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  • Clear Poly Bags Tubing Roll- Customize your packaging for products

    Made from polyethylene tubing, Clear Poly Bag Tubing roll is used for packing various kinds of items. Polybag tubing is a flexible sleeve of polyethylene on a continuous roll with open ends. With a poly bag tubing rolls, Poly Bags can be customized as per your products. Clear Poly Bag Tubing Roll has two dimensions- width and length. So, these poly bag tubing roll can be used for items having the same width and different length. This Clear Poly Bag Tubing Roll is great for storing food, electronics manufacturing, hospitals, agriculture, clean room technology flat poly bags can be used virtually anywhere. At ValueMailers, Clear Poly Bags are of high quality, affordable, transparent and meet FDA requirements for use in food packaging and storage applications.

    If you are sealing, wrapping, packaging, protecting, Clear Poly Bags Tubing roll fulfills your every need.

     Best Features of Clear Poly bag Tubing Roll:

    Features of Clear Poly Bag Tubing Roll is what makes it unique. Poly Tubing allows you to create a wide variety of plastic bags of various sizes. These tubing Rolls are perfect for odd-shaped items and irregular items. One can simply cut the tubing at the desired length and heat sealed or staple the end of the bag and insert your product. It is easy to use, transparent and inexpensive. These Clear Poly Bags are made from 100% low density polyethylene and hence are 100% recyclable.

    Clear Poly Bags Tubing Comes in various sizes:

    Clear Poly Bag Tubing roll comes in various thickness. One can select as per their requirements. At ValueMailers, we offer these Clear Poly Bag Tubing in five thickness- Poly Tubing- 1.5 Mil, Poly Tubing 2 Mil, Poly Tubing-3 Mil, Poly Tubing 4 Mil, Poly Tubing 6 Mil. So, you can always pick the best one according to your needs.

  • Bubble Pouches of high quality best price with free shipping.

    What are Bubble Pouches?

    Bubble pouches are pouches made from bubble wrap to make packing easier. High-quality bubble pouches provide cushioning to your product. These are best for fragile products as they protect your items against scratch, dents, and any other kind of harmful items. It begins their life as polyethylene resin and hence has a lot of benefits. These pouches are often termed as pre-packaging items. At ValueMailers, we offer high-quality Bubble Pouches at reasonable prices.

    Benefits of Bubble Pouches:

    There exist tons of benefits of Bubble Pouches. These high-quality bubble pouches are lightweight, transparent, resistant to dampness, protective, flexible and strong. Bubble bags help reassure you that your contents will be safe because of their extra layer of protection. The best advantage of bubble pouches envelopes is that once wrapped, you can seal your items in a mailing bad or paper bag. Another benefit of using these pouches is that they have self-sealing properties. All you have to do after inserting your products is to peel and seal! And your package is ready for shipping.

    Uses of high-quality bubble pouches:

    Use bubble Pouches for items like CDs, DVDs, clothes, antiques, delicate jewelry, and electronic goods. At Valuemailers, we sell Bubble Pouches in various shapes and sizes; you can choose the best Bubble Pouches among the lot that fit your needs.

    At ValueMailers, we offer two kinds of bubble pouches at a reasonable price:

    Self-seal Bubble pouches
    Anti-static self-seal Bubble Pouches

    Properties of Bubble Pouches:

    At ValueMailers, Bubble Pouches have the following properties which make them the best packaging material:

    Peel and seal
    Provide cushioning to your items
    Lightweight and hence reduce the cost of a stamp
    Puncture resistant
    Tamper evident
    Provide an extra layer of padded protection

  • Buy Cost-effective and Price-effective Bubble Mailers of High Quality

    You always want to make your loved ones feel special but sometimes you aren’t able to send them the desired gifts. What if your precious gift breaks into pieces before reaching your loved ones? What if it gets lost in a way? These are a few questions that comes into your mind before delivering a fragile and expensive gift items to your loved ones.

    Let’s face it! You can’t send your valuable gift items or fragile objects in a regular package. You need something strong that provides proper cushioning to your objects. And believe us, there exists nothing better than bubble mailers. Whether you are mailing something to your clients or gifting something to your relatives, friends family, make sure it reaches to them in the same condition as you saw it.

    Why to buy bubble mailers from ValueMailers?

    We at Valuemailers offers high quality, strong, colorful and cost-effective bubble mailers. Our high quality bubble mailers keep your product safe and secure. You can place any kind of items ranging from iPad, jewellery to books to souvenirs. These bubble mailers firmly secures the items inside the packet, protect them from rattling around and offers superior protection against damage. These mailers also come with a seal self strip which eliminates the need of any labour or tape or stapler. Strong adhesive closure protects mailers from opening in transit. These mailers come in various sizes and colors; so you have a lot of variety to choose from and can choose the best bubble mailers that suit fits your requirements.

    Benefits of buying high quality Bubble Mailers at nominal price from ValueMailers:

    1. These bubble mailers are of high quality, hence strong and superior
    2. These bubble mailers are cost- effective which makes them price effective mailers in the market
    3. These bubble mailers have a soft bubbling lining which provides your product a layer of protection
    4. These bubble mailers minimizes the damage during shipping
    5. They have premium appearance which makes them look smart and elegant
  • Bubble Wrap: Of High Quality Give your product an extra layer of protection At Nominal Price.

