics down in no time.

    Top eBay Shipping Tip #1: Get a Scale

    Our first tip is to get an accurate scale to measure the weight of your packages. Without knowing an accurate weight you will not be able to print your shipping labels online. Also, if you use the incorrect weight your package may be delivered with postage due which will upset your customers. Along with an accurate weight you will also need accurate measurements. Make sure you always have a tape measure around.

    Top eBay Shipping Tip #2: Print Online

    Our second tip is to make sure you print your shipping labels online. USPS gives you a discount for printing your labels online and you can even schedule a pick up from the comfort of your own home.

    Top eBay Shipping Tip #3: Shipping Supplies

    When you start selling regularly it becomes beneficial to start buying your shipping supplies in bulk. Bubble mailers, poly bags, tape and labels are all supplies you should consider buying in bulk to keep costs down. If you are shipping USPS Priority Mail® you can order free Priority Mail shipping supplies, none of which are not applicable to dimensional weight pricing. The new Priority Mail shipping boxes have the dimensions already printed right on the outside of the box. UPS packaging is provided free of charge to UPS account holders for selected Air and Worldwide Express services. You can order supplies at this site

    Top eBay Shipping Tip #4: USPS Secrets

    The largest courier in the USA is the United States Postal Service. Knowing the in's and out's of the USPS mail system can help save bundles on shipping costs. One of the biggest underutilized shipping methods is USPS First Class mail. For your package to be eligible to go first class it must be under 13 oz and be up to 108 inches in combined length and girth. Also, when shipping small items your package must be over 3/4" thick. When shipping a small item in a bubble mailer, many times using a piece of cardboard or a packing peanut will help increase the thickness.

    Top eBay Shipping Tip #5: Packaging Tips

    To ensure your item arrives at the buyer safely, here are a few packaging tips:

      • Use a properly sized box
      • Fill packing material around the sides of the item
      • Smaller, durable items can be sent in padded envelopes
      • Tape box securely and use a box sturdy enough for your item
      • When you receive packages, try to re-use packing materials and boxes when possible, and look for packing materials which are environmentally friendly.


    I hope you have found these eBay shipping tips useful and will start incorporating them into your small business. By following these tips you will begin to ship efficiently and will help get your items to your customers quicker and cheaper.

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