Waxed Paper

Wax Paper is a paper made from wax to make it moisture free and non-stick. It is basically used to pack the food items and keep them safe. It helps to keep moisture away, so juicy food items stay moist and crunchy food don’t get soggy. Wax paper is available in flat sheets and in rolls. In short, Wax paper is great for both, storing and presenting food. It is coated with paraffin from both the sides.

Wax paper is not suitable for micro-wave or oven. The wax on the paper can melt or even ignite. Wax paper is used in a lot of food preparation processes. Wax paper is very useful in case of sticky foods like ground meat, dough or pasta. So, if you are looking for a perfect packing item to deliver food items, the wax paper is the perfect fit.


Features of Wax Paper:

  • Coated with wax
  • Used to pack food items
  • Comes in rolls and sheet
  • Moisture-proofed
  • Versatile
  • Minimizes clean-up and make food preparation easy
  • Keep Food safe
  • It is not heat-safe
  • grease -proof
  • Non-stick
  • Perfect for non-baking items
  • May ignite or melt if exposed to direct heat


Benefits of using Wax paper:

  • Maximum retention feature, that ensures a tight wrap
  • Custom print and colour matching capabilities so that customized logos or prints can easily be churned out.
  • High wet strength provides the best care to your food items.
  • You can use it while preparing food
  • They have excellent stiffness and non-curl properties


Use of Wax Paper:

As far as the use of Wax Paper is concerned, it is used in farm produce such as apples, dates, confectionary items like toffees, candies, bubble gum sticks, ice cream cups, cheese and dairy wraps, frozen meat etc.

Be it for business purpose or personal use, our Wax Paper is best suited for both.

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