    Want to send a delicate jewellery item to your loved one or a consignment of fragile goods to your customer? But afraid that it might break down into pieces before reaching at the doorstep of recipient.

    Don’t hold yourself back from sending your important consignments. We have got the perfect solution for you. Cover your goods with high quality bubble wrap.

    Before you buy a bubble wrap, let’s know, what exactly are bubble wraps!

    Bubble wrap is a sheet that is made of small bubbles of air which is used to protect fragile items against any kind of damage during shipping. High quality bubble wraps are created from pockets of air locked between two layers of polyethylene film. Bubble wraps are sold in rolls or sheets. The most common question people asked is for which products can they use bubble wraps. Well, the answer is- for almost everything! From chair to ipad to jewellery, no matter what your product is, high quality bubble wraps act as a shield to your products.

    Why one should use high quality bubble wrap over any other packaging material?

    There are various reasons why you should use high quality bubble wraps and bubble roll. The foremost remains- to protect your delicate items. It is lightweight and also protect your items from shock, vibration and damage. For you to give a clear and fair idea about bubble wraps, let’s discuss its benefits in detail:

    1. Cushioning: Bubble wraps are thick and soft which makes them appropriate for covering fragile items. Their bubble wraps act as a cushion for your product. Bubble wraps have air retention layer which maintains consistent cushioning during the shipping period
    2. Less cost: Bubble wraps are lightweight and hence saves you on postage
    3. Environmental friendly: The bubble wraps are reusable and recyclable which makes them environment friendly too.

    And last but not the least, customers enjoy popping up the bubble wrap for entertainment.

  • White Corrugated Boxes: Give your package a new brand look


    White Corrugated boxes are the most preferred packaging material for shipping products.  Why? In this article, we will put a light on it and you’d know exactly Why!

    Corrugated boxes are made up of corrugated board consisting of a fluted sheet. These flutes sheets are USP of a corrugated box and work as a protecting shield and provide your product much required protection against jerks, shocks or any other harmful substance. Now come to white corrugated boxes, these are same as corrugated boxes except in color. White corrugated boxes are white in color from outside to give your packaging a professional and groomed look, and brown in color from inside.

    What gives White corrugated boxes an edge over other packaging articles?

    There is a lot of reasons why white corrugated boxes are the most prefered packing material. Recyclability and reusability, are two vital properties that separate these cardboard from others and give them a niche. On the other hand, they have also come out as a cost effective in the times when production costs are spiking up day by day.

     Obviously, there is more benefits that can be incurred from these white corrugated cardboard and they are:

    • They come in all shapes and sizes
    • The lightweight of the cardboard makes them easy to handle and also save on postage.
    • They are strong, rigid and provide a cushion protection to the product.
    • They have better printing and graphic capabilities supporting printing options such as litho, digital and screen printing. Therefore, they can be used as an effective tool for marketing and brand promotion.
    • They are cheap and so affordable too.
    • White corrugated boxes are eco-friendly products-recyclable and reusable which make them the number one choice to customers.
    • These white corrugated boxes give your packaging a brand new look, which allure customers.
  • Good Quality Corrugated Boxes of ValueMailers Save Time, Stress and Money

    Moving to a new location is both troublesome and a time consuming task. It becomes more troublesome if one is not aware of the right moving supplies to be used. If you are moving to a new location and planning to purchase some moving supplies to aid hassle free moving, then corrugated boxes in USA is an ideal option.
    Corrugated brown and white boxes are sturdier as compared to other boxes. This makes them durable too. When it comes to stacking, you can easily stack plastic film on cardboard boxes when stacked can collapse easily. ValueMailers Corrugated boxes help save storage space while loading into a moving truck.
    Corrugated boxes have a lot of benefits that aid stress free move. The boxes are easy to stack and are strong, durable, and resistant. Relocation becomes easier when you are assured that your items are packed in durable and reliable moving supplies.  More and more people are choosing corrugated boxes & cardboard boxes as they are environment friendly too. Cardboard boxes or any regular moving supplies are environment friendly and they eventually get dumped in trash.
    With Corrugated brown boxes in United States of America, you can save time during your move as these boxes break down faster without the need to rip off adhesives or tearing them. The moving supplies understand that you want to reduce your stress by completing the move faster. This way your anxiety can be eliminated easily. You can also rent out the corrugated brown and white boxes, which gets delivered to your place before the move and the moving supplies will be picked on completion of move.
    Packing your stuff for a move is not as easy as it seems to be, but with right choice of moving supplies you can make it happen. If you want your move to be less physically exhausted and prepared, you can choose shipping boxes, packaging supplies and packing material for your next move at ValueMailers. For more details visit us at
  • 2016 UPS Last Days To Ship For Christmas Delivery



    View the UPS 2016 Holiday Guide PDF here

  • 2016 USPS Holiday Deadlines

    2016 USPS Holiday Deadlines

    The U.S. Postal Service today announced the 2016 holiday mailing and shipping deadlines for domestic and international destinations as customers begin to prepare for the busy shopping and shipping season. Customers are encouraged to ship early.

    To ensure timely delivery of cards, letters and packages within the United States by Dec. 25, the Postal Service recommends that customers ship their items by the following dates:

    Mail-by Dates — Domestic Services

    • Dec. 15 – USPS Retail Ground
      Ground service for less-than-urgent deliveries and oversized packages.
    • Dec. 20 – First-Class Mail
      Service for standard-sized, single-piece envelopes and small packages weighing up to 13 ounces with delivery in 3 business days or less.
    • Dec. 21 – Priority Mail
      Domestic service in 1, 2 or 3 business days based on where the package is mailed and where it’s being sent, variety of flat-rate options.
    • Dec. 23 – Priority Mail Express
      Fastest domestic service, guaranteed overnight scheduled delivery to most locations. Some restrictions and exceptions apply. Please note, Priority Mail Express postage refund eligibility is adjusted for shipments mailed between Dec. 22 and Dec. 25.

    Complete details on Mailing and Shipping services can be found on

    Mail-by Dates — International Services

    Customers mailing internationally during the holidays are advised to review the chart below for specific deadlines based on the locations they are mailing to and the service they are using. When mailing and shipping internationally, customers must also follow necessary customs guidelines. Visit the International Shipping page on for more information.

    International Mail Addressed To

    Global Express Guaranteed (GXG)***

    Priority Mail Express International (PMEI)

    Priority Mail International (PMI)

    First-Class Package International Service (FCPIS)


    Dec 20

    Dec 08

    Dec 01

    Dec 01

    Asia/Pacific Rim

    Dec 20

    Dec 15

    Dec 08

    Dec 08

    Australia/New Zealand

    Dec 20

    Dec 15

    Dec 08

    Dec 08


    Dec 22

    Dec 17

    Dec 10

    Dec 08


    Dec 22

    Dec 15

    Dec 10

    Dec 08

    Central & South America

    Dec 21

    Dec 10

    Dec 01

    Dec 01


    Dec 21

    Dec 15

    Dec 08

    Dec 08


    Dec 21

    Dec 15

    Dec 10

    Dec 08

    Middle East

    Dec 19

    Dec 15

    Dec 10

    Dec 08

    ***GXG Notes: 1) Cutoff date does not take into account time needed for customs clearance. 2) Should allocate extra transit day(s) for delivery outside major cities.

    Mail-by Dates (Military)

    The Postal Service is committed to ensuring those serving in the nation’s armed forces and diplomatic service receive their presents, care packages and cards in time for the holidays. Complete military mailing deadlines to APO/FPO/DPO (Air/Army Post Office, Fleet Post Office and Diplomatic Post Office) destinations worldwide, as well as tips and guidelines, can be found at:

    Now is the time of year when Black Friday sales soar and we hope everyone can get their items in time for the big Christmas Day!

  • 2016 Holiday Shipping Times for UPS

    Check out the UPS Holiday Delivery PDF for all the up to date information

    Ensure delivery during the holiday season and Christmas
    UPS is offering pickup and delivery service in all areas on Friday, November 25 to help you get an early start on Cyber Week.

    From November 21 through December 30 a limited number of UPS® Ground and UPS®Standard packages with transit times of three or more days, and with specific origins and destinations, will require an additional day in transit. Visit for the most up-to-date time in transit details at the time of shipping.

    All UPS 3 Day Select® packages shipped on December 19 and 20 will require an additional day in transit. UPS 3 Day Select packages shipped on December 20 will be delivered after Christmas.

    For detailed information regarding any changes to the UPS Service Guarantee or commitment times during the holidays, please refer to our holiday schedule PDF.

    The most up-to-date transit time details will be available at at the time of shipping. Please keep in mind the following days to ship by to ensure delivery before Christmas Day for the following service options:

    • UPS 3 Day Select: Monday, December 19 (delivery on Friday, December 23)
    • UPS 2nd Day Air®: Wednesday, December 21 (delivery on Friday, December 23)
    • UPS Next Day Air®: Thursday, December 22 (delivery on Friday, December 23)

    For more information, please refer to our holiday schedule PDF. Learn more about ways to manage your shipments through the UPS Access Point™ network and by registering for UPS My Choice® service. We value you as a business partner and are committed to providing exceptional service and peace of mind to you and your customers this holiday season and beyond.

  • USPS: Battle of the bulge - Cracking Down on Flat Rate Envelopes

    It's that time of year again. Q4 is upon us and shipping is at an all time high. Many sellers use Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes to save on their shipping expenses.

    The United States Postal Service is cracking down on bulging Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelopes. Any F Re's that are bulging or have altered the envelope itself are being charged at the regular Priority Mail rate.


    To avoid having your customer receive your item with Postage Due, make sure you are only placing a single piece of tape on the seams of the envelope. Anything extremely taped or bulging will be considered altered and will be charged at the regular Priority Mail rate.

    Happy shipping this holiday season!

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